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One Matthew may not be enough for Lea Michele.

Lea Michele and Matthew Paetz in music video shoot


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Is Naya Rivera Fired From ‘Glee’?

Naya Rivera might not be able to brag stuff to Big Sean anymore.

Naya Rivera and Lea Michele frenemies Glee

(c) FOX

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Dianna Agron, Lea Michele and Naya Rivera at Glee's 100'th!

The lovely ladies of Glee celebrate their 100th episode at Chateau Marmont and they didn’t disappoint. Read the rest of this entry »


The sizzling Naya Rivera isn’t really “sorry” that she publicly professed her love for Oakland Raiders!

Naya Rivera: the Oakland Raiders' groupie. (Terry Richardson)

Naya Rivera: the Oakland Raiders’ groupie. (Terry Richardson)

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“Skyscraper”-climbing Demi Lovato is joining the impressive roster of guests on Glee!

Demi Lovato is a certified FOX darling! (Just Jared Jr.)

Demi Lovato is a certified FOX darling! (Just Jared Jr.)

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Lead star Cory Monteith‘s life might have ended on a tragic note, but it doesn’t conceal the fact that his performances were to be reckoned with. Check out our list of his 10 ‘Glee’ singing highlights!

Cory Monteith spoofs Glee's popular "loser" sign. (Frederik M. Brown/Getty Images)

Cory Monteith spoofs Glee’s popular “loser” sign. (Frederik M. Brown/Getty Images)

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‘Glee’ Star Lea Michele In Car Accident With Drunk Girls

Lea Michele Of Glee Fame

When Lea Michele was driving to her Glee audition she likes to tell the story of how she was in a car accident and had to read for the Rachel Berry role with glass in her hair and cuts on her body. Unfortunately it looks like history has repeated itself with Michele ending up in yet another L.A. car accident, this time involving several drunk girls.

Returning home from the Glee set, Lea was involved in a fender bender. According to Us Weekly, “Lea was hit and notified the police,” and, “She was not injured and is fine.”

Apparently the girls, who were too drunk to function, got out of the car and made fools of themselves, according to a witness:

“A couple of drunk girls hit her, got out of the car, giggled that she was famous, said something like ‘are you drunk, too?’ Then they drove off.”

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Glee To Debut Two Original Songs During March 15 Show

Entire Glee Cast Posing For Camera

The cast of Glee have performed songs from such popular artists as Madonna, Justin Bieber, Jay-Z, even Michael Jackson but that apparently isn’t good enough for show creator Ryan Murphy who plans to debut two original songs when the series airs  on March 15.

Columbia Records on Tuesday announced that the tracks will debut during the show and also released the name of the songs “Loser Like Me” and “Get It Right.” Both songs will also be part of the Glee: The Music, Volume 5 CD which will premiere before the show on March 8.

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Glee Announces Summer Tour Dates For 2011

Glee Cast

Wanna make sure you get your fill of Glee during the summer months? Fox’s popular TV show has announced various cities they will be touring in Summer 2011.

Unlike their massive 5 city tour in 2011, the group of singers has extended their campaign in 2011 to 16 cities throughout the US and Canada.

The tour will kick off May 21 in Las Vegas and then travel throughout several large US locations.

Here’s a full list of the Glee Summer 2011 Tour Dates:

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‘Glee’ Super Bowl Sunday Promo Video Premieres

Glee Super Bowl Promo Ad

Gleek rejoice! Glee’s uber-expensive Super Bowl special is just around the corner and the first promo video for the show has debuted.

Glee will step outside the show’s typical Tuesday air time to show off a new episode following the Super Bowl on February 6 and the show is reported to be one of the most expensive single TV episodes of all time, given the fact that they have licensed the right to Michael Jackson’s Thriller among other big hits.

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Sephora To Begin Selling Glee Branded Nail Polish

Glee Nail Polish Beauty store Sephora has announced that they will start selling a Glee branded nail polish in February 2011.

The nail polish partnership came about after Glee creator Ryan Murphy and FOX executives agreed to the deal.

According to Murphy, Glee workers have spent months helping to develop a complete line of beauty products based around Glee. The line will eventually include various makeup products and fragrances.

According to PopCrunch, the following Glee nail colors will be available individually:

“Slushied” (Blue), “Hell to the No” (Purple), “Gleek Out” (Gliterry Green), “Diva-in-Training” (Pink), “Who Let The Dorks Out” (Green),”Miss Bossy Pants” (Raspberry), and “Mash-Up” (Grey).

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Glee Actor Chris Colfer Has Embarrassing Entertainment Tonight Moment

Chris Colfer - Glee Actor on Entertainment Tonight

Apparently Chris Colfer doesn’t just have to live with socially awkward moments when playing his flamboyantly gay character on Glee, he also has to deal with the same type of situations in real life.

During a recent taping for Entertainment Tonight Colfer’s byline read “Glee Best Supporting Actress Nominee.”

