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Today’s Hottest Woman: Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera Sexy Hot

Why Christina Aguilera Is Today’s Hottest Woman:


Looks like our girl Christina Aguilera is “feeling the moment”!

Christina Aguilera heats up NBC's press event. (JustJared)

Christina Aguilera heats up NBC’s press event. (JustJared)

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The Biebs Gets Snubbed by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera snubs Justin Bieber

Christina Aguilera and Justin Bieber

No offense to Justin Bieber fans – although you probably still will take offense – but cry me a frakkin’ river. Seriously. This is Christina Aguilera we’re talking about. She may not be the most talented singer in the entire world, but she does have the chops.

And then there’s teen (or pre-teen) sensation Justin Bieber.

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Christina Aguilera Messes Up National Anthem Lyrics, Says She’s “Devastated”

Christina Aguilera National Anthem Mess up at Super Bowl

While her singing was great, Christina Aguilera messed up the actual lyrics to The Star-Spangled Banner at this years Super Bowl, a fact that she says has left her “devastated.”

Aguilera’s issue came when she sang:

“O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming” where she instead sang “What so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last gleaming…”

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Christina Aguilera’s Naked Pictures Were Meant For Her Stylist

Christina Aguilera Personal Photos

Christina Aguilera says the near naked photos of her that were recently released (see above) were meant for her stylist.

The photos, showing her in her underwear and wearing an outfit with pasties covering her breasts hit the web and instantly became a trending topic.

Aguilera’s rep told E! News:

“The photos of Christina Aguilera being leaked to the press were illegally obtained by a hacker who tapped into Christina’s personal stylist’s account.”

Translation: The pics were not from, nor had anything to do with ex-beau Matthew Rutler and were not meant to be viewed in a sexual manner.

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Burlesque Theme Song “Express” By Christina Aguilera [World Premiere]

Christina Aguilera Burlesque Movie Still

Her last album flopped, she got divorced and now she’s working with Cher, it hasn’t been the best several years for Christina Aguilera, but now she hopes to turn that all around with her new movie Burlesque and we have the first single from that effort.

Titled Express the song made it’s world premiere today and here it is:

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Christina Aguilera’s Bionic LP Debuts At Number 3

Christina Aguilera Bionic Album Cover

The album may have been hotly-anticipated but Christina Aguilera’s Bionic LP wasn’t able to muster up enough strength to take over the top two spots, debuting at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 charts.

Bionic was beaten out by The Twilight Saga: Eclipse at number 2 and Fox’s smash hit musical-comedy series Glee which took the top spot.

Bionic managed 111,838 sales from June 7th – June 14th, however across the pond the album debuted at number one, beating out Alicia Keys’ Element of Freedom for the number one spot in the UK.

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Celebrific Lowdown — May 25, 2010

Christina Aguilera has postponed her 2010 summer tour until 2011, citing a busy schedule promoting her new album Bionic and the film Burlesque. Huffington Post says it’s because her new single tanked. Well so what. She pulls the fewest antics of stars her age and boy can she wear clothes. Or as evidenced above and below. not wear them.

David Hasselhoff is said to have been hospitalized in LA this past weekend, possibly for another drinking binge — something that’s already happened to him several times in the past few years. It makes me wonder if the first thing PR people teach actors is how to deny everything.

Bret Michaels, who has been in hospital at least three times this year, won Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice reality show and says in a Facebook note that while he’s not 100% yet, he has “every intention of trying to continue the tour starting Friday in Biloxi.” On the other hand, he skipped the Celebrity Apprentice afterparty.

Brittany Murphy’s widower, writer/ director/ producer Simon Monjack, was due for heart bypass surgery, which he kept putting off. Unfortunately, he put it off for too long, passing away last Sunday night of a heart attack at 39. Brittany was another entertainer who went to soon, dying of cardiac arrest in Simon’s home in December. She was laid to rest on Christmas Eve. Her mother Sharon, who lived with the couple, was the unfortunate person who found discovered Brittany and Simon unconcious in both situations.

Slipknot bassist Paul Gray passed away on Monday at 38. No cause of death has been announced yet. The band were known for their ‘dark metal’ sound and for wearing masks.

Miley Cyrus says that she’s not going to go to college right now. I guess if you’re already a billionaire at 17, going to college doesn’t seem like a worthwhile prospect. On the other hand, she says that her grandma went back to college at 62. Ok, good luck with that plan then.

