Octomom On How She Lost Weight

US Magazine tells us about how Nadya Suleyman lost her pregnancy weight - all whopping 145 pounds of it! No surgery, no nothing. I say she dropped 8 babies, she better lose all that weight!!! Photo courtesy of US Magazine. … [Read more...]

Octomom Has The Hots For Octodad

How does Octomom and Octodad sound? Nadya Suleyman said that she thinks Jon Gosselin is HOT, that she has a crush on him, and that he looks cute in purple. So just in case Jon needs another woman - with 8++ kids - he knows where to go! Photo courtesy of US Magazine … [Read more...]

Heidi Montag: New Octomom?

If she had her way, Heidi Montag will follow in the steps of Nadya Suleyman. Audrina Patridge told US Magazine that her friend actually said she wanted to become the next Octomom, to which she replied, "Heidi, you don't!" The thing is, hubby Spencer does not have any plans of … [Read more...]