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2013 Emmys’ 10 Best Dressed Celebs

No awards show would be complete without the usual showing off of celeb gowns and suits. Of course, we’re here to witness the Emmys in action, for your visual pleasure! What do you think of our picks below?

2013 Emmys: WINNERS + PHOTOS!

This year’s Emmys, once again, has proven to be TV’s biggest night. Furthermore, it’s even bigger for the winners, who we think were rightfully selected!

The Emmy’s most awkward moments

The Emmys are like any big party: you have some great moments, a lot of forgettable moments, and some truly awkward moments. Some jokes fell flat, and others left you kind of mortified. “Did she just say that? On national TV?” A lot of it had to do with Jane Lynch, an odd choice for […]

Dean McDermott Down With A Bug

Poor guy. Everyone was up and about, trying to look their best for the Emmys. Dean McDermott was rushed to the hospital because of stomach virus. Nothing serious, but it kept him away from the excitement.

Vanessa Williams At The Emmys

Executive producer David McKenzie says that she is his dream host and that this year’s Emmys was going to be different from those in the recent years. So what is your verdict? Did Vanessa Williams deliver? Did the production team make good on its promise?