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Demi Lovato isn’t saying much, though.

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez now

(c) REX/Celebmafia

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Today’s Hottest Woman: Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato leaked photos hot

From Disney teen royalty to violent and troubled pop star to a healthy and inspirational role model, Demi Lovato is a prime example of what reinvention (and rehab!) can do to revitalize a brand. Read the rest of this entry »


Black haired-turned-brunette pop sensation Demi Lovato affirms that she’s “Made in the USA” in her latest music video.

Demi Lovato looks kinda like Kelly Clarkson here.

Demi Lovato looks kinda like Kelly Clarkson here.

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Hollywood stars can just be like us. Some of them do go out of their comfort zones, ditching the fancy stylists and glossy make-up.


Today Demi Lovato uploaded a goofy pic: ‘Full day of press today, time to put on my grown up face.’

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5 Actresses You Didn’t Know Were Italian

These actresses have invaded Hollywood but some might not know that they have Italian blood in them. Some of them gained fame and popularity at a young age and some are still taking the world by storm.

So who are there surprising Italian actresses? For some interesting facts about who they are, here’s the list of 5 young actresses in Hollywood that you didn’t know were Italian.

Rachel Bilson – A film and television actress who gained popularity from the series “The O.C.” Her mother is Italian and her father is Jewish.

Hayden Panettiere – The film and television actress has Italian ancestry. Her surname even means “baker” in Italian.

Lindsay Lohan – Who knew that the controversial starlet Lindsay Lohan is from an Italian descent? The actress who is currently filming a biopic about Elizabeth Taylor is 25% Italian and 75% Irish.


Demi Lovato – The singer actress who rose to fame by starring in “CampRock” has Italian ancestry, as well as Mexican, Irish and English.

Selena Gomez – Justin Bieber’s girlfriend is most often referred to as a Latina but little did anybody know that the singer also has Italian blood in her. Her mother is part Italian and her father is Mexican.

Demi Lovato Leaves Rehab

Demi Lovato Closeup

Demi Lovato is free! The 18-year-old Sunny With A Chance star checked herself out of an Illinois treatment center on Friday, ending 2 months of treatment at the facility.

Demi entered the facility after a nervous breakdown and unlike many other stars her age she actually stayed for more than a week to receive treatment.

Now that Lovato has completed her inpatient treatment she’ll begin an outpatient program as she gets her life back in order.

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Disney Star Demi Lovato Preparing To Leave Rehab

Demi Lovato Leaving Rehab

It’s being reported that Disney star Demi Lovato is getting ready to check out of her suburban Illinois rehab treatment center.

Lovato checked into rehab during Fall 2010 and is now reported to be checking out “sometime next week.”

You may recall that the actress checked into rehab in October after suffering an “emotional breakdown” which included a violent act against one of her backup dancers on her tour bus, an attack that recent led to an out of court financial settlement.

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Demi Lovato Getting Christmas Day Pass From Treatment Center

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is getting out of rehab on December 25th, however her Christmas pass is only good for one day, enough time for the troubled Disney star to spend a nice Christmas dinner with her family.

People close to Demi say she will be out tomorrow to meet with her family “outside the facility.” After dinner she is expected to return back to the treatment center to finish the program.

Demi checked herself into a rehab center in Illinois last month after she broke down and eventually punched a female backup dancer in the face on a company provided private jet.

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Demi Lovato Settles Assault Case Before Going To Court

Demi Lovato Sexually Posing

It’s being reported that Demi Lovato has reached an out of court financial settlement with the backup dancer she allegedly slugged during her October breakdown.

According to reports, Lovato punched Alex Welch in the face when flying on a private jet. Lovato suspected that Welch had spoken out to her handlers about her wild partying ways when on tour with ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas and the rest of the Jonas Brothers.

The beating was bad enough to leave Welch with visible bruising and the threat of taking the fight to court.

The amount Welsh is receiving is undisclosed at this time.

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Demi Lovato’s Racy Pics Hit Twitter

Demi Lovato Cleavage Picture

Someone needs to find out what the execs at Disney are putting in the water for their teen stars, this week several racy picture of Demi Lovato with her friends surfaced on Twitter.

Lovato was already taking time off from her hit Disney show Sonny With A Chance when the picture surfaced.

