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Today’s Hottest Woman: Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough - Dancing With The Stars

Julianne Hough guest-judged on Dancing With The Stars recently and she sure pissed a lot of people off! Read the rest of this entry »


Are You Tired of Dancing With the Stars Yet?

Looks as if the Hough family has some sort of magic touch for dancing. Derek and Julianne Hough have both been on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ since 2007, and both have been winners (she twice, in the 4th and 5th seasons). While Julianne wasn’t on this season, Derek was, and he and his partner, Pussycat Dolls founder Nicole Scherzinger, took the title. I usually watch the last few episodes of each season, but only caught the 2nd last episode — both of which aired together. I guess they really were at the top of their game, and while I didn’t see many of the other couples perform, these two just had it together. Of course it helps that Nicole is also a dancer. (Isn’t that kind of cheating?) Though second runner up, Olympic athlete Evan Lysacek was only two points behind, so it was pretty close.

Of course, having not watched a single episode until the 2nd last one, I missed the entire DWTS Spring 2010 lineup, realizing after the fact that I missed out on seeing Pam Anderson, Shannon Doherty, and even astronaut Buzz Aldrin, but despite having a love of dance, and having watched nearly every season of DWTS, I just didn’t care about it this year. Could be because I have a crush on Julianne Hough and she wasn’t on. Even slinky Edyta Sliwinski and Anna Trebunskaya weren’t enough to get me interested. It could be just me losing interest in DWTS after 3+ years, but if it’s not, I’m wondering how the new ‘Got to Dance’ show premiering in fall 2010 will do. Sure, Paula Abdul will be a judge, but it’s a different format and won’t have the glitz of DWTS. Not sure if I’ll be watching ‘Got to Dance,’ but if Betty White gets on DWTS next season, I’ll definitely watch.


Cher’s Concert Comeback

Nothing can stop this woman! How many sexy 63-year-old superstars do you know who can perform and party all night? The unflinching Cher has revealed that as soon as her contract ends with The Colosseum in Caesars Palace expires, she will go on tour again.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, the diva is also releasing a new album this year. As a treat to her fans, the album will be available in two versions—one with 14 tracks and one deluxe edition with 19 songs.

The album’s debut single “Already Been There” will be launched at the upcoming World Music Awards this year. We will also see her comeback to the big screen with the movie Burlesque, co-starring Christina Aguilera and Julianne Hough, Alan Cumming, and Cam Gigandet.

Retirement is definitely not in Cher’s vocabulary.


Christina Aguilera in Burlesque
1. It’s Christina Aguilera’s movie debut. The 29-year-old signed up for Burlesque last year, and I say it’s about time! She plays Ali, an ambitious small-town girl with a big voice. She tries to escape her hollow past by performing in a neo-burlesque club in Los Angeles. Here she is on the set getting glammed up between takes.

Cher in Burlesque
2. It’s Cher’s first movie in a long time. Her last film role was for Matt Damon’s Stuck On You in 2003. In the photo above, Cher is on the set for Burlesque in Hollywood in January. She plays Tess, the proprietor of the club. The other burlesque dancers may be 1/3 Cher’s age, but this 63-year-old diva can still work it on those killer stilettos and animal-print outfits.

3. It has an interesting story line. Think Moulin Rouge meets Cabaret. Here’s the plot synopsis from the movie’s IMDB page:

The Burlesque Lounge has its best days behind it. Tess, a retired dancer and owner of the venue, struggles to keep the aging theater alive, facing all kinds of financial and artistic challenges. With the Lounge’s troupe members becoming increasingly distracted by personal problems and a threat coming from a wealthy businessman’s quest to buy the spot from Tess, the good fortune seems to have abandoned the club altogether. Meanwhile, the life of Ali, a small-town girl from Iowa, is about to change dramatically. Hired by Tess as a waitress at the Lounge, Ali escapes a hollow past and quickly falls in love with the art of burlesque. Backed by newfound friends amongst the theater’s crew, she manages to fulfill her dreams of being on stage herself. Things take a dramatic turn though when Ali’s big voice makes her become the main attraction of the revue.

Christina Aguilera and Cam Gigandet in Burlesque
Cam shoots a scene with Christina.

4. The movie features a stellar cast. There’s red-haired Julianne Hough as Georgia, a brunette Kristen Bell as Nikki, the hunky Cam Gigandet as Jack, and Alan Cumming as Alexis, among other big names.

5. An awesome soundtrack is in the works. The movie’s writer/director/actor Steven Antin may get inspiration from his sister Robin who created the burlesque troupe The Pussycat Dolls in 1995. And with the likes of Cher and Christina Aguilera on the team, you know the soundtrack can’t go wrong.

Check out behind-the-scenes clips, courtesy of ET. Burlesque is coming out this Thanksgiving.

all photos courtesy of Screen Gems


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