Will.i.Am Says New Michael Jackson Album Is “Disrespectful” To Michael

Black Eyed Peas founder and producer extraordinaire Will.i.Am says he wants no part in the new Michael Jackson album because it stands against everything Michael believed in. Will.i.am told EW: “Whoever put it out and is profiting off of it, I want to see how cold they are … He just wasn’t any ordinary artist. […]

Michael Jackson, Akon Duet “Hold My Hand” Goes On Sale Monday

“Hold My Hand” a song collaboration between Michael Jackson and Akon will hit stores on Monday, November 15. The song is just one track that can be heard on the King of Pops upcoming album. Sony Albums confirmed the sale on Thursday and Akon released the following statement: “The world was not ready to hear […]

Michael Jackson’s Album “Michael” Drops Dec. 14

Michael Jackson is going the way to Tupac, dropping an album of cut together tracks after his death. The new album, titled Michael will drop on Dec. 14, just 6 months after his June 2009 death. According to sources close to the project, the album has been billed as “newly completed recordings” that Michael had […]

Katherine Jackson Can’t Survive On $26,000 A Month

Apparently Katherine Jackson, the mother of Michael Jackson, can’t afford to live on her current estate allowance of more than $26,000. Jackson has petitioned the court as of yesterday, asking that the judge increase the amount of money she receives from her deceased son’s estate. The judge noted: “Counsel will give notice of proposed action […]

$3 Charge To Leave Flowers On Michael Jackson’s Grave

How does California plan to get out of debt? Apparently by charging Michael Jackson fans $3 just to leave flowers on the pop stars grave. The charge, which is in effect at this time comes with a $3 “delivery fee.” Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale where Michael Jackson is buried originally had a stage […]

Will Michael Jackson’s Body Be Exhumed?

With the upcoming involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray set to start in January, there’s the possibility that Michael Jackson’s body may be exhumed. British tabloid News of the World says tipsters have told them that Murray’s lawyers want to challenge the original autopsy and that they will have to exhume the body to […]

Conrad Murray Set To Face Trial In January 2011

Conrad Murray, the last personal doctor for the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, will go on trial for involuntary manslaughter in January 2011. The court date was announced this week by Los Angeles authorities, who stated that both sides agreed on the January appearance. Dr. Murray has entered a non-guilty please for involuntary manslaughter in […]

“Death Home” Of Michael Jackson Goes Up For Sale

The mansion where Michael Jackson died has been put on the Bel-Air Market for $29 million. The homes owner, Ed Hardy CEO Hubert Guez, tried to originally sell the house for $38 million in 2008 but then agreed to rent the home to Jackson. For $29 million the new owner will receive 17,171 square feet […]

New Michael Jackson Album Arriving November 2010

It’s official! Michael Jackson fans will be able to pick up a new album from the deceased singer come November 2010. Jim Bates, a rep for Jackson’s estate announced on Friday that a new 10 song album will hit stories in time for the holiday shopping season and that his older brother Jackie is working […]

Michael Jackson Tried To Make Bubbles The Chimp Talk

The eccentric lifestyle choices of Michael Jackson continue to be discovered even in death. The newest rumor from Jackson’s sister LaToya is that he tried to get his chimp Bubbles to speak. According to LaToya, Jackson spent thousands of dollars on research, in the hopes that he could have vocal chords surgically implanted in Bubbles, […]