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Today’s Hottest Woman: Olga Kurylenko

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Why Olga Kurylenko Is Today’s Hottest Woman:

  • Olga Kurylenko is a French model who was born in Ukraine. Her success as Bond girl, Camille Montes, actually pissed off a few communist groups in Russia! Though Quantum of Solace leaves much to be desired, she’s mostly the best thing about the movie. We haven’t seen much of her lately, except in Tom Cruise’s Oblivion¬†among others, and that’s a damn shame. Read the rest of this entry »


Olga Kurylenko is the underrated hotness of the day


One of the best and most underrated action movies this decade was Hitman. Olga Kurylenko is the token hot chick in it (she was also the token hot chick in Quantum of Solace) and man she is just beyond banging. She needs to get into more movies, but seeing as how she has a Russian accent that might be hard. Therefore, I am declaring a new rule for Hollywood, every movie has to have a role for a hot chick with an accent. Depending on what chick you find you could change where she is from.

With this rule in effect I don’t see why we can’t have Olga starring in a new movie every month. Jessica Simpson would even get more roles because of this rule. What? She is American? Stop trying to play me, she doesn’t sound American or even speak English for that matter.

Tired of all of you trying to take advantage of me because you perceive my kindness as a weakness. I will cut you, but thankfully I have Olga here to calm me down.

Thank Olga folks.


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