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Everyone looks forward to the Super Bowl year in and year out, and while most people anticipate the game, you can’t deny that the half time show plays a major role. And when it comes to the Super Bowl half time show, controversy is no stranger.

Remember Janet Jackson’s breast-baring act? “Nipplegate”, as it is sometimes called will be forever remembered by those who saw and heard about the “wardrobe malfunction”. Never mind that more than half of the audience have seen more than a breast exposed on the wide screen. The American public still clamored against that act of “indecency”.

This year, I am rather surprised that Madonna has not provided the controversy for the half time show. Tell me you aren’t!

One of her fellow performers on stage did that instead. Rapper M.I.A. did not go all the way, but still stirred up conservatives by giving a camera her middle finger.

MIA Flips Camera

MIA Flips Camera

Oh, come on guys, this is not polite, sure, but look at that chick. Does she look like she is the politest gal in town? The producers should have expected something like this to happen! And now that it has happened, what’s there to cry about?

It’s definitely not appropriate. M.I.A. should be fined or something, then let’s forget about her. It’s not like she gets lots of publicity these days anyway. Maybe she thought that making that gesture would get her more than five minutes in the limelight in 2012.

For good measure, here’s the video of the half time show.



M.I.A. Is No Longer M.I.A.

The Sri Lankan singer and rapper is back! M.I.A. has announced on her Twitter page that she is releasing her third album come June. She is also returning to the stage, playing in four major cities. Check out her schedule below, courtesy of Pitckfork:

07-17 Los Angeles, CA – L.A. Historic State Park
?07-24 New York, NY – South Island Field (Governors Island)
?08-01 London, England – Underage Festival
08-10-14 Oslo, Norway – Øya Festival

It’s going to be one heck of a summer for M.I.A. fans!


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