Iran has freed award-winning Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi on about $200K in bail. Panahi, who was jailed two months ago on poorly specified charges, went on a hunger strike. At least one social media campaign, on Facebook, was launched in hopes of having him released.


Celebrific Lowdown – May 19, 2010

Christina Aguilera will be back on the tour circuit, after taking time for her son Max, to promote her new album Bionic, and she promises fans she’ll wow them. She’s also slated to appear with Cher, Kristen Bell and Stanley Tucci, Eric Dane, Julianne Hough (Dancing With the Stars) and others in the film Burlesque, which opens Nov 24th. Tickets for Christina’s tour go on sale Thursday. You can listen to tracks at her MySpace page.

Saturday Night Live cast member Will Forte has let it all hang out for the camera, as part of a promo stunt and fake back story for his new comedy MacGruber, based on the ongoing SNL skit. As in completely naked, so when you click on this link for the uncensored photos, be warned. MacGruber may have a small penis — as in really small, as per the back story — but Forte has big balls for doing this photo shoot. The comedy opens this week and boasts Kristen Wiig, Val Kilmer as the villain Dieter Von Cunth, Ryan Phillippe, Maya Rudolph, WWE wrestler Chris Jericho and others.

On the other hand, some people don’t have the brass ones. One-time presidential hopeful John Edwards is afraid of jail and said to be trying for a misdemeanor plea for alleged campaign violations. The investigation by the FBI and IRS is trying to determine whether he paid his mistress, Rielle Hunter. Was she worth it, John?

Jonathan Rhys Myers, who recently got himself banned from flying United Airlines for an alleged display of drunkness and racial slurs, is going into rehab. I hear Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew needs cast members for the next season.

Guns’n’Roses frontman Axl Rose, whose brith name is William Bruce Rose but legal name is William Bruce Bailey, is claiming that music mogul and film producer Irving Azoff has been sabotaging the band in order to force Rose into reuniting with former band members. Other claims: that Azoff has been vicious by using Rose’s real name — something that Rose says carries a lot of emotional baggage. I guess changing your name to Axl Rose, an anagram of “oral sex,” was a better choice.


Cher’s Concert Comeback

Nothing can stop this woman! How many sexy 63-year-old superstars do you know who can perform and party all night? The unflinching Cher has revealed that as soon as her contract ends with The Colosseum in Caesars Palace expires, she will go on tour again.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, the diva is also releasing a new album this year. As a treat to her fans, the album will be available in two versions—one with 14 tracks and one deluxe edition with 19 songs.

The album’s debut single “Already Been There” will be launched at the upcoming World Music Awards this year. We will also see her comeback to the big screen with the movie Burlesque, co-starring Christina Aguilera and Julianne Hough, Alan Cumming, and Cam Gigandet.

Retirement is definitely not in Cher’s vocabulary.


Christina Aguilera in Burlesque
1. It’s Christina Aguilera’s movie debut. The 29-year-old signed up for Burlesque last year, and I say it’s about time! She plays Ali, an ambitious small-town girl with a big voice. She tries to escape her hollow past by performing in a neo-burlesque club in Los Angeles. Here she is on the set getting glammed up between takes.

Cher in Burlesque
2. It’s Cher’s first movie in a long time. Her last film role was for Matt Damon’s Stuck On You in 2003. In the photo above, Cher is on the set for Burlesque in Hollywood in January. She plays Tess, the proprietor of the club. The other burlesque dancers may be 1/3 Cher’s age, but this 63-year-old diva can still work it on those killer stilettos and animal-print outfits.

3. It has an interesting story line. Think Moulin Rouge meets Cabaret. Here’s the plot synopsis from the movie’s IMDB page:

The Burlesque Lounge has its best days behind it. Tess, a retired dancer and owner of the venue, struggles to keep the aging theater alive, facing all kinds of financial and artistic challenges. With the Lounge’s troupe members becoming increasingly distracted by personal problems and a threat coming from a wealthy businessman’s quest to buy the spot from Tess, the good fortune seems to have abandoned the club altogether. Meanwhile, the life of Ali, a small-town girl from Iowa, is about to change dramatically. Hired by Tess as a waitress at the Lounge, Ali escapes a hollow past and quickly falls in love with the art of burlesque. Backed by newfound friends amongst the theater’s crew, she manages to fulfill her dreams of being on stage herself. Things take a dramatic turn though when Ali’s big voice makes her become the main attraction of the revue.

