4 Celebrities Who Overcame Drug Addictions

While there are thousands of people who suffer through drug and alcohol addictions each and every day, it’s not very often that we hear about people who make it through these addictions and come out on the other side. Especially in Hollywood, it seems like we’re always hearing … [Read more...]

Giuliana Rancic Apologizes To Zendaya For Her ‘Weed’ Remark!

With the Zendaya fiasco going on, is Fashion Police losing its steam? … [Read more...]

Willow Smith Tweets Pics of Purple Hairstyle

Willow Smith has whipped out another outrageous hair color. This time going all purple! Looking wispy with her light purple locks, after going through a pink and orange hairdo phase, the 12 year-old teen pop sensation uploaded pics of her new look on Twitter. … [Read more...]

Justin Bieber Collapses during London Concert while Kelly Osbourne Survives a Seizure on Set

They maybe worlds apart, but both stars do have a London connection- Justin Bieber and Kelly Osborne both collapse while at work during the same week. Both celebs were taken to the hospital. … [Read more...]

Osbournes May Sue In Touch Weekly Over Upcoming Story

In Touch Weekly may be sued by the Osbourne family if they move forward with a September 6th article that's alleged to place Kelly and Jack in an unfavorable light. Sharon took to Twitter this week to talk about the story: “In Touch Magazine is printing an untrue story about … [Read more...]