Octomom Participates In Fetish Video

Nadya Suleman, more commonly referred to as "Octomom" has turned down various porn film offers since delivering her large brood of children, but that doesn't mean she wasn't willing to participate in some fetish film fun. TMZ has learned that Octomom made a fetish film in … [Read more...]

Nadya Suleman, The Octomom, May Be Going On Welfare

There should be a rule, if you have your eggs stuff full of kids via in vitro fertilization (a very expensive process) then pump a total of 14 children out, you shouldn't be able to ask for government assistance, but that's what Octomom Nadya Suleman may soon be doing. Suleman … [Read more...]

Octomom Gets Real

After months of reassuring the public that her life with her fourteen kids is A-Ok, Nadya “Octomom” Suleman finally came out clean on the Oprah show. She admitted that she feels a “tremendous amount of guilt” for giving birth to eight babies last year on top of being an … [Read more...]

Octomom On How She Lost Weight

US Magazine tells us about how Nadya Suleyman lost her pregnancy weight - all whopping 145 pounds of it! No surgery, no nothing. I say she dropped 8 babies, she better lose all that weight!!! Photo courtesy of US Magazine. … [Read more...]

Heidi Montag: New Octomom?

If she had her way, Heidi Montag will follow in the steps of Nadya Suleyman. Audrina Patridge told US Magazine that her friend actually said she wanted to become the next Octomom, to which she replied, "Heidi, you don't!" The thing is, hubby Spencer does not have any plans of … [Read more...]