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Jesse James And Kat Von D Announce Engagement

Kat Von D and Jesse James

Less than a year after cheating on Sandra Bullock, Jesse James has announced his engagement to current girlfriend Kat Von D.

Kat Von D and Jesse James have been official since September and have been spotted all over the country in each others arms.

James told PEOPLE on Thursday that his fiance is:

“An amazing woman who stood behind me when the world turned their backs.”

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Jesse James And Kat Von D Make It Official…Barf

Kat Von D and Jesse James Jesse James is quite the catch, at least Kat Von D seems to think so. But honestly, what isn’t there to love, he’s a serial cheating ex-husband with a love for tattooed strippers, drugs and Nazi’s.

Apparently the LA Ink star is “in love” with James who she has been spotted with in public on numerous occasions since Sandra Bullock sent him packing.

Von D told PEOPLE Magazine:

“Jesse is only my ninth boyfriend. I don’t hang out with anybody unless I am in love.” Read the rest of this entry »


Kat Von D and Jesse James Spend Time Together In Vegas

Jesse James and Kat Von D

Could Kat Von D and Jesse James be more than just friends? That’s the news coming out of  TMZ after the two were spotted around Las Vegas together this past weekend.

D and James were spotted being all “touchy-feely” at the Mandalay Bay hotel, then having a romantic dinner at N9Ne Steakhouse at The Palms.

The two then stayed at yet another very high end Vegas hotel.

According to Von D’s people, they are “just friends” while other sources are calling them “friends with benefits.”


Has Jesse James Always Been on a Dark Path?

So Jesse James may have cheated on Sandra Bullock but he’s made his fake penance by revealing all on Nightline, implicating his father of abuse. Now he says he’s tired of being thought of as a monster, and someone close to him hopes the Nightline interview will make him seem more human.

Sorry, not sure he’s achieving that goal. According to his former stepmom, Janina James Coan, he supposedly killed baby animals as a teen, emulating the Nazi “Angel of Death” Joseph Mengele by injecting them using a syringe filled with alcohol. She says that he was also obsessed with Adolf Hitler, and sometimes gave the Nazi salute. His own chopper business’ logo incorporates the historic Iron Cross, which hasits own negative connotations. But Jesse James insists he’s not a racist.

In his defense, he did adopt baby Louis Bardo with wife Sandra Bullock. I’ve also known numerous non-racist people with a geometric obsession with the Iron Cross and the swastika — the latter didn’t originate in Germany; it’s in many cultures. I also knew a talented young musician with a phenomenal voice much like David Bowie’s but who had once been obsessed with Hitler yet had several friends of “color.” So it is possible that Jesse’s not a racist — even despite that the subject of his affair, Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee has what might be deemed racist tattoos.

Yet, given the contradictory information from Coan, Jesse’s sister Julie James England, and their dad Larry James, someone in the family is lying about something. Usually it’s the person who perceives that they have the most to lose, not the person who has nothing comparative to lose. But not always.


Someone is Lying in Jesse James’ Family

Oh will the story ever get straightened out? Someone has to be lying. Jesse James, by his own admission on Nightline, not only wrecked his marriage by cheating on Sandra Bullock, now it seems he’s wrecking his family. He implied that his father abused him, which his ex-stepmom refuted. Now his sister, Julie James England, is speaking out and saying the abuse allegations are completely true, that dad Larry James did abuse Jesse, and that ex-stepmom Janina James Coan wasn’t married to Larry at the time of the alleged abuse. Of course, Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee had to add her two cents, analyzing Jesse’s Nightline interview and saying that he avoided the real dirt.

Stop. My head is spinning. I’m not surprised that yet another stepmom claims her husband (or former husband, in this case) “would never do that” or some such because it justifies their decision to have married that person. No one wants to the world to think they made a mistake. Either that or Larry James chilled out by the time Janina married him. (Yeah, that does happen; the angriest person can become a paragon of patience) Or she just never saw how he behaved. And Larry, who hasn’t interacted with any of his grandchildren, and who appeared in a video interview explaining his version of how Jesse broke his arm, is hoping for a reconciliation.


Is Jesse James Lying or Suffering From Selective Memory?

Given what Jesse James has been saying lately, about him sabotaging his relationship with Sandra Bullock, you might have suspected some deep, dark secret as his “motivation” for destroying his life. My private guess was that he’d suffered child abuse, and that’s in fact what he’s saying, that he suffered abuse as a child, from his father, and that it made him cheat on Sandra.

Sorry, Jesse, but I know literally dozens of people who’ve been abused and still never cheated on their significant others. They may have been confused about their life and gone through a number of relationships, but they never cheated. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, just saying that it doesn’t have to happen.

