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Justin Bieber Sells Hair Online For $40K

Ellen DeGeneres put Justin Biebers famous hair up for auction on eBay and part of his famous “do” brought in more than $40,000. A company wagers $40,688 for a lock of his hair which has changed recently due to a new haircut. After changing his hair Justin Bieber lost 80,000 Twitter followers (yes some Bieber […]

Justin Bieber Donates Hair To Ellen Degeneres For Charity Auction

Ellen Degeneres tweeted that she would love a lock of Justin Bieber’s recently cut hair so she could use it to raise money for charity. Apparently Bieber heard her pleas, appearing on her talk show with a box holding some of his famous locks. Bieber told Ellen: “Yes, it’s really my hair,” while adding that […]

Intruder Arrested Outside Ellen DeGeneres’ Home

A scary moment occurred this week for TV star Ellen DeGeneres and partner Portia de Rossi when a female intruder was arrested while roaming the couples property. According to TMZ, the intruder never actually ran into the couple thanks to the security force they have at their home. Apparently the couple use a 24-hour security […]

Ellen DeGeneres Dresses As Snooki’s Pouf For Halloween [Pic]

Ellen DeGeneres got into the Halloween spirit on Friday when she showed up on her show wearing her Jersey Shore costume. No Ellen wasn’t dressed as one of the reality TV stars from the show, instead she was Snooki’s Pouf and yes we are referring to the top piece of hair on Nicole’s head. On […]

Greyson Chance Premieres “Waiting Outside The Lines” On Ellen DeGeneres Show

Ellen Degeneres had Greyson Chance on her show again today, this time to debut the first single from his new album. The song is titled Waiting Outside The Lines. Several months ago Ellen announced that she was launching her own record label ElevenEleven Records after being inspired by Greyson’s cover of Lady Gaga’s hit song […]

Randy Jackson Was Spared To Keep Original “Connection” To American Idol is reporting that Randy Jackson was kept on the hit reality TV show American Idol so viewers would still have an “original connection” to the show, apparently Ryan Seacrest doesn’t count! Earlier this week it was announced that Kara DioGuardi was fired from the show, while Ellen DeGeneres chose to leave the show over […]

Generous Ellen DeGeneres Takes a Chance on Greyson Chance

So Ellen DeGeneres likes this 12 year-old kid Greyson Chance so much that she started her own record label and signed him on. Greyson is the young lad who covered Lady Gaga’s song Paparazzi — doing both piano and vocals. He even got a call from Ms Gaga herself while he was on Ellen’s show […]

Oh So That’s Why Simon Cowell’s a Jerk

Let’s face it. If you or I acted in real life like Simon Cowell does on TV, we’d probably get punched in the face, not get paid mega-millions like he gets. Oh wait, I do act like him, and I even get paid for it — though nowhere nearly as much as he does. But […]

Idol’s 9th Life Takes New Twists

America’s number one TV show, American Idol began its ninth season last Tuesday, and three notable changes have gotten everyone talking. 1. Paula’s out. She left the show before the ninth season began, sighting “contract negotiation problems.” Let me refer to that old saying, “You never really know what you got ‘til it’s gone” or […]