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Lea Michele Puts On A Show On The Red Carpet

It’s not the kind of show that gets ratings or album sales, but hey, any press is good press, right? Lea Michele may be more known for her braless public appearances than her record sales lately. That’s a good thing in our house though.

Lea Michele Makes Us Sweat!

There’s something about seeing Lea Michele in tights and a tank top, sweating up a storm.

‘Glee’ Star Lea Michele In Car Accident With Drunk Girls

When Lea Michele was driving to her Glee audition she likes to tell the story of how she was in a car accident and had to read for the Rachel Berry role with glass in her hair and cuts on her body. Unfortunately it looks like history has repeated itself with Michele ending up in […]

Lea Michele Appears In Nike Women Commercial

Glee star Lea Michele is an official spokeswoman for shoe/sports apparel manufacturer Nike and her new Nike Women Commercial is now avaialable. According to Lea: “When I workout I like to be comfortable. For me it’s not about beauty.” She also says her favorite activities include rock climbing, yoga and hiking, but not all the […]

Glee Star Lea Michele and Maroon 5 To Play Super Bowl Pregame Show

Glee star Lea Michele and band Maroon 5 have both been tapped to play the Super Bowl XLV pregame show on February 6. Lea will singer a rendition of America The Beautiful while Maroon 5 will perform a song as well, joining already confirmed singers Keith Urban and Christina Aguilera.  Xtina will close the pregame […]

Dorothy In Wizard Of Oz 3D Has A Voice. Gleeks Rejoice!

Glee’s Lea Michele will voice Dorothy in the upcoming 3D animated adaptation of the 1939 classic The Wizard Of Oz. The new movie, called Dorothy Of Oz was created by Roger S. Baum, the great-grandson of L. Frank Baum, creator of the Wonderful Wizard Of Oz. The movie will also include a soundtrack by singer […]

‘Glee’ Season 2: Return of the Gleeks!

Aren’t you glad Glee season 2 has begun? The cast and crew of our favorite musical TV show gathered for the Glee Spring Premiere Party at Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles on April 12. Spring was the theme indeed as the female members of the cast dressed in this season’s top red carpet trends. Tell me which […]