Today’s Hottest Woman: Christina Aguilera

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WOW: Christina Aguilera Bares A Sexier Figure!

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The Biebs Gets Snubbed by Christina Aguilera

No offense to Justin Bieber fans - although you probably still will take offense - but cry me a frakkin' river. Seriously. This is Christina Aguilera we're talking about. She may not be the most talented singer in the entire world, but she does have the chops. And then … [Read more...]

Christina Aguilera Messes Up National Anthem Lyrics, Says She’s “Devastated”

While her singing was great, Christina Aguilera messed up the actual lyrics to The Star-Spangled Banner at this years Super Bowl, a fact that she says has left her "devastated." Aguilera's issue came when she sang: “O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming" … [Read more...]

Christina Aguilera’s Naked Pictures Were Meant For Her Stylist

Christina Aguilera says the near naked photos of her that were recently released (see above) were meant for her stylist. The photos, showing her in her underwear and wearing an outfit with pasties covering her breasts hit the web and instantly became a trending … [Read more...]