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Katy Perry might not be in college, but she sure is gettin’ into the spirit!

Katy Perry ESPN

(c) ESPN

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Katy Perry and John Mayer Break Up!

katy perry and john mayer

Now this is embarrassing. Katy Perry and John Mayer have apparently broken up, but didn’t they just release a song (and music video) all about how they’re very much together and in love? Read the rest of this entry »


Katy Perry Wins ‘Best Cleavage’ at the 2014 Elle Style Awards

Katy Perry at the Elle Style Awards

What do you mean there’s no such thing as a ‘Best Cleavage’ award? Preposterous.  Read the rest of this entry »


Top Celebrities Who are Avid Bloggers

Celebrities from around the globe do not just limit themselves to acting in front of the camera. Many of them support various causes and do other things they’re passionate about.

These days, a growing number of international celebrities share a common interest – blogging. It’s their way of sharing their thoughts and personal views as they go about their daily lives.

Here are some of your favorite celebrities who love to blog. Check them out here as there may be some you haven’t followed yet.

Gwyneth Paltrow


Sultry actress Gwyneth is one of those who started early in blogging. Her personal blog is where she shares some details of her life as an actress, wife, mother, daughter and cook. Read the rest of this entry »


Katy Perry Brings Her Twin VIPs To The Grammys Afterparty


The Grammys are long over but we still can’t forget the twin treasures that Katy Perry brought to the Grammys after-party. Read the rest of this entry »


Anna Kendrick’s Cleavage Was ‘Finger-banged’ By Katy Perry!


Anna Kendrick, stop giving us more things to love about you! Unlike Jennifer Lawrence, the Kendrick love hasn’t reached ‘inevitable backlash’ point yet and we doubt it ever will. Why? Her latest guest appearance on Conan is evidence enough. This is what she said: Read the rest of this entry »


Better get ready, Katycats, because our favorite ‘California’ girl Katy Perry is gearing up for new stuff!

Rawr! Katy Perry's Elle UK feature is one explosive issue.

Rawr! Katy Perry’s Elle UK feature is one explosive issue.

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Katy Perry is finally taking a stand on her relationship with John Mayer: she’s laying down some ground rules.

What's that smirk on Katy Perry's face? Must be her rules. (Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

What’s that smirk on Katy Perry’s face? Must be her rules. (Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

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Katy Perry can’t live with her strict regimen of pills.


She goes on Twitter to talk about her daily habit. Hope she doesn’t overdose on these pills.
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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are still together, though rumoured to be on the outs- the two have been spotted and frequently photographed together.


The recent pic was taken at a Los Angeles karaoke bar on Tuesday night.
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Who wouldn’t want to smell like their favourite celebrity? With celebrity perfumes, you can. If you want to know more about the hottest fragrances available, here are the celebrity perfumes of 2012. But why just read about it? Visit your favourite department store today.

Fame by Lady Gaga

Initially, Lady Gaga’s perfume was said to be inspired by the smell of blood and semen. The controversial singer later said Fame would smell like an “expensive hooker”. But the truth is that Fame, Lady Gaga’s first fragrance, combines notes of Tiger Orchid, apricot, incense, Atropa belladonna and saffron. Read the rest of this entry »


Heads up Russell Brand your ex-wife is hanging out at the Chateau Marmont with no other than the serial celebrity dater John Mayer. Uh-oh!

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Katy Perry Goes Bareface For Movie Documentary

Her ex-husband famously tweeted a picture of her makeup free. But this time around, with her consent, the “Part of Me” singer is ready to show a part of her that is au naturale. Katy Perry is currently on the works for her movie documentary which she says will show all layers of her “warts and all.”

Katy is seen in a footage where she is barefaced while doing a wardrobe fitting for her upcoming tour film, “Part of Me.” The usually fully made up pop singer appeared on camera without a hint of makeup and glamour.

“I think it’s important to start breaking down the idea that to achieve your dream you always have to be perfect or flawless or live in some kind of fantasy world,” Katy told in her interview with Ellen DeGeneres. “So that’s why I decided to put everything into the film.”


Katy said that it was important for her to show everything and anything in between on the film. That indeed, just like other people, she is not perfect. The singer is set to release her new single on July 2 with a follow up 3D film on July 5.

Photo credits: Warner Bros

Katy Perry, Russell Brand Split

The year 2012’s just a few days old and yet we’ve already witnessed a celebrity breakup. Pop singer Katy Perry and British comedian Russell Brand has recently announced that they are separating and filing for divorce after just barely four months of marriage.

Perry and Brand were a very high profile couple and their engagement was played up a lot in the media. Their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties were also extensively reported because of their high profile guests (especially with Perry being best friends with Rihanna). Read the rest of this entry »

Katy Perry Extra Marital Affair Rumors Circulate

Katy Perry - Teenage Dream Video Shoot

According to several insiders, Katy Perry may be cheating on recently wed husband Russel Brand with her sometimes writing partner and producer Benny Blanco.

The insiders say that Perry has been sleeping with Blanco who has produced songs fro Britney Spears, Ke$ha and others. Blanco it should be noted is a former Heroine users and sex addict and like Perry was raised as a devout Christian.

If the rumors are true, it would be quite the twist considering Perry’s hubby Russell Brand is in fact the admitted sex addict in the relationship.

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Katy Perry Is The New Face Of Thomas Sabo

Katy Perry - Thomas Sabo

German jewelry maker Thomas Sabo is now being represented by pop sensation Katy Perry.

The hugely successful singer can now be seen in various ads pitching the sterling silver company and their wares. Specifically Perry can be seen pushing the company’s “Pop Now” advertisements.

As part of her endorsement the pop star is only wearing pieces from the Sabo Collection during public appearances and she will make a special appearance at the company’s trade show in Munich later in 2011.

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Charges Filed Over Katy Perry, Russell Brand Wedding

Russell Brand and Katy Perry - Married in India

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are facing charges in India after their wedding apparently disturbed the peace.

According to Managers at the the couple’s resort Aman-i-Khas the couple violated noise laws when they took their late night festivities and their loud music past the 10 p.m. time allowance.

Adding to the controversy is the fact that a tiger sanctuary is located next to the resort. Read the rest of this entry »


Russell Brand And Katy Perry Take To Twitter After Tying The Knot

Russel Brand and Katy Perry - Silly Bandz Name Formation

Katy Perry and Russell Brand waited until they had been married for one day before taking to Twitter.

The newly wed couple both Tweeted the message “We Did!” on their personal Twitter pages, while uploading a TwitPic.

Unfortunately for fans the picture just showed their names written in different colored bubble letters formed using Silly Bandz, hardly the wedding picture fans were expecting to see.

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Katy Perry and Russell Brand Get Married In Grand Ceremony

Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are officially married, having swapped vows on Saturday during a grand ceremony at Rambagh Palace in Jaipur, India

Rambagh Palace is where the couple got engaged and a rep for the couple released the following statement to E! News:

“Russell Brand and Katy Perry are overjoyed to confirm that they were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Brand on Saturday, October 23,” while adding, “The very private and spiritual ceremony, attended by the couples’ closest family and friends was performed by a Christian minister and longtime friend of the Hudson Family. The backdrop was the inspirational and majestic countryside of Northern India.”

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