Lindsay Lohan Pleads Not Guilty Against Felony Theft Charge

Lindsay Lohan was in court on Wednesday just long enough to enter a plea of “Not Guilty” to theft charges. Owners of a Venice, California jewelry store say the former star stole a $2,500 piece of jewelry, while Lohan claims she was loaned the jewelry, yet only returned it after a search warrant was issued […]

Lindsay Lohan Being Charged With Felony Theft On Wednesday

Lindsay Lohan will be officially charged this Wednesday with felony grand theft when she enters a Los Angeles courtroom. Lohan is being sued after a Venice jewelry store owner claimed she stole a $2,500 necklace from their store, while Lohan claims it was only being borrowed with the owners blessings. Not only did Lohan simply […]

Lindsay Lohan Could Be Charged With Assault Of Betty Ford Staffer

During a recent argument at the Betty Ford Center in suburban Palm Springs Lindsay Lohan allegedly attacked a female stuff, an attack which according to Riverside County authorities could land Lohan back in court to face assault charges. The attack which occurred on Dec. 12 led the staffer to ask that charges be pressed, although […]

Lindsay Lohan Has A Crazed Stalker

The Betty Ford Clinic is under high alert with news that Lindsay Lohan may have a crazed stalker on her hands. According to insiders, Lohan has been receiving frightening text and phone messages from an unknown person who has been threatening Lohan and her family. The stalker has also said they are “watching” Lindsay and […]

Dina And Michael Lohan Back In Court Over Child Support

So much for a happy holiday with the family, it looks like Dina Lohan and Michael Lohan, parents of Lindsay Lohan will be heading back to court over child support payments. Dina is asking that Michael pay previously owed child support on their two children who are not yet of age, Ali, 16 and Cody, […]

Lindsay Lohan Dropped From Linda Lovelace Biopic “Inferno”

When you get dropped form playing Linda Lovelave in an adult documentary about the pornstar behind the XXX rated movie Deepthroat it should be a good time for you to realize you have major issues to deal with in your life and that’s exactly what happened to Lindsay Lohan this week. Inferno director Matthew Wilder […]

Michael Lohan Attacked In Parking Lot

Michael Lohan was attacked near a Santa Monica parking lot on Thursday Night, an attack that left him with some minor injuries. Lindsay Lohan’s dad was approached by a man in a black tracksuit from behind who proceeded to cut his neck with an unknown object. Lohan began to fight off the 50 to 60 […]

Lindsay Lohan Ordered Back To Rehab Until Jan 2011, No Jail Time

Lindsay Lohan lucked out today when Beverly Hills Superior Court Judge Elden S. Fox ordered her back to rehab until Jan 2011, allowing her to avoid jail time after testing positive for Cocaine shortly after her probationary period started in September. Lohan tested positive for the drug just after being released from her 20 day […]

Lindsay Lohan’s Dad, Michael Lohan, Turned Away At Betty Ford Center

Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan, tried to visit his daughter this week at the Betty Ford Center, but was turned away when it was discovered he was not on the list of approved visitors. TMZ is reporting that Michael showed up for “Family Week” however while he is Lindsay’s father, his name was not on […]

Lindsay Lohan Enters Rehab For Fifth Time

Lindsay Lohan is back in rehab, it’s her fifth trip to a rehab facility in three years, including her recent court ordered Rehab stint. Lohan checked herself into¬† a Southern California rehab center on Monday night and according to insiders she’s expected to stay in the facility until Oct. 22nd when she will return to […]