While there is no nudity her friend pulls at her cleavage and looks at her breasts, not the best example Disney could be sending to their young viewers.

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Disney Gives Demi Lovato a “Break” While Sonny With A Chance Moves Forward

Hit Disney show Sonny With A Chance is possibly moving forward without Sonny. Disney announced on Friday that Demi Lovato would be taking a “break” as she deals with her own emotional and physical issues.

Variety is reporting that the shows producers will focus the show’s plot on a So Random! a “show-within-a-show,” but only as a contingency plan.

Season 3 of the show gets underway in January which still gives Lovato a little bit of time to get her act together.

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Demi Lovato Turns 18 [Video]

Demi Lovato Disney star Demi Lovato turns 18 today, August 20th and MTV caught up with the Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2 star to talk about her birthday.

Lovato was asked what she would like for her special occasion and she had a simple request:

“‘I don’t know! Handbags?’ Like, I have everything I could want. I’m just thankful.”

Here’s the video:

Congrats to Lovato on reaching the age where she can legally vote, unfortunately for her she’ll probably have more weirdo’s coming out of the woodwork now that she’s officially “legal.”


Demi Lovato Goes Blonde

Demi Lovato Blonde

We haven’t heard much from Demi Lovato since she was dumped by Jonas Brothers’ performer Joe Jonas, but now the Sonny With A Chance star has made her triumphant return to the spotlight, as a blonde.

Lovato was spotted on Monday sporting the new do while accompanying her little sister Madison De La Garza through security at the Los Angeles International Airport.

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Celebrific Lowdown — May 24, 2010

I hope she’s found her happy place now. Aspiring porn star starlet Kendra Wilkinson (above) just got the first of what is probably many paychecks for her first sex tape (the 2nd tape hasn’t been released yet). The payout is $680K, and she’s outselling Kim Kardashian’s sex tape in pre-sales alone, despite her cratered, rubbery-looking face. The actual fee deal is that she gets $100K plus 50%. No word yet about exactly how much her ex-boyfriend, Kevin Frye, who set up the deal gets but his percentage increases in steps based on sales. Apparently Frye has negotiated a deal for as many as 20 tapes based on home videos, and Radar Online says that he and his wife are planning to buy a house in Arizona from their cut. Wow what an opportunistic prick enterprising guy.

Dumbass Jesse James is now saying that he wanted to get caught cheating, and that it was just him trying to sabotage his life. Ok, sure.

Female fans may love them, but I’m guessing that the Jonas Brothers aren’t all that great as relationship partners. First was a recent report that Kevin and his wife Danielle Deleasa don’t even sleep in the same room, but that’s because he apparently snores like a freight train. (Gee, I thought trains chugged and wooo’d.) Now comes words that Joe — who used to date country star Taylor Swift and dumped her with a phone call — and Demi Lovato have split. Worse, apparently had his dad call Demi Lovato to break things off.

It’s been a hundred years in the making. Er, well, a hundred years in the waiting, then. Mark Twain’s autobiography was not to be published until 100 years after his death. Apparently he left around 5,000 unedited pages of memoirs and handwritten notes, which have been rotting in vault at UC Berkeley. The university, with Twain’s estate’s approval, will publish the first of three volumes in November. Um, does anyone still read books anymore? I can have this on my Apple iPad, please?


Demi Lovato Will Go Schizo

Demi Lovato just landed a role in the hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy!

Demi Lovato on Grey's Anatomy

(c) ABC

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The Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards just wrapped up this weekend, and it was a battle between the grownups and teens for the best dressed votes. See which age group won!

Kids' Choice Awards 2010 Selena Gomez

(c) Bauer Griffin

Selena Gomez not only took home the Favorite TV Actress award for Wizards of Waverly Place, she also stole the red carpet spotlight with her Christian Cota dress and Sergio Rossi gladiator shoes.

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Joe Jonas’ Bros

It looks like a scene fresh out of Entourage. Joe Jonas was spotted with two of his buddies as they went shopping at The Grove in West Hollywood on March 11.

Joe Jonas Out Shopping With Friends At The Grove

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Demi Lovato Confirms She’s Dating Joe Jonas

No surprise there. She was interviewed by Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush on his radio show The Billy Bush Show last week when she revealed the obvious.

Nickelodeon's 23rd Annual Kids' Choice Awards Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas

(c) Getty

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