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Celebrity Marriages 2012

2012 has been a huge year for celebrity couples, as this year has seen many vicious break-ups, but also its fair share of celebrity weddings and engagements. Here are some of the most noteworthy celebrity weddings and engagements of 2012 so far.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Lively, 25, and Reynolds, 35, surprised fans when they wed in early September. Surprisingly, the couple was able to keep their engagement and subsequent wedding a secret, even from the paparazzi. The two first met when filming the movie Green Lantern in 2011, but they didnt actually start dating until later that year, and only after Reynolds had finalized his divorce with Scarlett Johansen. Lively is most well known for her role on the popular TV show Gossip Girl, while Reynolds has starred in television shows and numerous films, including National Lampoons Van Wilder and Blade Trinity. Read the rest of this entry »


Celebrities Who Go the Extra Mile for Their Dogs

Who doesn’t love dogs? I guess there are people who really do not harbor any affections for man’s best friend, but being a dog lover myself, that is rather hard to understand. Of course, we all have our preferences, but if you are a dog lover, you would also love to read about celebrities who can’t feel enough love for their canine friends.

Check out these celebs who would go the distance for their dogs.

Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner Puppy

Hugh Hefner's Dog: Charlie

He may have a not-so-conservative reputation, but Hugh Hefner loves his dog. When he and former fiancee Crystal Harris broke off their engagement last year, they bickered over who gets to keep the puppy. I guess this is proof that dogs are better than human partners! Read the rest of this entry »


Jennifer Aniston Forced To Change Name Of “Lolavie” Perfume

Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston just launched her new perfume Lovalie this past week at London based Harrod’s and now she’s already being forced to change the name.

The perfumes current name Lolavi which means “laughing at life” is a floral fragrance and will now be called Jennifer Aniston by Jennifer Aniston.

The name change comes after her marketing team realized that the name was too close to Marc Jacobs own perfume Lola which may have confused some buyers.

When asked to explain the name of the fragrance Aniston said:

“It’s a long story and honestly it’s too personal to tell, but it has a special significance.” Read the rest of this entry »


Jennifer Aniston Goes Topless For Perfume Ad

Jennifer Aniston is showing off more skin then we typically see from the Friends star, in her recently completed photo shoot for the Lolavie fragrance line Aniston is pictured topless and frolicking along a rock strewn beach area.

The 41-year-old actress shot the ad in Cao San Lucan and she looked years younger than her age with a firmly toned body, no doubt a product of her very strict Yoga routine, along with a killer tan. Read the rest of this entry »

Celebrific Lowdown – May 20, 2010

Supermodel Naomi Campbell might have a problem on her hands. She’s been asked to testify at an international war crimes trial because she might have received a “blood diamond” from an African warlord. In fact, Campbell might have received several uncut diamonds, according to a modeling agent, Carole White. Actress Mia Farrow might also be called to the trial, as a witness. If that news makes you think too hard like it did me, just concentrate onthe pic of a naked Naomi above.

Lindsay Lohan has had a hard week of partying in Cannes, and trying to come up with creative excuses for why she didn’t make it back to LA this morning for her court hearing. While the judge in her case did issue an arrest warrant, Lindsay’s bail deposit (10% of the $100K) has been paid and the warrant was recalled. So she won’t be arrested up on her return, but she sure has some ‘splainin to do, particularly the statement to US Magazine that her father had someone steal her passport.

Jennifer Aniston’s age must be catching up. She actually asked to be retouched on her new film, The Switch (Aug 20th), after watching cuts. Ah well, it’s all relative, I guess. Seriously, I could have sworn that ‘yesterday’ she was only 30-something and vibrant. Now she’s 40-something. And still pretty vibrant, if you ask me. Many women would be happy to look as youthful as she still does. Anyway, here’s a gratuitous pic of her, looking every bit of a film goddess.

It’s understandable that doctors would be worried that Kelly Preston is pregnant at 47, but she has already had two children, so being pregnant is said to be easier. (My grandmother had her 9th at 45.) However, doctors are concerned for Preston because older pregnancies bring increased risk of illnesses such as gestational diabetes. Increase of Down’s Syndrome in the child is also an issue. This makes me wonder how several 60-70 year old women have been having children thanks to advances in fertility science.

Miley Cyrus for Lilith Fair? Gahhh!! What a huge disappointment for a music festival that I have the utmost respect for. Or had. Sarah McLachlan’s eaten too many vegetarian meals and lost her mind. I have never heard Miley Cyrus’ music but I know I’d never associate her with any single artist ever attached to the Lilith Fair. It’s not like the girl’s head isn’t big enough. But maybe Sarah’s 8 year-old daughter, India, has something to do with the request. Then again, Miley did work with rapper Lil Jon to remix her new single, “Can’t be Tamed.” Maybe she’ll gain some big girl cred in a way that wearing corsets and grinding her underage body into a adult man won’t give her.


Celebrific Screen Scene – May 14, 2010

Films opening this week include Robin Hood (with Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett), Letters to Juliet (Amanda Seyfried, Vanessa Redgrave), and Just Wright (Queen Latifah, Common). If those don’t interest you, there’s Iron Man 2, which looks as exciting and fast-paced as the first one, and with great graphics to boot. There’s also Clash of the Titans for a bit of Ray Harryhausen-inspired fun, The Losers for a gritty adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name, or A Nightmare on Elm Street, if you want a knuckle-gripping fright.

