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Just weeks after Angelina hit Rwanda, Madonna is back visiting the orphans in Malawi.


In this Instagram pic, Madonna gives a Malawi orphan a hug. Right beside the iconic hitmaker is her daughter Lourdes who’s also cuddling a little boy.
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Madonna’s clone Lourdes Leon was snapped with her rarely seen dad Carlos Leon, Madonna’s former personal trainer and first baby daddy. Lourdes’ is obviously a daddy’s girl!

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Concertgoers in Miami are treated to more than an eyeful with Madonna’s wardrobe.

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Just a week after getting booed onstage in Paris, Madonna has set off to Austria’s Leopold Museum for some cougar downtime.

Madge has been doing the art rounds lately, visiting museums with her hot stud boyfriend and breakdancer, Brahim Zaibat.

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Everyone looks forward to the Super Bowl year in and year out, and while most people anticipate the game, you can’t deny that the half time show plays a major role. And when it comes to the Super Bowl half time show, controversy is no stranger.

Remember Janet Jackson’s breast-baring act? “Nipplegate”, as it is sometimes called will be forever remembered by those who saw and heard about the “wardrobe malfunction”. Never mind that more than half of the audience have seen more than a breast exposed on the wide screen. The American public still clamored against that act of “indecency”.

This year, I am rather surprised that Madonna has not provided the controversy for the half time show. Tell me you aren’t!

One of her fellow performers on stage did that instead. Rapper M.I.A. did not go all the way, but still stirred up conservatives by giving a camera her middle finger.

MIA Flips Camera

MIA Flips Camera

Oh, come on guys, this is not polite, sure, but look at that chick. Does she look like she is the politest gal in town? The producers should have expected something like this to happen! And now that it has happened, what’s there to cry about?

It’s definitely not appropriate. M.I.A. should be fined or something, then let’s forget about her. It’s not like she gets lots of publicity these days anyway. Maybe she thought that making that gesture would get her more than five minutes in the limelight in 2012.

For good measure, here’s the video of the half time show.



Madonna talks about M.D.N.A.

Madonna’s set to unleash her newest album M.D.N.A., and as expected rabid Madonna fans are already all over the two tracks she has released of her album – “Gimme All Your Luvin” and “Masterpiece.” Read the rest of this entry »


Madonna, Elton John Rift Reignited at Golden Globes

What do you do when two old queens feud? Stand back and wait for the fireworks.

That’s what’s likely to happen as the rift between Madonna and Sir Elton John got reignited at the recently held Golden Globes Award. Both artists were nominated for Best Original Song. Elton John fired the first salvo when he said that Madonna had “no *Bleep* chance” to win the award. Read the rest of this entry »

Madonna’s Hard Candy Gym Mexico Location Could Be Shut Down

Madonna Hard Candy Gym

On Monday Madonna visited Mexico City where she opened her new Hard Candy Fitness Gym location, but now officials in the city are already trying to close the location down.

According to local officials, the gym doesn’t have a security plan or land use permit, both requirements to do business in Mexico City.

Officials say Madonna must obtain the land use permit by Friday if she plans to keep the gym open.

An official told Televisa:

“If they don’t have a land use permit, they will not be able to operate.”

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Madonna Debuting “Hard Candy” Fitness Centers

Madonna Hard Candy

Madonna wants you to get in shape and to do that she’s teamed up with celebrity trainer Chris Dedicik and manager Gary Oseary to announce a new line of fitness centers called Hard Candy.

According to Dedicik:

“Hard Candy Fitness is a one of a kind experience merging fitness with entertainment. We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our members.”

Through the high-end centers members will be able to use regular workout equipment, while also partaking in Zumba, Latin Moves and Cardio Kickboxing.

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Madonna Stalker: I Won’t Stop Until I Meet Her

Madonna Stalker Robert Linhart Arrested

Former New York city Firefighter Robert Linhart is a scary freak of nature. Not only has he been charged with stalking Madonna, but he didn’t even try to apologize, instead saying, “I Won’t Stop Until I Meet her.

According to The New York Post Robert Linhart was arrested near the stars West 64th Street street apartment around 3 PM on Tuesday. Police say it was the second time in just four days that he was questions about stalking Madonna.

Due to his arrest Linhart faces charges of criminal mischief, graffiti, and possession of a weapon which was brought about when police realized he had a 7 1/2 inch long home-made ice pick, along with a box cutter and a Leatherman knife.

Before his arrest Linhard stood outside the singers home with a sign that read:

“The Universe brought us together in 1992 and again this year in Prague. Meet me please.”

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Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Is Going To Public School

Madonna and Daughter Lourdes - Shopping

Lourdes Leon, the 13-year-old daughter of Madonna enrolled and began attending LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in New York City this week. While the school is of the public kind, it’s also the setting for the movie musical Fame.

Lourdes, known for her fashion blogging and fashion design showed up to her first day in leather boots, a black skirt and a white T-Shirt that sat under a plaid sleeveless shirt.

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Madonna Sued Over “Material Girl” Clothing Line

Madonna - Material Girl Madonna and her daughter Lordes Leon worked together to launch the Material Girl juniors line, a partnership with Macy’s, now we’ve come to learn that they are being sued over the use of the copyrighted “Material Girl” name.

According to, clothing manufacturer L.A. Triumph, located in California, filed the suit on August 19th, claiming that they have been using the Material Girl name for their own juniors line since 1997. The Triumph line sells at large retailers including Nordstrom.

