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Jessica Simpson Pregnant with Second Baby

Jessica Simpson has taken the easy way out of her weight loss commitments- The singer is now pregnant, expecting baby number two!

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Celebrities Celebrate Thanksgiving!

How do celebs spend Thanksgiving in Hollywood? You’d be surprised how most would ditch the lavish catering services for the comfort of homemade Thanksgiving meals with their families. Some do drop the diva attitude and even spend time tackling the turkey in the kitchen.

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Jessica Simpson’s Fiance Proposed During ‘Parenthood’

Jessica Simpson and Fiance Eric Johnson

Jessica Simpson’s fiancĂ© Eric Johnson gave her  three-stone ruby engagement ring, but he didn’t take her out to a fancy meal or plan a get away to give her the stone, instead he hid the ring inside a pair of shoes and then had her pause the show Parenthood so he could propose to her.

Simpson told SIRIUS XM‘s The Morning Mash Up:

“He had the ring in his shoe at my house somewhere,” while adding, “I was like: Why hide it in a shoe? But it worked. I had no idea.”

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Pathetic Celebrity? Jessica Simpson Buys Own Engagement Ring

Jessica Simpson Jessica Simpson has been dating the still legally married Eric Johnson for three months and now it’s being reported that she shelled over $50,000 to buy a three-carat diamond engagement ring so she can married the grad school dropout.

Eric Johnson had a short lived career in the NFL and it has been reported that he’s strapped for cash and still married to his wife, but that hasn’t stopped Simpson from buying the ring just three weeks into their relationship.

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