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Cara Delevingne Who? 3 Upcoming Models To Watch Out For

The world needs another Cara Delevingne. She may not be the hottest model in the world, but right now she sure is the most entertaining. She’s still the current It Girl of the fashion world but Metro predicts the 3 upcoming models who are up to take her place this 2014

Holly Rose Emery

Holly Rose Emery

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5 highest paid models

They’re thin, beautiful and rich. Meet the world’s highest paid models. Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen leads the pack with $45 million. She endorses many brands, including Dior and H&M.

Heidi Klum comes a far second with $20 million. And she’s proving to be as smart as she is pretty, showing her business acumen. She recently did a joint project with New Balance, where she will be designing apparel. She’s also a partner and host for Project Runway and is also working on another show.

Kate Moss comes in third with a $14 million deal, in large part to her design deal with Topshop. Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima comes in at fourth at $8 million, while fellow Victoria’s Secret beauty Alessandra Ambrosia raked in $5 million.

Kind of unfair, don’t you think? Just smile at the camera and you’ve got a fat paycheck. Although to be fair, their job does require them to swear off French fries and chocolate—in fact, many model’s contracts have strict weight requirements. Is earning $40 million worth living on carrot sticks and sparkling water? Or dieting like a madwoman just weeks after giving birth in order to prove that you’ve still got “it”? Every job’s got a price.

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