Court documents filed by the company state:

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Tipper Gore and the PMRC’s Filthy Fifteen Songs

You might already have heard that former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and wife Tipper are separating after 40 years of marriage. I forgot to mention in that post that despite rocker Frank Zappa’s differences with Tipper’s PMRC and their war on the songs in their “Filthy Fifteen” list, Tipper became friends with Zappa’s wife Gail, presumably after he passed away of prostate cancer. Tipper even performed Zappa’s daughter Diva’s album in 1999, playing drums and singing backup vocals.

Still, there’s the matter of the PMRC and why Frank Zappa was peeved at them and Tipper. And as a professional celeb sh8t-disturber, I feel it’s my duty to give you a sense of the songs that made up the Filthy Fifteen. So here they are, below, and where possibly with a video. Some don’t have YouTube versions, or they’ve had embedding disabled, for various reasons, so there’s a mix of video sources, below. (Apologies if the source has stuck in commercials.)

WARNING: Not safe for work, kids, people with no sense of humor, and too many other categories to list here. Your mind might be corrupted after viewing.

1. Prince, Darling Nikki.

2. Sheena Easton, Sugar Walls.

3. Judas Priest, Eat Me Alive.

4. Vanity, Strap on Robbie Baby.

5. Motley Crue, Bastard.

6. AC/DC, Let Me Put My Love Into You.

7. Twisted Sister, We’re Not Gonna Take it.

8. Madonna, Dress You Up.

9. W.A.S.P., Animal (F*ck Like a Beast).

10. Def Leppard, High’n Dry.

11. Mercyful Fate, Into the Coven.

12. Black Sabbath, Trashed.

13. Mary Jane Girls, In My House.

14. Venom, Possessed.

15. Cyndi Lauper, She Bop.

I don’t know about you but I think there are far more offensive things going on in music and TV than these songs, and they don’t even have to have swearing, sex or violence.


Britney’s Next On “Glee”

You can’t discuss Madonna without mentioning Britney Spears, and vice-versa. After the successful Madonna tribute on Glee, as well as the album compilation The Power of Madonna, fans have taken it upon themselves to decide who they believe should be featured next on Glee.

They bombarded networking sites such as Twitter with the idea of a Britney Spears episode. Why not? Even the show’s creator Ryan Murphy thinks it’s a good idea. According to AHN, they’ve already talked to the popstar about it.

“She certainly would love to do it,” Ryan said. “And I think she’s phenomenally talented. And the kids and the cast certainly have a great connection to her. So maybe, yeah. We’re going to talk about it.”

If Britney says yes, fans will have to wait until this fall or spring next year. Producers want the Britney episode to coincide with the release of her upcoming seventh album.

I would love to see the Glee cast perform “Hit Me Baby One More Time” with Lea Michele doing Britney’s part from the original music video.

Which Britney Spears songs would you love to hear on Glee?

Photo from the Facebook page, “In Support of ‘Glee’ Making a Britney Spears Episode!”

The Power of Glee

In 2009, Madonna granted Glee the rights to her entire catalogue of music, and the producers had a hunch that the Madonna tribute would be one epic episode. They were absolutely right.

In Glee’s April 20th episode, the gang performed Madonna’s greatest hits, such as “Express Yourself” and “Like A Prayer.” They also launched the album compilation, Glee: The Music—The Power of Madonna on the same day.

The album contains the seven songs that the cast performed on the show—“Express Yourself,” “Borderline/Open Your Heart” mash up, “Vogue,” “Like a Virgin,” “4 Minutes,” “What It Feels Like For a Girl,” and “Like A Prayer.” The iTunes edition even features a bonus track, “Burning Up,” which wasn’t part of the show.

It’s only been over a week since The Power of Madonna was released, and the album already hit number one on Billboard 200, beating out other contenders such as Justin Bieber.

Who do you think was the more powerful figure in selling the album—Madonna or Glee?


Get Your Madge Stunnaz On!

Photo from the D&G Preview Woman Campaign spring/summer 2010

The latest collaboration from Madonna and Dolce & Gabbana is MDG, a collection of sunglasses designed by Madonna herself.

The ads were shot by photographer Steven Klein and will run in Vogue until February 2011. Check out some stills below:

Photo from Madonna’s fansite

By the looks of it, the sunglasses don’t really stand out from the usual trends. There’s only so much you can do with eyewear. You’re pretty much purchasing it for the label and boasting rights. “I’m wearing Madonna’s sunglasses!”

Back to Madge. The 51-year-old sure is busy with her fashion collaborations. She and her daughter Lourdes have recently signed a deal with Iconix Brand Group Inc. to create a fashion line for teens aptly called “Material Girl.”

Would you rock Madonna stunners?


Madonna and Lourdes’ Fashion Line

They say you gotta start ‘em young. Madonna, 51, has teamed up with her 13-year-old daughter Lourdes Leon and her partners at Iconix Brand Group Inc. to create a fashion line for teens.

Madonna and Lourdes Leon Material Girl launch

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Madonna Gets Down And Dirty

Literally! The musical icon was in Malawi recently to help with the building of a girls’ school, which she is sponsoring. She literally “helped” by putting her muscles to good use – as you can see in that picture (thanks to TMZ). Now tell me you can’t help but admire this woman!


Madonna Turning Paranoid?

The Material Girl thinks that other performers are out to copy her moves. She says that J-Lo was at her concert and watching her super closely – probably wanting to pick up a tip or two. I think she should be flattered!


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