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Emma Watson Says No Way To Celebrity Fragrance Endorsements

Emma Watson, co-star of the hugely popular Harry Potter movie series may lend herself to the world of fashion in so much that girls around the world want to replicate her sophisticated style, however when it comes to celebrity fragrances, she says no way to endorsements. Watson told the British Press Association: “I can’t understand […]

Emma Watson Annoyed By Newest Fake Nude Picture

Brown University is all abuzz this week with a picture of Emma Watson partially nude. The only problem? According to Watson the picture of her in nothing but a towel is a fake. The pic is just the latest in a string of photos that Watson has said are not real and according to insiders […]

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 1 Trailer

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 is going to debut on November 19th and now the first full length trailer for the movie has officially debuted. Note the darker undertones of the film, if you’ve read the book series you’re probably aware that J.K. Rowling specifically led the books in a darker […]

Emma Watson for Burberry

This British actress is one celebrity who deserves more credit than she’s given. Emma Watson, now 19, has managed to keep off the spotlight despite the phenomenal success of the Harry Potter series (and this was before the dawn of Twilight). Maybe it’s because she’s busy focusing on her degree at Brown University. At the […]

Emma Watson gets new boyfriend?

Is Emma Watson dating Johnny Borrell of Razorlight (who also happens to be Kirsten Dunst’s ex)? The two were spotted at the Vanity Fair/Burberry exhibit. He was showing her around, and from the light in her eyes, had the Harry Potter star completely under his “spell.” But Watson’s friends said that she was probably just […]