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Madonna Goes To Israel

Madonna has been traipsing around the world, and nothing is stopping her – not even the jeers and boos she received in her recent concert. Her latest destination? The Holy Land, where she visited the Western Wall among other things. She has two concerts slated in Israel.


A-Rod spent Thanksgiving with Madge and not with his kids?

Is it true that Alex Rodriguez bailed out on his own children for Thanksgiving in order to be with Madonna?

That’s just cold, A-Rod.


Madonna’s weird list to Guy

Posted above are reportedly a list of things that Guy Ritchie should follow that was sent by Madonna when their sons visit him.

I’ll leave you guys to make your own judgement.


Britney, Madonna on stage

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake did appear with Madonna during her Sticky & Sweet Tour–but not together as earlier reported. The two appeared with Madonna on separate parts of the program.

Still a coup in my book, but barely.


Madonna has pulled another coup. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake will reportedly perform together with her during her Sticky & Sweet Tour stop at Dodger Stadium.

Let’s see if these are just rumors or if Madonna does deliver.


Madonna, A-Rod tryst in Seinfeld Mansion

Rumors are now circulating that Madonna had a tryst with Alex Rodriguez in Jerry Seinfeld’s mansion. Apparently, the two went to Seinfeld’s residence separately and then had a private party. They then left separately.

I’m betting Madonna will announce her relationship with A-Rod in a few months.


Sex is “scheduled” with Madonna

You just know that sordid details of a marriage will come out when a divorce is heating up.

According to reports, Madonna had to pencil in sex with ex-hubby Guy Ritchie in her planner. She is reportedly so busy that everything has to have a schedule — going to the gym, going to Kabbalah meetings and boinking her husband.


New info on Madonna, Ritchie divorce

We got information in the ongoing divorce proceedings between Madonna and Guy Ritchie.

Reports have it that the director will get $60 million, their Ashcombe home, and the Punchbowl club (which was originally Ritchie’s anyway).

Madonna is reportedly livid and has been heard saying that Ritchie is a gold digger. I for one don’t think so, what he’s asking for is chump change when compared to the demands of the real gold digger Heather Mills.


Madonna, Guy Ritchie split official

What were rumors a few days ago is a reality today.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie have officially announced that they have split. A rep for Madge has announced that the two will be divorcing after eight years of marriage.

Well, better luck next time guys.


Madonna, A-Rod really an item

These rumors won’t die out.

Madonna and baseball star Alex Rodriquez are supposedly really getting all smoochy.

Rumors have begun circulating again that there really is a relationship between Madge and A-Rod and that Madonna is only waiting for her tour to end before announcing her plans to divorce.
There really must be some truth to this if this talk keeps getting resurrected.


Robyn tells of Madonna contract “clause”

Swedish pop star Robyn was asked to open for some of Madonna’s shows but the experience may not be as good for the European artist as she had hoped.

According to Robyn, it was stated in her contract that she and her crew are not allowed to approach or talk to Madonna, taking pictures is also out of the, well, picture.

Madonna may be an icon and all but this kind of attitude really ugly whether you’re famous or not.


Justin Timberlake – Madonna flirtation


When Madonna told Justin TImberlake to strip, he stripped

“Nice top shelf,” she said.

Justin fondly recalls that moment “as one of the greatest days of my life.”

At the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, Justin returns the compliment, praising Madonna for her “shapely body of work” and how she’s “always been a woman on top” who “fully enjoys that position.”

Her reply? “I’ll get you, f—–!”

Oh, get a room, you two.


Spencer: Heidi will be bigger than Madonna and Britney


Can you believe the audacity of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag? Despite their first video — “Higher” — being slammed by critics and music fans, they still think they actually have a recording career.

“Madonna, eat your heart out. Britney Spears, eat your heart out. I would say we have diamond records coming – they’re gonna sell 10-million plus,” says Spencer, of their next video.

Excuse us while we break into hysterical laughter.


Glamour for a good cause


Enough with the sad Hollywood tales of drug overdoses and nervous breakdowns.

Let’s look at the glamorous and fun side of the celebrity scene — and no one does glamour better than these people. Madonna (remember when we thought she was a bad girl? she looks lke Mother Teresa compared to Britney) threw a star studded benefit for UNICEF, co-sponsored by Gucci. Next to here are the power couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and Madonna’s now 11 year old daughter, Lourdes. Rosie O’Donnell’s there, too — though she won’t be touching the alcohol; she says she’s quit drinking.


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