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Michael Jackson Glove Fetches Almost 200k At Auction

Michael Jackson Glove Michael Jackson’s Swarovski-crystal-studded glove which he wore during his 1984 Victory tour sold this week at auction, fetching $190,000. Various other Michael Jackson memorabilia were also up for sale, helping earn approximately $1 million.

200 items were up for grabs through Julien’s Auctions and the bidding took place at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Some items, including Michael’s glove, brought up to 10 times the expected value.

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Madame Tussauds Debuts Michael Jackson Wax Tribute

Michael Jackson Wax Figure

Madame Tussauds Wax Museums around the world are paying tribute to Michael Jackson by showing off the performers wax figures in a tribute that spans the companies nine international museums.

According to Tussauds, the singers figures will be placed in the attraction’s lobbies and each will be fitted with Jackson’s outfits. The Tribute will run from June 23rd through July 7th.

The biggest part of the attraction, a hand mold taken from Jackson in 1986 will be on display at Madame Tussauds’ NYC location.

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Michael Jackson Video Game To Arrive Before Year End

Michael Jackson Moonwalker Game

Michael Jackson was no stranger to video games, I use to play Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker on my Sega all the time, throwing around Michael’s hat in an attempt to thwart the plans of bad guys. Now we’ve come to learn that a new game is set to be released by Ubisoft before the end of the year.

The game is still untitled at this time but is being deemed a “dance karaoke” type game. It should be interesting to see how gamers pull off the moonwalk on a dance pad.

According to sources close to the project it will be available on the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 gaming consoles and the Microsoft version will use Microsoft Kinect motion capture technology, which lets the user ditch the
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Michael Jackson’s Grave Gets Sunflowers, Children Get on YouTube

Even in death, Michael Jackson makes the news. Jacko’s gravesite has suddenly amassed many hundreds of sunflowers — his favorite, according to ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley. Meanwhile, his family is voicing its concerns over online videos that appeared earlier this week on YouTube showing Blanket and Paris, two of his three allegedly non-biological children. The footage was obtained by hacking into a Jackson family member’s Facebook and Photobucket accounts. The videos show Jacko’s kids just having fun being normal kids. While Blankeet acts out a Star Wars movie role, Paris lip-synchs to an Omer Bhatti song. Bhatti is a young rapper who claims to be Jackson’s real son. Members of the Jackson family want these videos removed from YouTube, so if you want to watch, do it soon.


Michael Jackson The Musical?

It turns out that a year before Michael Jackson’s tragic passing in 2009, he signed a contract that allows Netherland Presentations to feature music from his albums Thriller and Off the Wall for a musical play.

According to TMZ, the production hit a major road bump last year when John Landis, director of the music video “Thriller,” claimed that they needed his permission to use the song for the musical.

A lawsuit is now pending. Howard Weitzman, legal guru for the MJ estate, told TMZ, “I’ve seen their creditor’s claim. I don’t agree with their request.”

Would you watch a Michael Jackson-inspired musical?


Michael Jackson’s Doctor Charged

The cardiologist who was with Michael Jackson when he died in L.A. last year is now accused of acting “unlawfully and without malice” in bringing about his death.

Conrad Murray

(c) AP

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Bring Back The Jackson 3!

When I was watching the emotional speech of Michael Jackson’s kids at the Grammys, I noticed that they were accompanied by three familiar good-looking dudes.

Three seconds later, I was as giddy as a love-struck teenager. “Omigod, it’s 3T!” I squealed to myself. I worshiped this trio in the ’90s, when they were introduced to the world as Michael Jackson’s nephews who wanted a shot at the music industry. Although their singing was a bit nasally, their hit “Anything” captured the hearts of teenagers worldwide. Never mind the nepotism.

Taj, Taryll, and TJ Jackson’s careers never quite made it past the ’90s, with the imminent death of the boy band mania. The past few years, fans such as myself had to settle for the boys’ personal accounts on Youtube and Myspace, where we would stroll down memory lane with their videos and music.

They tried to make a comeback in 2004 with their independent album, Identity, but it proved unsuccessful. If you browse through their Myspace pages, you’ll see that the boys are now busy doing their own things, from film to music.

I’m recently hooked on Taj Jackson’s “I Think Of You” track, where you’ll see how his vocal range has improved since the mid-90s 3T mania.

I was disappointed when Lionel Richie didn’t have time to introduce them at the Grammys. When Paris and Prince Jackson walked in, the three boys were simply referred to as “their cousins.” Ouch.

With all my love and respect for the late King of Pop, there’s no perfect time for a 3T comeback than 2010. Where’s nepotism now that you need it?


MJ’s Kids Spread Love

One of the highlights of last weekend’s Grammy Awards was the Lifetime Achievement Award for the late Michael Jackson. Accepting the award are MJ’s two eldest kids, Prince and Paris, who made their first appearance since the late King of Pop’s memorial service last year.

