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7 Celebrities Who Have Surprisingly High Education

Do you sometimes feel like celebrities were just handed their glamorous futures? Surprisingly, some stars actually worked real jobs and went through tough school grading assignments like the rest of us. It may make you feel better to stereotype all stars into a “blonde, bimbo” category but many of them have accomplished degrees in specialized […]

Celebrity Marriages 2012

2012 has been a huge year for celebrity couples, as this year has seen many vicious break-ups, but also its fair share of celebrity weddings and engagements. Here are some of the most noteworthy celebrity weddings and engagements of 2012 so far. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Lively, 25, and Reynolds, 35, surprised fans when […]

Natalie Portman’s Wedding Dress is Ugly!

Natalie Portman has ditched the glam factor for her wedding and opted for a very simple wedding gown which was neither elegant nor understated. Often a stunner during red carpet events, Natalie Portman’s wedding look however was a huge letdown. Quite frankly, the wedding dress with the long sheer sleeves and the frumpy silhouette was […]

Why Celebrities Should Stay Away From Fashion Design

With the launch of Madonna’s new range of Aldo shoes and the news that perpetually half-dressed R&B singer Rihanna is to design a collection of clothes next spring for River Island, it is worth remembering that not all celebrities who dip their hand into fashion come out on top. Whilst many celebrities have contributed their […]

Natalie Portman Wins Her First Oscar, Prepares To Be A Mom

Natalie Portman trained in the art of Ballet for a year before taking on her role in David Aronofsky’s critically lauded film Black Swan and her hard work paid off with Portman taking home her first Academy Award at Sunday nights awards ceremony. In the movie Portman played troubled ballerina Nina Sayers and during her […]

Natalie Portman Is Expecting A Baby Boy

This years Oscar favorite Natalie Portman of Black Swan has announced that she’s expecting a little baby boy bundle of joy. Last month Portman announced both her engagement to Black Swan choreographer Benjamin Millepied and her pregnancy, however the sex of the baby was not known at that time. According to a family insider who […]

Natalie Portman Is Pregnant And Engaged!

Natalie Portman is having a great year, first her movie Black Swan has earned her rave reviews and now PEOPLE has reported that she is engaged to her Black Swan choreographer boyfriend Benjamin Millepied and they are expecting their first child together! The couple fell in love on the set of the movie in which […]

Universal Studios Hides Natalie Portman’s Butt

Not wanting to offend audiences with their PG-rated trailer for the upcoming Natalie Portman movie Your Highness, Universal Studios chose to digitally alter the clothing covering her butt. Portman’s backside was covered up using computer-generated imagery (CGI) and if you check out the picture (shown above) you’ll quickly realize the big changes they made for […]

Natalie Portman’s Not-So-Secret Obsession

What is it? It may not be apparent, but Natalie Portman is obsessed with “obscene” hip-hop. Really obscene hip-hop. She says that it makes her want to dance and laugh at the same time. Each to his own, I guess?

Portman declines role

Natalie Portman reportedly declined the role of a nun in the film adaptation of the hit play Doubt. The reason? She reportedly could not understand the concept of celibacy. A million men’s imaginations are now in overdrive.