His former stepmom, Janina James Coan told TMZ that Jesse’s broken bones were due to his Motocross activities, and that he and his dad haven’t gotten along since after dad Larry turned him in for robbing a Fotomat store, causing him to end up in juvenile hall. Hmm, sounds like Jesse and needs to enroll in the same “how to lie effectively” class that Lindsay Lohan should take.


Celebrific Lowdown — May 24, 2010

I hope she’s found her happy place now. Aspiring porn star starlet Kendra Wilkinson (above) just got the first of what is probably many paychecks for her first sex tape (the 2nd tape hasn’t been released yet). The payout is $680K, and she’s outselling Kim Kardashian’s sex tape in pre-sales alone, despite her cratered, rubbery-looking face. The actual fee deal is that she gets $100K plus 50%. No word yet about exactly how much her ex-boyfriend, Kevin Frye, who set up the deal gets but his percentage increases in steps based on sales. Apparently Frye has negotiated a deal for as many as 20 tapes based on home videos, and Radar Online says that he and his wife are planning to buy a house in Arizona from their cut. Wow what an opportunistic prick enterprising guy.

Dumbass Jesse James is now saying that he wanted to get caught cheating, and that it was just him trying to sabotage his life. Ok, sure.

Female fans may love them, but I’m guessing that the Jonas Brothers aren’t all that great as relationship partners. First was a recent report that Kevin and his wife Danielle Deleasa don’t even sleep in the same room, but that’s because he apparently snores like a freight train. (Gee, I thought trains chugged and wooo’d.) Now comes words that Joe — who used to date country star Taylor Swift and dumped her with a phone call — and Demi Lovato have split. Worse, apparently had his dad call Demi Lovato to break things off.

It’s been a hundred years in the making. Er, well, a hundred years in the waiting, then. Mark Twain’s autobiography was not to be published until 100 years after his death. Apparently he left around 5,000 unedited pages of memoirs and handwritten notes, which have been rotting in vault at UC Berkeley. The university, with Twain’s estate’s approval, will publish the first of three volumes in November. Um, does anyone still read books anymore? I can have this on my Apple iPad, please?


Celebrific Lowdown — May 22, 2010

The news of Megan Fox not returning for Transformers 3 only came out a few days ago, but she’s already been replaced with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Never heard of Rosie, but she’s a very sultry young Victoria’s Secret model and current GF of Jason Statham. I’m guessing Rosie isn’t going to make as much as Megan, but I doubt Michael Bay will take HuffPo writer Lee Stranahan’s advice to put the difference in salaries into a benefits and retirement fund for visual artists — i.e., the real reason, says Lee, for why the Transformers franchise has done so well. Well I haven’t seen Transformers and am in no rush to, but Lee is probably right. Why else are all these movies based on toys doing so well?

So Tiger Woods is potentially about to pay his Elin Nordegren $750M in their divorce settlement, to keep quiet — and could lose any custody of his kids, who’ll probably live in Europe far away from him — and what does he do? He goes out with some mystery blonde. (No, nobody has any photos; just be happy we’re telling you any of this, so you can stay informed.) Dude, I’d be crying in my pitcher of vodka and really fruity juices. Wait, did I say that? I guess maybe old Tiger just has an addiction for cat. Meow. Purr. What would you expect if you name your kid Tiger? And what is he trying to hide? $750M is a lot of hush money.

Hey you might be a star, but that doesn’t mean the rules should be different for you. James Franco found that out when he was chewed out by his college professor for sending text messages during a lecture. Tsk tsk, James.

I’m guessing Jesse James is getting ready to stalk be closer to Sandra Bullock in hopes of getting her back little baby Louis Bardo, whom he and Sandra adopted as a couple. He’s auctioning off a bunch of rare pre-WW II bikes and some hand painted coffins. He’s eyeing moving to Austin, and I guess he’s broke and needs the money. Yes, Austin, where Sandra moved to to presumably get away from him. Apparently an US Weekly source says Jesse wants to lead a very quiet life and get back to a normal routine. What they left off their comment was that being a douchebag seems to have been part of his normal routine in the past.


Jesse James Opens His Piehole About Sandra Bullock

Seems like bad boy Jesse James has lost his mind. Not only does evidence suggest he screwed around on his wife, the lovely and talented Sandra Bullock (who just won an Oscar for Best Actress in The Blind Side), some might think he’s stalking her with some of his recent actions and decisions.

Bullock recently decided to leave Hollywood temporarily and split her living arrangements between Austin, Texas and New Orleans — the latter because that’s where her adopted baby boy, Louis Bardo Bullock, was born. But now Jesse says he’s planning to sell his house and thinking of moving to Austin, Texas. Exactly what is he thinking?