Upcoming films/ roles include: Mary J. Blige in a bio-pic about singer Nina Simone; both Naomi Watts and Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe, in two different films; a third Marilyn pic that explores the possibility that she was murdered; Jason Momoa as Conan; a 3D Judge Dredd; Colin Farrell and Toni Collette in a remake of the vampire flick Fright Night; Colin Farrell in the comedy Horrible Bosses, which might also have Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman; Colin Farrell and Marion Cotillard in Cosmopolis; an all-Japanese remake of Ghost; Katherine Heigl in Age of Adaline; Katherine Heigl and Jason O’Mara in One for the Money; Evangeline Lilly and Anthony Mackie in Real Steel; Kurt Russell in Undying; and a Brad Pitt/ Darren Aronofsky project, The Tiger. Oh yeah, and a Broadway musical production of Spider-Man might run after all, after numerous cast exits even before rehearsals.

While they’re mostly not listed here, there sure seems to be a lot of remakes and sequels in the works, as well as film adaptations of Japanese TV anime characters or crappy toys. Aspiring screenwriters might want to sharpen your proverbial pencils and come up with some original materials. And Hollywood wonders why less people want to go to movie theaters where they have the privilege of paying stupidly ridiculous rates for popcorn and other munchies.


Jen & Gerry On W

Look who’s turning up the heat on W Magazine’s April issue. Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler, both 40, find themselves in each other’s arms on the cover of W.

Photographed by Steven Klein and styled by Alex White, the cover shoot took the onscreen couple to an LA ranch for some rugged but sexy role-playing. They used pegs from Stella McCartney’s 2010 spring/summer collection for the clothes. Jen wore an Alberta Ferretti dress, bringing her cover wardrobe to a total of $3,800.

W Magazine’s April issue will out on March 17. The cover comes out just in time for Jen and Gerard’s movie, The Bounty Hunter, which opens in theaters on March 19.


Jen Talks About Brad on People

What a coincidence. Just when UK tabloids have reported that Brat Pitt and Angelina are on their way to splitsville, Jennifer comes out on the latest cover of People, where she talks about her life five years after divorcing Brad Pitt.

The cover blurb reads, “Fun, flirty, and 40. Happier and hotter than ever, she’s loving the single life—and her sexy nights out with Gerard Butler.”

I was never into the Team Jolie vs. Team Aniston clamor, but I can’t help but feel like it’s Jennifer Aniston’s time to shine. Sure, there are no official reports of the Brangelina split yet, but if the couple’s recent mood is any indicator, then it looks like 2010 isn’t Brangelina’s year.


Gerard Butler And John Mayer…

NOPE, they’re not together, but what do they have in common aside from dating Jennifer Aniston? John Mayer says “we’re both branded womanizers.” Gerard Butler, I am okay with. John Mayer, I am not so sure. I do like his Continuum album though. What say you?


Remember the new book titled “Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?” According to the author, Angelina Jolie was spreading really mean rumors about Brad Pitt’s ex, Jennifer Aniston. This was during the time that the couple were going through a divorce. Does this make Angelina one of the mean girls?


Jen Aniston And John Mayer Back Together?!

If sources are right, then Jen and John are a couple again! Goodbye Gerard Butler! Goodbye Bradley Cooper!


Jen Anistion NOT Pregnant At 40!

Take that, OK! magazine! They started the rumor that Jennifer Aniston is preggers, but a rep of the actress says that she is definitely NOT. I think she’d look hot pregnant, don’t you?


You may not know it, but comedienne Kathy Griffin had her own issues about her appearance. When she was younger, she had liposuction done, and things went horribly. Lucky for her, she was able to turn things around and get where she is now. Her advice? We will probably always want to be someone else (she had lipo done because she wanted to look like Jennifer Aniston!), but lipo is not the answer.


Aniston says Jolie is “uncool”

In a recent issue of Vogue, Jennifer Aniston was quoted as saying that what Angelina talking about how she fell in love with Brad Pitt during the filming of Mr. and Mrs. Smith in Vogue was “uncool.”

I guess the gloves are now officially off.


Aniston told Mayer to marry her

We’ve recently reported that Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have reunited.

But reports are now starting to come out that as part of Aniston’s condition to take back Mayer, she made him promise that they will get married.

Is there such a term as a shotgun proposal?


Aniston, Mayer romance part deux

It looks like love is in the air again for both Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer.

There are reports that the two of them were seen kissing in Los Angeles two days ago. A reconciliation after Mayer basically pratted on about how they broke up? Only in Hollywood I tell you.

Jennifer’s big project


Jennifer Aniston is forming a new production company, Echo. “We’re drawn to stories about people finding their voice and finding their way because they help us … [make] sense of our lives through the stories of others,” Aniston said in a statement. “That’s why we chose the name Echo, to echo back an idea, a challenge, something that resonates through all of us.”


The Oscar Love Triangle


Brad Pitt’s two loves — Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie — will come face to face in the Night Before party (held, you guessed it, the night before the Academy Awards).

Will Jen avoid Angelina, or will she go just to show everyone she is so over him and won’t miss the party of the year just to stay away from his wife? What would you do?


Owen Wilson “going to the dogs”


Owen Wilson’s had a horrible year, with rumors circulating that he even attempted suicide. But it looks like his hospitalization last August has helped him — at least enough to get back to work.

The actor will be reporting back to the set of Marley & Me, a movie based on a
bestselling novel that revolves around the misadventures of a couple and their dog. He is co-starring with Jennifer Aniston.

Production had stopped so he could have time to “recover.”


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