Justin Bieber Named NBA Celebrity All-Star Game MVP

He may have been robbed as the “Best New Artist” at this years Grammy Awards, but Bieber did manage to pick up a recent award, taking home the most valuable player title at this years NBA Celebrity All-Star Game. Bieber managed eight points with four assists and two rebounds during his teams 54-49 loss. Bieber […]

Hooters Gives Justin Bieber ‘Lifetime Supply’ Of Food

As if Justin Bieber can’t afford to pay for his own meals, now he won’t have to, as long as there is a Hooter’s restaurant in whatever city he may be visiting. Coming off the success of his film Never Say Never the teen pop star has been given a special meal card that entitles […]

Justin Bieber Loses ‘Best New Artist’ Grammy To Esperanza Spalding

If you’ve been following the career of Justin Bieber you would almost certainly think he was a shoe-in for the “best new artist” Grammy at this years awards show, after all he’s sold millions of albums, has fans around the world and heck even his hairdo has become a pop phenomenon, however that wasn’t enough […]

Mad Magazine Cover Spoofs Justin Bieber

Wow, Alfred E. Neuman, better known as the Mad Magazine guy does a pretty good Justin Bieber imitation on the magazines Feb. 16, 2011 issue. Speaking about the cover MAD editor-in-chief John Ficarra told the Associated Press: “That was probably the highlight of his career and being on the cover of MAD is the lowlight. […]

Justin Bieber And Ozzy Osbourne Pitch Best Buy Wares In Super Bowl Ad

Electronics retailer Best Buy put Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne in their Super Bowl commercial this year, an odd pairing that worked to decent effect. The company didn’t sugar coat why they chose Bieber with marketing chief Drew Panayiotou revealing: “Justin Bieber is the biggest star out there, but that’s not why he’s in the […]

Justin Bieber And Ozzy Osbourne Starring In Super Bowl Ad

The “Prince of Darkness” Ozzy Osbourne and heartthrob Justin Bieber are teaming up for a Super Bowl commercial. The unlikely pair will be featured in a Best Buy ad as the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Green Bay Packers. According to reports, Best Buy paid upwards of $1 million to bring both Ozzy and Bieber […]

Justin Bieber Pays $750 For Haircut

Justin Bieber has one of the most iconic haircuts of the last decade and it’s something that’s not cheap to maintain. According to hairstylist Vanessa Price, the woman behind the haircut, she makes house calls to the home of Bieber and to his tour spots to maintain his famous hair for a cost of $750. […]

Justin Bieber Boutique Won’t Open After All

Justin Bieber’s plans to open a boutique in Los Angeles will not move forward. The boutique, according to the 16-year-old singers publicist would have sold a variety of items with the Bieber name, including skateboards, shoes, fragrances and even lollipops. The store would also have meant more shelf space for the Bieber nail polish line. […]

Justin Bieber Heads Back To CSI

Teen singing sensation Justin Bieber is set to return to his role as a troubled teen on the hit CBS series CSI. Bieber will reappear on the show this February 17, picking up where he left off during his first appearance on the series, when his brother was killed by Vegas police just as the […]

Justin Bieber Gets Vanity Fair Cover, Video Interview

Justin Bieber graces the cover of Vanity Fair’s Feb. 2011 issue where he talks about being a regular kid and a big star. Bieber told VF: “It’s hard to really balance myself. A regular kid, if he catches the flu, he just gets to go home. But I can’t do that…. Everything is important. But, […]

Justin Bieber Gets A PETA Ad

Teen singing sensation Justin Bieber loves animals and to show his support for our furry friends he’s featured in a new PETA ad. In the ad (pictured above), Bieber holds onto Bijoux, a friendly pooch who sports the headline: “My World Includes Compassion for Animals. Yours Should Too.” The point? don’t go to breeders, adopt […]

Justin Bieber Gets His Own Branded BeatsByDre Headphones

Justin Bieber has teamed up with Monster Products and rap superstar Dr. Dre to launch his own line of BeatsByDre headphone. The deep purple headphones come in iBeats (In-Ear) and Solo (Over-The-Ear Headphone) varieties and will run users $99 to $179. What do you get for that price? According to Monster:

Justin Bieber Releases “It Gets Better” Bullying PSA

When he’s not busy stealing Tween Girls hearts and annoying every real musician on the face of the planet, Justin Bieber can be found actually doing something worth while, releasing a PSA to help stop bullying. The video, titled It Gets Better is meant to help stop bullying in the LGBT community. The Biebs talks […]

American Music Awards: Lowest Ratings Ever

With teenie-bop pop from Justin Bieber dominating the American Music Awards it doesn’t surprise us that the show drew it’s worst ratings ever. The telecast drew only 11.6 million viewers, 22% less than the show’s 2009 airing. The telecast was the lowest rated in the shows history and featured five award nominations for tween star […]

South Park Kills Off Justin Bieber, Everyone Rejoices Except Tween Girls

Kenny got the night off from being killed by Trey Parker and Matt Stone on the most recent episode of South Park, in his place was the death of Tween sensation Justin Bieber. In the episode Cartman and Cthulhu (the dark lord) teamed up to get rid of everything evil, they started with Burning Man […]

‘Today Show’ Cast Halloween Costumes 2010 [Video]

From Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga to Amelia Earhart the cast of the Today Show hosted their annual Halloween costume show today and the results were creative with some funny outcomes. It’s funny, most costumes are point on, but with Lady Gaga all you really have to do is throw on a crazy dress and […]

Justin Bieber Debuting “Never Say Never” During MLB World Series Game 3

Justin Bieber will world premiere his new single “Never Say Never” during Game 3 of the 2010 MLB World Series. The game will be played this Saturday. The debut will come during the games pre-show in Arlington, Texas at 6:30 PM ET. After the Beibs makes his debut Kelly Clarkson will sing the national anthem. […]

Justin Bieber Launches Line Of Nail Polish

Now that he’s captured the hearts of millions of Tween girls around the world, Justin Bieber wants to capture their money, and he’s doing that by launching a glittery line of nail polish. The line is called “One Less Lonely Girl” and is being sold by the brand Nicole. Tween girls looking for a little […]

Meet The Other Justin Bieber…Poor Guy

Attention Justin Bieber Stalkers…I mean fans…just so you are aware there is actually more than one person with the name Justin Bieber in the world. Unfortunately many fans have failed to realize their could be more than one Beebs and for some reason they think his number would actually be listed. Because of those fans […]