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4 (Currently) Rocky Marriages

Think Hollywood marriages are the envy of the lot? Methinks not. A lot of them have crashed and burn, and these 4 are soon to follow, if not alleviated!

Katy Perry, Russell Brand Split

The year 2012’s just a few days old and yet we’ve already witnessed a celebrity breakup. Pop singer Katy Perry and British comedian Russell Brand has recently announced that they are separating and filing for divorce after just barely four months of marriage. Perry and Brand were a very high profile couple and their engagement […]

Robin Williams enters another divorce

Even comedian Robin Williams will find little to laugh about the recent turn of events. Marsha Garces Williams recently filed for divorce because of “irreconcilable differnces.” They had been married for 19 years. They have two kids: Zelda, 18, and son Cody, 16. This is Williams’ second divorce. The separation also ends their working relationship; […]

Judge’s scathing opinion of Heather Mills

In a brutally frank assessment of Heather Mills’ case — and character — the judge declared that she was inconsistent, and to some extent, conniving. He revealed that all her declarations of giving 90% of her income to charity were untrue in fact, all of her income tax returns show none ever went to a […]