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Kate Upton’s Superbowl Party With Vogue!

Kate Upton Super Bowl Preview

Vogue and the Superbowl don’t really mix. But as Super Bowl XLVIII is just around the corner, something special is bound to happen. We have the always welcome Kate Upton with the Giants and the Jets rolling out the red carpet for what’s always the greatest Sunday in any given year.

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Ines Sainz Tweets What She Wore To Jets Practice [Photos]

ines sainz pictures

Ines Sainz, an Azteca reporter and former Miss Universe contestant recently Tweeted the photos she was wearing to a New York Jets practices where she says she was harassed by several players.

Sainz is often referred to as the “hottest sports reporter in Mexico” and is also know for wearing provocative clothing while on the job.

According to Sainz, she was doing a story on Mark Sanchez at the teams practice facility when the catcalls and other stereotypical jock behavior began.

So is it boys just being boys or a bunch of brutes acting like children. Take a look at her clothing and judge for yourself.

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