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Dina Lohan dishes out got another Lohan family story from 20 years ago claiming husband Michael Lohan raped and beat her on Valentine’s Day 1990 while high on cocaine.


Dina Lohan with baby Lindsay: Notice the shiner on Dina Lohan’s eye
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Michael Lohan has finally gone on daytime TV for the big reveal of his illegit teenage daughter Ashley Horn.

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The Lohan litter has just gotten big again and Lindsay Lohan, 26, can now look forward to a new baby sister.

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Lindsay Lohan Dropping Last Name, But She’s No Madonna

Linday Lohan - Mean Girls

When we think of Beyonce Knowles we think “Beyonce” and when we think of Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone the name that comes to us is “Madonna” but when we think of Lindsay Lohan, the name “Lindsay” probably isn’t what we think of (insert your own thoughts about Lindsay here), yet the troubled actress is dropping her last name in the hopes that she’ll be the next Oprah or Britney or Brandy or Whitney.

The actress says she wants to go by just her first name, a move that comes just as her mother Dina Lohan prepares to change her own last name back to her maiden “Sullivan” to rid herself of ex-husband Michael’s surname as the family continues to pull further away from him.

Dina on Friday told PopEater:

“Lindsay is dropping the Lohan and just going by Lindsay. Plus, me and [17-year-old daughter] Ali will be officially changing our last names back to my maiden name, Sullivan.”

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Lindsay Lohan Could Be Charged With Assault Of Betty Ford Staffer

Lindsay Lohan Closeup Cleavage

During a recent argument at the Betty Ford Center in suburban Palm Springs Lindsay Lohan allegedly attacked a female stuff, an attack which according to Riverside County authorities could land Lohan back in court to face assault charges.

The attack which occurred on Dec. 12 led the staffer to ask that charges be pressed, although no arrests have been made at this time since the attack didn’t happen in front of an officer, however detectives are investigating the staffers claim.

Lohan is serving time at Betty Ford under court mandated supervision and if found guilty of violating her probation she could face up to six months behind bars.

According to Sgt. Joe Borja of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department:

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Dina And Michael Lohan Back In Court Over Child Support

Michael and Dina Lohan

So much for a happy holiday with the family, it looks like Dina Lohan and Michael Lohan, parents of Lindsay Lohan will be heading back to court over child support payments.

Dina is asking that Michael pay previously owed child support on their two children who are not yet of age, Ali, 16 and Cody, 14.

The couple headed to court just several months ago after Michael failed to make his monthly payments. Dina is reportedly even more furious that Michael has been making payments to his “illegitimate daughters” mother. Michael is paying support to a Montana woman who won a default judgment against Michael when he never opposed her claim that she fathered his daughter, Ashley Kaufmann 15 years ago.

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Michael Lohan Attacked In Parking Lot

Lindsay Lohan Michael Lohan was attacked near a Santa Monica parking lot on Thursday Night, an attack that left him with some minor injuries.

Lindsay Lohan’s dad was approached by a man in a black tracksuit from behind who proceeded to cut his neck with an unknown object. Lohan began to fight off the 50 to 60 year old man who tried to cut him a second time but eventually fled on foot.

The Santa Monica Police Department was notified of the attack at 9:55 PM, however the assailant is still at large.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Dad, Michael Lohan, Turned Away At Betty Ford Center

Michael Lohan Denied access to see daughter at Betty Ford Clinic

Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan, tried to visit his daughter this week at the Betty Ford Center, but was turned away when it was discovered he was not on the list of approved visitors.

TMZ is reporting that Michael showed up for “Family Week” however while he is Lindsay’s father, his name was not on the list of approved visitors.

The guard at the gate to the clinic gave Michael the contact information for the person in charge of the list at which point Lohan went to his nearby hotel to await a call back to see if he would be able to get in to see his daughter.


Michael Lohan Wants Lindsay In Rehab Immediately

Michael Lohan Michael Lohan, father of actress Lindsay Lohan recently told Nick Cannon on 92.3 NOW that he wants to see his daughter enter rehab immediately.

Lohan was asked how he felt about his daughter’s 90 day jail sentence followed by 90 days of rehab and he said he was:

“Baffled, I guess is the best way to describe it. I just don’t understand why Lindsay’s team aren’t taking measures to get her into a rehab. I understand that she wants to appeal her case, but the right way to do it is for her to actually show … or that she has incentive and she’s taking the right steps to get her into rehab before she’s supposed to go into jail.”

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Lindsay Lohan is a Bad Liar

Ooops. So despite declarations otherwise from both Lindsay Lohan and her lawyer, no proof of her plane ticket and boarding pass for May 19th was produced in court. If these had been presented, they would validate Lindsay’s claim that she was planning to return to the U.S. in time for her court hearing. Double ooops. Lindsay in court yesterday said she didn’t want to wear the SCRAM bracelet that the judge ordered because of a film shoot in Texas (for Machete). Apparently the Texas shots for Machete don’t involve Lindsay. The Inferno flick she’s supposed to play Linda Lovelace in doesn’t shoot until August and isn’t in Texas. Girl, if you’re going to lie, get better at it.

