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Apparently, it’s pregnancy season, and Cobie Smulders leads our list of today’s hopeful moms!

Pregnancy updates on Cobie Smulders, Kate Middleton, Blake Lively, Zoe Saldana

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Kate Middleton’s Due Date Is On…

… You’re really thirsty about more Kate Middleton news, huh?

Kate Middleton in Australia Getty

(c) Getty

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Kate Middleton PREGNANT With Second Child!

Hope you get well soon, Kate Middleton!

Kate Middleton

(c) Royal Fans

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It’s the sneak peek you’ve been waiting for – Kate Middleton and Prince William‘s baby boy has officially made it outside!

Kate Middleton and Prince William do look good in powder blue, huh? (Getty Images)

Kate Middleton and Prince William do look good in powder blue, huh? (Getty Images)

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It’s a boy! The royal couple – Kate Middleton and Prince William – have finally given birth to a healthy royal baby.

Woohoo! Another royal prince, courtesy of Prince William and Kate Middleton! (Cambio)

Woohoo! Another royal prince, courtesy of Prince William and Kate Middleton! (AP)

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2013 is definitely Hollywood’s landmark baby-makin’ year! Check out these preggy celebs and their adorable bumps


The lovely Evan Rachel Wood shows off her baby bump at the recent Tribeca Film Festival in New York.
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Who said that royalty is afraid to brave the elements? If Prince William and wife Kate Middleton are to be examples, then we can say that royalty is pretty game. The royal couple was sighted over the weekend at the UK premiere of the movie War Horse. In spite of the rain, Kate Middleton looked absolutely stunning in her Alice Temperley gown – floor-length and all! Then again, she probably didn’t have to actually go out in the rain and had carpeting wherever she walked.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton at UK Premiere of War Horse

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The British Royal Wedding: Cost and Expenses Infographic

Every little girl dreams of being a princess in her own wedding one day, and events such as the recently held Royal Wedding never fail to pique the public’s curiosity. It’s now been almost a month since Prince William and Catherine Middleton tied the knot, but they are still very much at the center of things.

Never mind that you might have seen the Royal Wedding in its entirety perhaps more times than you’ve seen the Titanic. Never mind that you probably cried more while hearing the wedding sermon. If you just can’t get enough of Royal Weddings – the most recent one included – then here’s a cool infographic that will give you what you want. Read the rest of this entry »


Prince Harry To Be Best Man At Royal Wedding

Prince William with Fiance Kate Middleton Prince Harry has been named as Prince William’s best man for his upcoming wedding to Kate Middleton, set to take place on April 29 at Westminster Abbey.

According to a statement released by Buckingham Palace:

“Prince William has asked his brother, Prince Harry, to be his best man,” and “Miss Catherine Middleton has asked her sister, Miss Philippa Middleton, to be her maid of honor.”

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Kate Middleton And Prince William To Honeymoon At Britain’s Scilly Islands

Prince William and Kate Middleton Pose Together

When Prince William and fiance Kate Middleton wed later this year they will more than likely honeymoon in Britain’s Scilly Islands.

According to reports, the couple plan to spend their first week as husband and wife at the island.

The report comes from two different UK sources, however at this time Buckingham Palace is remaining mum on the details for the honeymoon which will occur immediately following the April 29 wedding set to take place at Westminster Abbey in London.

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Paul McCartney To Perform At Royal Wedding?

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Beatles singer Sir Paul McCartney may be invited to perform at the most anticipated wedding of the year, the union of Prince William and fiance Kate Middleton.

McCartney is added to a performer list that already speculates the singing stylings of Elton John and ABBA, both rumored to be singing at the couples reception.

Sources close to the couple say they have invited Paul McCartney to perform, now it’s just up to him to accept the invitation.

If he accepts, McCartney will perform at Buckingham Palace on April 29 for the couple’s nuptials. Read the rest of this entry »


Elton John To Perform At Prince Williams Wedding…If He Has His Way

Elton John

Elton John spoke with BBC Radio this week and told them that he will be performing at Prince Williams’ Wedding in some type of capacity. He told the station that he will “probably” perform, but then quickly joked “I’ll probably be outside busking.”