The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show

“We’re proud to be here to accept this award on behalf of our father, Michael Jackson,” said Prince, trying to hold it together. “First we’d like to thank God for watching over us for these past seven months and our Grandma and Grandpa for their love and support. We’d also like to thank the fans. Our father loved you so much since you were always there for him.”

“Through all his songs, [our father’s] message was simple: love,” said Prince Michael, 12. “We will continue to spread his message and help the world.” He and his sister Paris, 11, were surrounded by their cousins (remember 3T?) as they gave their speech onstage.

“Daddy was supposed to be here. Daddy was gonna perform but he couldn’t perform last year,” said a teary-eyed Paris to an emotional audience. “Thank you, we love you Daddy.”


Michael Jackson and Lenny Kravitz’s Collaboration

A new MJ song has leaked on the Internet. “Another Day” is a collaborative track with rocker Lenny Kravitz.

According to Daily Record, Lenny admitted to working with the King of Pop before he tragically passed away last year. “I got to work with Michael on a track that has not been released and it was the most amazing experience I’ve had in the studio,” he said.

While Sony BMG is busy taking down uploads of the clip, fans are busy spreading the song online. Listen to it here before copyright laws take it down:

What do you think?


Stevie Wonder Is A Man’s Man

Men have this thing about crying where we don’t think we should do it. There are definitely times when you shouldn’t cry, for example, when you get slapped by a woman or when your friends force you to take another shot of tequila. However, there are times when you should definitely cry and these include:

  • Beginning of Bambi
  • Your team loses the Superbowl
  • She turns out to be a man
  • You are singing a tribute song to your dear friend on national television

Stevie Wonder followed the fourth point. At the Rock’n’Roll 25th Hall of Fame anniversary concert he performed The Way You Make Me Feel with John Legend and around 1:37 into the clip breaks down. He stops playing and singing and just puts his face into his hands while the music keeps going.

Like a true man he bounces back strong to finish the performance to a standing ovation. Stevie, we salute you buddy.

Michael Jackson’s dad, Joe, says that he needs an allowance from his late son’s estate. The reason is that he has expenses that go over $15,000 per month. The thing is that MJ’s will did not include his dad. For now, the court will hear the petition, but not on an expedited manner. I guess daddy has to wait.


This Is It Makes It BIG

The Michael Jackson film This Is It was released on Tuesday night, worldwide, and fans showed their overwhelming support – $2.2 million on opening night alone. Certainly unprecedented, I wouldn’t be surprised if this film breaks even more records in the days to come.

Photo courtesy of US Magazine


Janet Jackson is going to open this year’s MTV VMAs, and she is going to do it with a tribute to her brother, Michael. Needless to say, it is the most appropriate thing to do after his passing and considering his contribution to the popularity of music videos. This should be quite a production!

Grandmother Katherine Jackson may have gotten legal custody of the Jackson children, but it doesn’t mean that she is raising them alone. Aunt Rebbie Jackson is taking on an active role as well. She is the oldest of Katherine’s children.


MJ’s Glove Sold To The Highest Bidder

Going, going, and it’s finally gone! Michael Jackson’s famous glove was finally auctioned off and sold for a pretty hefty sum – $49,000. The buyer? Warwick Stone, who bid in behalf of Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. I wonder which MJ memorabilia will be next to go?

Jackson Family Late For Burial

I know they’re all rich and famous, but is that an excuse to be late for their brother’s/son’s funeral? According to TMZ, which has been live blogging the event, the Jackson family was late for the funeral. Despite the nice fleet of Rolls Royce Phantoms that they got for themselves, they couldn’t manage to come on time. Tsk, tsk.


DJ AM’s Death Linked To Pain Medication

The death of DJ AM has rocked the celebrity world yet again, and much like the Michael Jackson case, it seems that pain medication plays a huge role. According to Dr. Drew Pinsky, an addiction specialist, the pain medication that was prescribed to DJ AM after his plan accident last year might be the cause of his sliding back to old habits. The doctor is not pointing any fingers but is raising the point that this kind of medication slowly and subtly reawakens past desires linked to drug use.


MJ Fan
Filmmaker Spike Lee threw a birthday bash for the late Michael Jackson in Brooklyn. He would have turned 51. Countless fans were present; DJ Spinna played. At first, it looked like the weather would not cooperate but everything turned out fine for the thousands of fans who were present to celebrate the life of their idol.


Sheik paid big bucks for Jacko’s “guru”

I just knew this current case against Michael Jackson is going to get weird.

It was revealed that Sheik Abdullah paid $350,000 for a motivational guru whose job is to help Jacko’s creative juice to flow.

It would’ve been much cheaper to give him a case of tequila and a bong.

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