Selena Gomez Uses Justin Bieber’s Voicemail On New Break-Up Song

A new Selena Gomez song has just leaked, and it features a bittersweet voicemail from ex-bf Justin Bieber. … [Read more...]

Selena Gomez Spends Time With Baby Sis

In between recording sessions and filming scenes, who does the boyfriend-less Selena Gomez turn to for inspiration? Her baby sis, Gracie Elliot Teefey, of course! … [Read more...]

Justin Bieber Dons a Chanel Balaclava

Justin Bieber will only wear a balaclava if it's Chanel. The teen idol wants to toughen up his image a bit after going on in all out bad boy streak all week. … [Read more...]

Justin Bieber Collapses during London Concert while Kelly Osbourne Survives a Seizure on Set

They maybe worlds apart, but both stars do have a London connection- Justin Bieber and Kelly Osborne both collapse while at work during the same week. Both celebs were taken to the hospital. … [Read more...]

Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner are Dating

Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner have been seen walking about in London even having a sweet lunch date at Caffe Nero and attending a Kanye West concert. The teen powerhouses were spotted kissing at Sophie’s Steak House in Covent Garden on the night of March 1. Looks like Will … [Read more...]