Okay so his response to BBC Radio wasn’t a resounding yes, but given that he performed at Princess Diana’s funeral and that he’s a long time friend of the crown, there’s a good chance he’ll sing something at the ceremony.

In the meantime Kate and William are busy planning their wedding, with official invitations for the April 29 ceremony expected to go out soon.

So will Sir Elton John perform. A spokeswoman tells PEOPLE:

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Kate Middleton’s Engagement Ring is “Must Have” Knock Off of the Year

Kate Middleton Engagement Ring Photo

Kate Middleton is currently in possession of a sapphire engagement ring, given to her by boyfriend of 9-years Prince William, now knock-offs of that ring have become the must have accessory of the holiday season.

While the $100,000 ring is out of the reach of most buyers, the $1,000 replica according to New York jewelers is flying off the shelf.

According to ring maker The Natural Sapphire Co. orders have been coming in so fast since the wedding announcement that they can’t make duplicates quickly enough.

While $100,00 for a ring is quite expensive, heck $1,000 for a replica isn’t that cheap either, the estimated $40 million cost for the royal wedding is by far more expensive.

Fun fact: The ring Middleton is wearing is the same one that Prince Charles gave to Princess Diana when they first became engaged in 1981.


Prince William, Kate Middleton Set A Date For Wedding

Kate Middleton and Prince William

It’s official, Prince William and Kate Middleton will officially wed on April 29 2011 at Westminster Abbey.

The royal family made the announcement on Tuesday morning after a bit of drama and a lot of speculation.

West Minster Abbey is the wedding place of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Ann and Prince Andrew. The Abbey is also the spot of Princess Diana’s funeral.

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Princess Diana’s Son Spending $40M on Wedding

Prince William, oldest son of Prince Charles and the deceased Princess Diana, and his fiancee Kate Middleton are finally going to marry, and not surprisingly, it’ll be a wedding fit for a, uh, Prince. (Though he’s second in line to one day become King of England.) But they’re going to spend $40M on their public wedding. No word on whether this will be paid by taxpayers, or from the budget of Buckingham Palace, or from the pocket of Queen Elizabeth II, William’s grandmum. Queen Betty is independently one of the wealthiest women in the world, if not the wealthiest. Last I heard, maybe 10 years ago, she was worth close to a billion in assets including family jewels (in the literal sense).

Even if taxpayers aren’t footing the bill, does anyone else think this expenditure is sickening, given the state of the world today? Why don’t they just go to Vegas and have an Elvis impersonator marry them — or the British equivalent — and donate the money to charity? Regardless, no matter how much they spend, they just can’t outdo the fairytale wedding of his mother, Princess Diana, who was in love with Prince Charles from the get-go. Diana also did a great deal of charity work. If she were a live today, I wonder what she’d think of this expense, whether or not she had any say in what happened?

In other Royal news, Prince Andrew forgave ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, for trying to negotiate 500,000 British Pounds for access to him.


Will He Or Won’t He?

The royal palace has yet to confirm rumors that Prince William is ready to pop the question to longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton, but websites and publications all over the globe have already gone bonkers running headlines about the couple.

People magazine was quick to pick up the story. Their latest cover reads: “The Next Princess: Why They’re Ready to Wed.” It even gives a blow-by-blow account on their love story and speculations on how the prince will propose.

According to CBC News, the rumor started when blogger Tina Brown wrote on The Daily Beast on Monday that “a highly placed source in royal circles said that two days in June have been mysteriously blocked out on the palace diaries—June 3 and 4.” She then speculated that those are likely dates for “an engagement announcement.”

“We don’t comment on speculation,” a Clarence House spokesman told CNN after the rumor exploded.

Still, people are excitedly waiting for the palace’s final and formal announcement on the matter. They two have been dating on and off for the past seven years, so we are all hoping for the best.

Do you think Prince William will propose to Kate soon?


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