Sure it was more than likely an innocent mistake, but if this isn’t the best case yet for the acting neutral title “Actor” then I don’t know what is.

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Glee’s Heather Morris Named Spokeswoman For “Flirt! Cosmetics”

Heather Morris - Glee

Heather Morris, a cheerleader and singer on the popular Fox TV series Glee has been named as the global ambassador for Flirt! Cosmetics.

Known for her role as the ditsy Brittany Pierce on the hit series, she will tout the product line on a worldwide basis. According to Julie Howard, a Senior Vice-President of Global Marketing and Brand Development for the company:

“Brittany is the biggest flirt on ‘Glee’ so theres that – not to mention I’m obsessed with the Flirt makeup.”

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Tonsillitis Hits Glee Cast, Production Halted

Glee Cast

Production on Fox’s hit TV show Glee was briefly shut down for an undisclosed amount of time as the cast attempted to get over Tonsillitis.

Show costume designer Lou Eyrich said of the stop in production:

“We had to go down Friday night because of tonsillitis,” adding, “There was supposed to be a big dance scene, but we got shut down.”

Eyrich confirmed that both Dianna Agron and Kevin McHale were feeling sick.

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Glee Cast Records Black Eyed Peas Song For Season 2

Lea Michele, star of the hit Fox TV show Glee has revealed that the cast recently recorded a Black Eyed Peas track which will be performed in a season 2 episode.

Lea told Eonline:

“We’re doing [a] Black Eyed Peas song right now! We’ve been begging [executive producer] Ryan [Murphy] for such a long time to do one of their songs, and we finally just got one!”

In response to the song being featured Fergie told E!:

“Yes [I'm a fan of Glee]! I would love to do a [Black Eyed Peas] episode of Glee! And I would love to see them to the Peas—do us!”

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Glee Producers Want Katie Couric Cameo Appearance

Glee TV Series Cast

Glee producers are currently in talks with news anchor Katie Couric to appear on the show in a cameo role.

Katie would appears as herself on the show and would share a scene with Sue Sylvester, masterfully played by Jane Lynch. The goal is to have Couric on the show’s highly touted Super Bowl show which airs on February 6.

According to recent reports that Super Bowl show will be one of the most expensive 30 minute TV spots ever produced and will include a cover of Michael Jackson’s megahit “Thriller.”

Couric on the set of Glee would be interesting, just several weeks ago she criticized various Glee members for appearing in provocative clothing on the cover of GQ Magazine, however she’s also a Gleek (Glee fan for the unaware).


Glee Producers Announce European Tour Dates [Summer Shows]

Glee Cast

Glee is heading to Europe for a set of concert dates. The tour was announced today by producers of the hit Fox musical-comedy. The cast will begin performing in May when production of the Glee TV series goes dark for the off-season.

Among those singers singed on for the tour are:

Michele (Rachel), Cory Monteith (Finn), Amber Riley (Mercedes), Chris Colfer (Kurt), Kevin McHale (Artie), Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina), Mark Salling (Puck), Dianna Agron (Quinn), Naya Rivera (Santana), Heather Morris (Brittany), and Harry Shum, Jr. (Mike), Chord Overstreet (Sam) and Darren Criss (Blaine).

The concert series has been named “Glee Live! In Concert!” and will features the most memorable songs from the last two seasons.

According to PopCrunch show creator Ryan Murphy said:

“We had such a great time putting together last year’s shows and the response from the fans was incredible. People around the world want to see our cast live and in person, so this European tour is our way of thanking them for the unbelievable way they’ve embraced our little show. And for everyone in America who has asked if we’ll be back to a city near them this summer, stay tuned. We’ll have some exciting news very soon.”

“Glee Live! In Concert!” 2011 Tour Dates:

June 22 Manchester, England MEN Arena

June 25 London, England O2 Arena

June 26 London, England O2 Arena

July 2 Dublin, Ireland O2 Arena

July 3 Dublin, Ireland O2 Arena

Tickets go on to the general public at 9AM Friday, Nov. 26 via….


Glee ‘Guest’ Actor Gets Promoted To Series Regular

Harry Shum Jr

Are you a Gleek? If you are you’ll probably be happy to know that the a Glee guest actor has been promoted to series regular.

Eonline is reporting that Harry Shum Jr. better known as Mike Chang has been assigned the role of a series regular for the shows third season. Read the rest of this entry »


Glee Cast To Perform “Thriller” Cover During Super Bowl Episode

Glee Cast

Ready to catch the cast of Glee performing Michael Jackson’s smash hit Thriller? Fox has announced that the shows post-Super Bowl showing will features the song.

Fox has divulged that the episode will have a sports-theme that will focus on KcKinley High playing for the state championship while Sue Sylvester’s cheerios (cheerleaders for the non-Gleeks) cheer them on.

The Superbowl episode is also set to have the Glee cast also cover Katy Perry, Black Eyed Peas and Lady Antebellum.

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