“U Smile” Justin Bieber Video Premiere

If you have Bieber Fever you’ll want to check out the video in this post, it’s the newest offering from Justin called “U Smile” and it’s blowing up all over the web at the moment. I know you’re in deep anticipation of the video so here it is:

Justin Bieber Dolls Debut. Kind Of Creepy

Forget Tickle Me Elmo and Zhu Zhu Pets, this years hot item is going to be the newly minted Justin Bieber doll. Okay maybe not, it’s actually a bit creepy looking. Bieber can be bought in various outfits, however we’ve only witnessed two designs, a leather jacket doll with no instrument or in a green […]

Justin Bieber Movie To Arrive Feb. 11, 2011

Sure he’s a crappy actor (see the T.V. show ‘True Jackson, VP’), but there is one way to take Justin Bieber to the big screen, with the release of a Justin Bieber concert film in 3D. The “movie,” being released by Paramount Pictures will arrive in theaters Feb. 11, 2011. The movie is being directed […]

Justin Bieber Performs Medley At MTV Video Music Awards 2010 [Video]

Justin Bieber performed a medley of his hits “Baby,” U Smile,” and “Somebody To Love” at tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards. It was the 27th annual event for the television network and the show aired live from Los Angeles on Sunday Night at 8pm Central. In case you missed Bieber’s performance, here it is:

Justin Bieber Wants Grease Remake With Miley Cyrus

If Justin Bieber has his way, he’ll be taking over for John Travolta in a new remake of the popular musical Grease. Not only does Bieber want the role, he wants Miley Cyrus to take over the Olivia Newton-John role of Sandy in the movie. Bieber says of the Disney star: “I would go for […]

Justine Bieber To Appear On CSI, Will Play A Troubled Teen

Justin Bieber is invading every facet of American pop culture, so while CSI may not have a huge tween girl audience, it doesn’t really surprise me that he’ll be making an appearance on the hugely popular TV series. According to PopEater, Bieber will be playing Jason McCann, a “troubled teen who is faced with a […]

Hackers Exploit YouTube Flaw, Send Justin Bieber Fans To Porn Sites

Using an exploit in the YouTube commenting system, hackers this weekend sent fans of Justin Bieber to porn sites. The hackers specifically targeted Bieber’s YouTube pages, using a simple redirect to send users elsewhere. The hackers also sent users to videos in which it was being reported that Bieber had died in a car accident.

Justin Bieber Says Ewww To Playboy Offer

In all fairness I would be saying the same thing if Playboy was offering my mom a spot in Playboy, but that’s exactly what the Hefner crew has done with Justin Bieber’s mom and being the “moral woman” she is she immediately turned the offer down. According to internet rumors the 34-year-old Bieber was offered […]

Justin Beiber To Celebrate 1st Fourth Of July By Hosting Huge Event

Justin Bieber is the biggest act in America at the moment, but it might surprise many of his fans to learn that the tween pop star has never celebrated/witnessed a Fourth of July event! Yeah…we know he’s Canadian, but I lived in Canada for a large part of my childhood and had seen plenty of […]

Heidi Montag’s Justin Bieber Tweet May Be More Creepy Than We Thought

A tweet recently appeared on the Twitter account of talentless twit Heidi Montag in which she said, “@justinbieber now that I am getting divorced I think you and I should do a photo shoot together! Cutie ;)! I’m closer to your age….” now we’re learning from the queen of plastic herself that it wasn’t her […]

Bieber’s Growing Up

How times flies. Teen sensation Justin Bieber’s voice is changing. All die-hard fans will notice that the 16-year-old’s voice isn’t as high-pitched as it was during his early career. According to Wenn, Justin was quoted, saying: “It cracks. Like every teenage boy, I’m dealing with it and I have the best vocal coach in the […]

Wanted: Swagger Coach

Ryan’s photo (left) from MTV Justin Bieber has one; I kid you not! Meet Ryan Good, a Florida native who was hired by R&B singer/producer Usher to tag along with teen sensation Justin Bieber and help him develop his—you guessed it—swagger. swag·ger [swag-er] –verb (used without object) 1. to walk or strut with a defiant […]

Bieber or Die

You gotta hand it to the guys at Funny or Die. Their skits can make almost any celebrity funny. Take Justin Bieber for example. Sure, the kid can sing and make anyone under 18 swoon, but his acting and comedy chops need help. Did you see his recent stint with Tina Fey at SNL? His […]

Justin’s Reaction to People

Uh-oh! It looks like the 16-year-old wasn’t 100% happy about his People cover photo. The latest issue of People magazine shows a guffawing Justin Bieber on the cover. It isn’t his best angle, especially after a barrage of magazines and websites have done hot fashion shoots and interviews with the teen sensation. When he saw […]

People’s Bieber Fever

Want a sure-fire way to sell your magazine these days? Get a few minutes with Justin Bieber. People is the latest magazine to do a story on the teen sensation, and this time they went all the way by making him their cover boy. For this week’s issue, the title “All About Justin Bieber” says […]

Esmée: Timbo’s Prodigy

Meet Esmée, first artist to officially be signed to Justin Timberlake’s label, Tennman Records.

Justin Bieber’s “Interview”

Interview magazine’s April issue is selling not because of cover girl Carey Mulligan (ouch!); tweens everywhere are saving their allowances to check out the story on Justin Bieber. Photographed by Gregory Harris, Justin dresses up in metallics, prints, and—yes!—a more colorful wardrobe. What a refreshing change from his usual black wardrobe with neon kicks. Zoe […]

My World 2.0 Is Number 1

No surprise there. Only a week after it was released, Justin Bieber’s album My World 2.0 topped the Billboard 200 after selling 280,000 copies, making the 16 year-old the youngest solo male artist to reach No. 1. The last time a youngster made it this big in Billboard was when a 13-year-old Stevie Wonder hit […]