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As news of President Obama’s victorious reelection spreads across the globe, Hollywood casts its tweets now looking forward to President Obama’s second term.

The voting lines may have been rather long in some states, but a lot of celebs stayed in line with ordinary citizens to make sure their votes counted in the U.S. election.

President Reelect Obama takes the stage with his family. At the McCormick Place convention center, the President even gave a sweet shoutout to Michelle Obama: ‘I wouldn’t be the man I am today without the woman who agreed to marry me 20 years ago, let me say this publicly Michelle I have never loved you more.’

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Paul McCartney Performs For President Obama, Serenades First Lady

After receiving the Library of Congress’ Gershwin Prize at the White House on Wednesday, Paul McCartney serenaded the first lady by singing the Beatles’ popular love song “Michelle” and then joked about how he was going to be the first guy to be “punched out by the President.”
When all was said and done McCartney performed a 90 minute concert for the first family and various other attendees.

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Michelle Obama To Visit Sesame Street

It’s so cool! The First Lady is going to join iconic Sesame Street on its 40th anniversary! She is going to promote gardening and healthy eating. I haven’t watched Sesame Street in ages, but this one, I just might see.


The Secret Behind Michelle Obama’s Arms

Ever wonder how the First Lady keeps her arms looking that good? For the first time ever, her workout routine for those shapely arms has been made public. According to her personal trainer Cornell McClellan, this is the secret:

Perform one set of tricep pushdowns using a straight bar attached to the high pulley of a cable station and then, without resting, follow with a set of hammer curls using dumbbells. Then, immediately repeat the entire process until two or three sets of both exercises have been completed.



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