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Kim Kardashian Gets $1M Every Year She’s Married To Kanye

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are currently in the middle of finalizing their prenup before their wedding this summer. West didn’t even want one at first and was more than willing to give Kim full access to all his finances.

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Gets More Bling from Kanye

Kanye West truly knows how to keep his Baby Mama happy, Kim Kardashian can now hold down that morning sickness with this much bling. Kanye gave Kim 5 yellow-gold Cartier Bracelets that are well worth $65,000 altogether.

Kanye West Claims He Gave Taylor Swift Her Success

Kanye West has proven once again that he’s just as delusional as everyone already knows he is. According to West, while he has tried to extend an olive branch to Taylor Swift various times since his 2009 MTV VMA stage storming appearance, she has chosen to ignore those attempts, while refusing to defend him to […]

Taylor Swift, Kanye West Porn Parody May Soon Be In Adult Stores Near You

Adult video provider Vivid Entertainment is said to be working on a Kanye West, Taylor Swift porn parody. According to rumors, Vivid mastermind Steve Hirsch is toying with the idea of the parody which he believes would be a good way to explore the tensions between both singers since the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards […]