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Hollywood Actors Who Love Cats

Who’s a cat person? Not me, but I do appreciate how people fall in love with their feline companions. I find it amusing how even the coldest people suddenly melt when they are around their cat. And Hollywood guys – tough or not – are not exempt from the charms of these stately (and not quite domesticated) creatures!

Now who would have thought that Guns ‘n Roses frontman Axl Rose loves cats? Apparently, he introduced his cat to the world via his Twitter account, and he had only one word to say “Dijon”. Nice name for a cat, if I say so myself!

Axl Rose Cat

Axl Rose Cat

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Guess Who’s Hollywood’s Hardest Working Actor?

He isn’t your usual tabloid fodder or paparazzi magnet.

Forbes magazine came out with their list of Hollywood’s Hardest-Working Actors. “We considered all movies released between January 2005 and December 2009 that earned more than $20 million at the U.S. box office, based on data from Exhibitor Relations,” their official website said.

Actor Seth Rogen landed on no. 1, thanks to the 10 movies he made during the past five years. The titles, which include Superbad, Knocked Up, and Pineapple Express, earned Seth a total of $892 million.

Number two is Oscar award winner Morgan Freeman, who earned $1.168 billion for his movies such as Invictus and Batman Begins. Number three is Matt Damon, Morgan’s Invictus co-star whose eight films for the past five years earned him a total of $696 million.

Visit Forbes to see the complete list of actors who made it to the list. Did some of the names surprise you?

Photo from Seth Rogen’s fansite


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