Ok, Jesse, you seem to be trying to make amends for the mess of your personal life, cheating on Sandra with Michelle McGee and possibly other women, the lawsuit against you, and you’ve checked yourself into rehab for whatever reason. But get over yourself. You’re hardly the world’s most-hated man. You’re just not that important. Sandra might be, but not you. You’re also not a very good actor. Your act of remorse on Nightline of having thrown away an amazing life and marriage seems just pretense. I’m tired of hearing about stars cheating then appearing in media acting remorseful. You’ll have to do better, and that’s not by moving closer to Sandra.

Seriously, why would you want to leave LA and move to Austin, right after she announces she’s moving there part time? I know you spent a lot of time there together in the past, but seriously? You couldn’t wait a while? Or live somewhere else? Or maybe you’re like the kid who covers his eyes with his hands and says, “tan’t see me!” Except that you’re kind stalking her, especially considering you also showed up at a photo shoot of Sandra and little Louis. Did anyone actually invite you there, or did you crash the party?

If you want to hear more from this douchebag very remorseful man, his Nightline interview on ABC will be televised Tues May 25th. In protest, I’ve only posted a pic of Sandra, and as a reminder of what Jesse will miss out on.


Sandra Was Broody All Along

Sandra Bullock’s decision to adopt a baby didn’t spring from her separation from Jesse James, as many of you have speculated. Turns out she has been broody all this time.

When she was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in November, she praised people who have decided to adopt. “Just because a child didn’t come from inside your body, doesn’t mean it’s not your child,” Sandra said. “It just arrived [from] somewhere else. The thing that affected me the most profoundly was: When people think of adopting a child—oh I want a brand new little baby—there are so many children that are just dying and waiting to be loved and give you back love a thousand times more than what you can ever give them.”

Sandra and her husband Jesse James began the adoption process about four years ago. They brought home the 3½-month old baby named Louis Bardo in January, but Sandra’s family and close friends decided to keep the adoption under wraps until after the Oscars.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan. The couple wasn’t able to announce the baby after Sandra’s March 10 Oscar win, because Jesse’s cheating scandals surfaced. The two are now separated, and Sandra is filing for divorce.

The good news is: Sandra has motherhood to look forward to. In a bid to move on from the scandals, Sandra is finalizing the adoption as a single mom.

We wish you all the best, Sandy!


Mistress #2 Writes to Sandra

I don’t know what’s worse—Jesse James repeatedly lying and cheating on his wife Sandra Bullock, or one of Jesse’s mistresses writing a letter to Sandra.

TMZ has obtained a copy of the letter that Melissa Smith, Jesse’s mistress #2, faxed to Sandra’s agent on Sunday.

She apologized and wrote, “I felt I needed to reach out to you and tell you how deeply sorry I am for everything that you’ve been through.” Other highlights of the letter include:

“I am sorry for any hurt or pain that I have caused you. My actions of engaging with a married man are unforgivable.”

“I compromised my beliefs on several occasions and as a result will never forgive myself.”

“Please contact me if you wish to discuss on the phone or in person.”


Yes, Melissa, I’m sure Sandra is dying to fax or write you back so you could become penpals and have girly lunches together.

Read TMZ’s copy of the letter here.


First Post-Breakup Photos of Sandra Bullock Surface Online

Sandra Bullock post breakup photos

Sandra Bullock has been photographed for the first time since the news of her husband, Jesse James lurid affairs were made public, and it’s not hard to tell the 46 year old has been under a tremendous amount of stress.

UsMagazine acquired the photos (embedded below) and hired a body language expert to to analyze them. Patti Wood says:

“She is gripping the coffee cup very high up,” notes Wood. “That’s what you do when you really want to grab a hold of something and show your power. She’s really making it obvious and playing toward the camera to show that empty finger.”

Bullock also is wearing a black North Face jacket, black ball cap and scarf around her neck.

“She’s chosen a heavily padded jacket and has it zipped up very high,” observes Wood. “The choice of her scarf, which is tied over heart, means that she is hiding her heart window and throat window, which is the communication window.”

Sandra was photographed in Northern California and was not wearing her wedding band at the time.


Sandra Bullock In US Weekly

“Married To A Monster”

With a cover blurb like that, who wouldn’t want to read the magazine? This week’s issue of US Weekly tackles the Sandra Bullock-Jesse James issue:

• Heartbreak & disgust: ‘Sandra is shattered’
• Jesse’s secrets: other women, a Nazi connection?
• How she found out

The public interest surrounding Jesse’s reported infidelity and the couple’s separation has a few new twists, according to the magazine. US Weekly cites new sources who claim that Jesse cheated on his wife Sandra with other women besides the much-publicized tattoo model Michelle McGee.

Other stories you might want to read are the reported feuds among Dancing With The Stars contestants and the rift between The Bachelor’s Vienna Girardi and Ali Fedotowski.


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