While Inferno’s production exec defended the purpose of Lindsay’s trip to Cannes as being for sales, ex-boyfriend Aaron Carter told OK! Magazine that she deserves whats he’s getting:

I dated her when I was 12, 13 years old. [Lindsay now is] not the Lindsay I know. I see somebody who is washed out, puffy. That’s not who I know.

On Lindsay’s dad, Michael Lohan:

I would go get her dad. Michael Lohan is a very good man. He was thrown under the bus very bad by that family. It takes a man to keep a family strong sometimes. I would go and find her dad. I wouldn’t even care about finding her mother.

Aaron might be right about Lindsay not being the once sweet-seeming girl she once was, but hey, people do change from 13 years of age to 23 years. He also commented, “They are going to make an example of you now, Lindsay, and you deserve it,” in reference to her court case. Though she really got off easy despite all the lies. Someone needs to teach Lindsay how to lie better, since she seems to be making a career of it. A Logic class might be the first place to start.


Will Cannes Trip Land Lindsay Lohan in Jail?

Lindsay Lohan is in a huge pile of doo and not a very good liar. It’s pretty obvious that she’s delusional and wantonly went off to Cannes last week to party, despite that she had an upcoming court hearing (scheduled for 8:30 am PST this morning). Then she found herself a bit stuck in Europe. Next she claimed that her passport was stolen and had to wait for a replacement, meaning she wouldn’t make the court appearance without a private jet. But today is another day and she’s in even more trouble.

First, the French police say she never reported the passport stolen, despite what her lawyer said at this morning’s LA court hearing — you know, the one Lindsay missed. Next, the U.S. Embassy in Marseille, France says she never applied for a new passport, though she did fax over a copy (I assume she already had a copy of the original). Which means if she really did lose her passport, she’s stuck there even longer. Then she apparently sent an email to friends and family begging for help in getting a private plane back to LA. Here’s the text of the email:

I need my friends, and people I work with to PLEASE help me get on a private plane tomorrow by at least 5pm. This is such a horrible thing that’s happened to me and extremely unfortunate. My passports been stolen and the day before my court hearing. I would never ask such a thing, but if there’s anything that I could ever ask of anyone, it would be to help me with this. I must get back on a jet to LA tomorrow. If anyone has planes leaving Nice/Cannes at any time after 11am when I get my passport, please, please, let me know if you can help me. God bless All my love Thank you, Lindsay Lohan [Radar Online]

Unfortunately, LiLo didn’t get a replacement yet for her passport. Oh and by the way, it’s her dad Michael’s fault for the passport being stolen. Why? To ensure she goes to jail and he takes over her finances? As for the missed court hearing today, the prosecuting D.A. wants to see proof that LiLo had bought a plane ticket, which would show her intent to return on time for the missed court appearance. But whether LiLo’s lying or not, Judge Marsha Revel has actually issued an arrest warrant and set bail at $100,000.

To stay out of jail, at least until the next hearing, she can’t drink alcohol, has to submit random drug testing weekly, and has to wear a SCRAM bracelet, which straps around the ankle and monitors any alcohol intake. You know, like the one she wore in 2007 (in the pic above) but which she had removed? (Cue foreboding music here.)

LiLo supposedly partied until 5 am on a yacht, and is on some French party guest lists for tonight, but is expected to return to LA for Friday. (Her mother has recently said that reports of her partying, in general, are false.) U.S. Customs is planning to stop her when she arrives at LAX, then likely turned over to airport police or the LAPD.

Oh Lindsay, will you never learn? Such a diva. You’re always blaming everyone else, whenever you get in trouble. Did you even secure the porn star role you wemt to Cannes to promote? Are things that desperate for you that you need to get in trouble for one small role, or did someone twist your arm to go to Cannes? If you put in as much effort into your trade as you do in concocting stories, you’d do quite well.


Lindsay Disses Dad, Michael

To say that her dad’s a loser apparently not enough for Lindsay Lohan. Now, she is giving her dad a dose of his own medicine. Using Twitter, she is dissing daddy: “He’s a deadbeat dad. He’s disgusting to do this he needs help.” She also says that he threatened to kill her mom. What a whacked out family!


Ouch. I believe there are things a child should never say to or about a parent, but I guess Lindsay and her dad have a different relationship. She just tweeted that her dad’s such a loser – a comeback for his releasing private information about a conversation they had a while back.

Photo courtesy of US Magazine


Michael Lohan To Jon Gosselin: Let’s Box!

There’s no animosity between the two – it’s just that Michael Lohan urged Jon Gosselin to join the Celebrity Boxing Federation. Jon declined, however. Still, they have something to look forward to: The Divorced Dads Club. Before Jon can join up, though, he has to get out of his contract with TLC.


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