Jesse James And Kat Von D Announce Engagement

Less than a year after cheating on Sandra Bullock, Jesse James has announced his engagement to current girlfriend Kat Von D. Kat Von D and Jesse James have been official since September and have been spotted all over the country in each others arms. James told PEOPLE on … [Read more...]

Jesse James And Kat Von D Make It Official…Barf

Jesse James is quite the catch, at least Kat Von D seems to think so. But honestly, what isn't there to love, he's a serial cheating ex-husband with a love for tattooed strippers, drugs and Nazi's. Apparently the LA Ink star is "in love" with James who she has been spotted … [Read more...]

Kat Von D and Jesse James Spend Time Together In Vegas

Could Kat Von D and Jesse James be more than just friends? That's the news coming out of  TMZ after the two were spotted around Las Vegas together this past weekend. D and James were spotted being all "touchy-feely" at the Mandalay Bay hotel, then having a romantic dinner at … [Read more...]

Has Jesse James Always Been on a Dark Path?

So Jesse James may have cheated on Sandra Bullock but he's made his fake penance by revealing all on Nightline, implicating his father of abuse. Now he says he's tired of being thought of as a monster, and someone close to him hopes the Nightline interview will make him seem more … [Read more...]

Someone is Lying in Jesse James’ Family

Oh will the story ever get straightened out? Someone has to be lying. Jesse James, by his own admission on Nightline, not only wrecked his marriage by cheating on Sandra Bullock, now it seems he's wrecking his family. He implied that his father abused him, which his ex-stepmom … [Read more...]