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5 Celebrity Bedrooms and How To Replicate Them At Home

Celebrities have certainly become acquainted with the finer things in life. From $250,000 bottles of champagne to $2 million dollar bathtubs, they know how to indulge. While you may not be able to afford to live like a celebrity in many ways, you can still take cues from their impeccable home decor. With interior designers […]

5 Spoiled-Rich Celebs and Their Equally-Spoiled Pets

Having a pet is good for you, and even if you’re a celebrity, you might need the companionship that only pets can bring. And we certainly know that some celebrities love and spoil their pets out of this world. From extraordinary grooming habits to gourmet food to specially-built homes – these celebrity pets are more spoiled […]

Celebrity Baby Bumps: Preggy Stars on Parade

2013 is definitely Hollywood’s landmark baby-makin’ year! Check out these preggy celebs and their adorable bumps The lovely Evan Rachel Wood shows off her baby bump at the recent Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

Celebrities Celebrate Thanksgiving!

How do celebs spend Thanksgiving in Hollywood? You’d be surprised how most would ditch the lavish catering services for the comfort of homemade Thanksgiving meals with their families. Some do drop the diva attitude and even spend time tackling the turkey in the kitchen.

Jessica Simpson’s Dad is Gay: Divorces Her Mom Due to Feelings for Men

Reports are coming in that Jessica Simpson’s Dad, Joe Simpson has finally come out of the closet. How will this affect Jessica Simpson’s weightloss plans? Insiders say Jessica is devastated by the news and the rumored reasons behind the divorce are scandalous enough to have Jess go for some comfort food. Her dad Joe had confessed […]

Jessica’s baby bump!

Is Jessica Simpson pregnant? People have been talking about it for weeks now, but a picture’s worth a thousand words. This photo most definitely shows a baby bump (or a sign that she’s been eating one too many bags of Doritos).

Fashions First Billionaire? Jessica Simpson Is On Her Way

She thinks “Chicken Of The Sea” is made from chicken in the sea, but that hasn’t stopped Jessica Simpson from building a fashion empire worth $750 million in sales for 2010. Fashion expert Vince Camuto, the latest master licensee of Simpson’s collection told Women’s Wear Daily on Monday: “She is the girl next door and […]

Jessica Simpson’s Fiance Proposed During ‘Parenthood’

Jessica Simpson’s fiancé Eric Johnson gave her  three-stone ruby engagement ring, but he didn’t take her out to a fancy meal or plan a get away to give her the stone, instead he hid the ring inside a pair of shoes and then had her pause the show Parenthood so he could propose to her. […]

Nick Lachey And Vanessa Minnillo Engaged

It’s official! Nick Lachey is trading up, having recently proposed to future wife Vanessa Minnillo. The Sing-Off host made the official announcement of his engagement in Thursday’s US Weekly. “We’re excited and incredibly happy about our engagement and we look forward to a wonderful future together,” said Nick and Vanessa. Nick and Vanessa have been […]

Pathetic Celebrity? Jessica Simpson Buys Own Engagement Ring

Jessica Simpson has been dating the still legally married Eric Johnson for three months and now it’s being reported that she shelled over $50,000 to buy a three-carat diamond engagement ring so she can married the grad school dropout. Eric Johnson had a short lived career in the NFL and it has been reported that […]

Jessica Simpson’s New Packaging

You gotta hand it to Joe Simpson. He’s mastered the art of celebrity branding. Look at how he’s managed to package his children’s careers throughout the years.

Jessica Simpson Is Back On Reality TV

The last time we saw her on reality TV was when she was still married to Nick Lachey on The Newlyweds. Who could forget her “I don’t eat buffalo” and “Is this chicken or tuna” quips?

Jessica Simpson: 50,000 Shoes For Haiti

Celebrities have really been stepping up to help Haiti earthquake victims. We’ve heard of telephone marathons, fundraisers, and even musical collaborations. Now it’s Jessica Simpson’s turn. The 29-year-old popstar is trying to get people to donate 50,000 pairs of shoes in 50 days for the survivors of the Haiti earthquake. The drive is in collaboration […]

Meet Jessica Simpson: Bad A**!

Jessica Simpson has been called a lot of things, but have you ever thought of her as a bad a**? Well her personal trainer calls her just that. Apparently, she is working it out to the limit. I am sure she’ll get her old bod back in no time!