Lindsay Lohan To Enter Herself Back Into Rehab

It can be hard to kick a habit like Cocaine and Lindsay Lohan’s 4th entry into a rehab center, expected sometime this coming week, proves just that point. TMZ is reporting that Lindsay Lohan, 24, will check herself back into a rehab center of her choosing in the next seven days. According to tipsters, she’s […]

New Lindsay Lohan Mugshot. She Could Have At Least Smiled

Check out the mugshot of Lindsay Lohan shown above, in the past she had smiled for her police provided photo, but this time it’s clear that she’s not happy to be heading back to jail after failing several drug tests while on probation. Hey at least her new hair matches the color of her jumpsuit. […]

Lindsay Lohan Won’t Receive Immediate Jailtime After Positive Drug Test

The Los Angeles court system might quite possibly be the worst in America, when they sentence people they rarely serve anywhere close to their full time and when their out on probation and fail drug tests they do very little about it. TMZ is reporting that Lohan will not serve 30 days in jail for […]

Lindsay Lohan Begins Attending Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

So much for being anonymous, it’s being reported Lindsay Lohan has once again joined AA. The move comes just after it was discovered that Lindsay had failed a mandatory drug test, showing positive for cocaine. Lohan attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting Friday night and then headed back to another meeting less than 24 hours later […]

Lindsay Lohan Rumored To Have Failed Mandatory Drug Test

It’s being reported that Lindsay Lohan has failed a mandatory drug test, part of her requirements for probation. According to PEOPLE Lohan is rumored to have tested positive for cocaine. Lohan was just released from the UCLA Medical Center on August 24th after serving just 13 days of a 90-day jail term for a DUI […]

Lindsay Lohan Slaps Chelsea Handlers Butt At VMA’s [Video]

Who better is there to make fun of her mess of a life than Lindsay Lohan herself? That’s what happened during the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards when Lilo appeared in the opening sequence with the shows host Chelsea Handler. During the skit Lohan made fun of the mess that has become her life, while […]

Lindsay Lohan Wants A Baby…Poor Thing (We Mean The Possible Baby)

Apparently with alcohol and cocaine no longer controlling her life, at least for the moment, Lindsay Lohan is looking for something a little more maternal to occupy her time. It turns out that just a week after hitting a stroller while driving her Maserati, she’s decided a child of her own would be a great […]

Lindsay Lohan’s House Gets Egged Then Vandalized

What do you give to a recently released convict? In the case of Lindsay Lohan you can start with a dozen or so eggs. According to a report filed at the Nassau County Police Department and discovered by TMZ that’s exactly what happened when unidentified vandals approached her home on August 31st and threw eggs […]

Lindsay Lohan Hires Britney Spears’ Former Manager Larry Rudolph

Lindsay Lohan is already showing that she can indeed make some very clever decisions after leaving rehab. The tabloid favorite has hired Larry Rudolph, the former manager of Britney Spears who is credited with turning around her career after a mental breakdown and messy divorce. According to The New York Post a close source to […]

Hilton Charged With Felony After Weekend Cocaine Bust

Paris Hilton was hit with a felony cocaine possession charge today after a weekend cocaine arrest was made and bail was posted for the multi-million dollar hotel heiress. Paris is charged with “possession of a controlled substance” and could face jail time if convicted of the crime, especially when considering her past run-ins with the […]