Christina Aguilera and Cam Gigandet in Burlesque
Cam shoots a scene with Christina.

4. The movie features a stellar cast. There’s red-haired Julianne Hough as Georgia, a brunette Kristen Bell as Nikki, the hunky Cam Gigandet as Jack, and Alan Cumming as Alexis, among other big names.

5. An awesome soundtrack is in the works. The movie’s writer/director/actor Steven Antin may get inspiration from his sister Robin who created the burlesque troupe The Pussycat Dolls in 1995. And with the likes of Cher and Christina Aguilera on the team, you know the soundtrack can’t go wrong.

Check out behind-the-scenes clips, courtesy of ET. Burlesque is coming out this Thanksgiving.

all photos courtesy of Screen Gems


Xtina Is A Naughty Devil

Just when you thought that motherhood and family life has tamed her down, Christina Aguilera brings some naughtiness back to her career. Her “Dirrrty” days are long gone, but who said you can’t unleash some mischief?

On her official website, she unveiled the artwork for “Not Myself Tonight,” the first single of her upcoming album, Bionic. Like a page off Rihanna’s book, Christina’s wearing a sexy dominatrix outfit with drawn-on devil ears and a tail.

Wait, there’s more! She also put up a counter to count down the hours, minutes and seconds ‘til her next big announcement. That’s a cool way of keeping the fans in suspense.


Star Search Is Coming Back

Remember this talent show? It aired from 1983-2003, with its peak in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Back in the day when reality TV ceased to exist, viewers would sit on their couches to see which singers, dancers, and comedians would get the best ratings and win Star Search.

TV network ABC wants to revive the show and are looking modern-day judges to give the coveted 4-star ratings. They’ve approached former American Idol judge Paula Abdul to potentially join the show, but she reportedly demanded a hefty paycheck so no deal was made.

Paula Abdul American Idol 2010 Finale


Paula Abdul: Nope, I’m not exactly going to go with this show. I really like your dress, though.

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Christina Aguilera’s Glam Year

The year is starting out right for the popstar. She appears on the February cover of Marie Claire. The blurb “I’m a different person now” tells a lot about the mag’s juicy interview with the 29-year-old.

She talks about motherhood and maturing in the showbiz industry. “In this crazy business, it’s so easy to build up a lot of walls and a lot of bitterness,” she said. “And it’s just no way to be… “[I can now use softer tones] that maybe I’ve been afraid to do in the past, to allow myself to go to a place of ‘less singing.’ I’m more vulnerable and more strong at the same time.”

The cover shoot shows the petite singer hamming it up in front of a grand piano wearing spring’s must-have prints. Check Marie Claire’s behind-the-scenes photos here.

Christina also talks about her new album, Bionic, which will be released in March, and will be featuring collaborations with Goldfrapp, Ladytron, M.I.A, Linda Perry, Tricky Stewart, and The Neptunes. One of the singles is entitled “Glam,” a poppy, hip-hop inflected throwback to Madonna’s “Vogue.” Can’t wait.

Her promotional video for the album is bordering on artistic and disturbing. Check it out:

“Mature” is right. Remember her early days as a post-Mickey Mouse Club member?


A little rain (okay, it did pour heavily) didn’t stop the celebrities from strutting their gowns at yesterday’s Golden Globe Awards. Here are my top five choices for best dressed.

67th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals
It’s refreshing to see that instead of her usual short skirts and petite dresses, Glee’s Lea Michele caught our attention with this long Oscar de la Renta number.

Red Carpet Arrivals for the 67th Annual Golden Globes
I wonder how Kate Hudson kept her fabulous structured Marchesa dress and Casadei pumps from getting drenched and muddy.

67th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press Room
Christina Aguilera’s Versace peach chiffon gown with a unique metallic bodice stood out from other peach-hued gowns I spotted that night.

67th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals
Penelope Cruz, nominated for her role in Nine, accessorized her glamorous Giorgio Armani Privé black lace gown with Chopard diamonds.

Red Carpet Arrivals for the 67th Annual Golden Globes
This Roberto Cavalli fishtail gown accessorized with Lorraine Schwartz jewels made Heidi Klum the night’s freshest catch.

Those designers should’ve made matching couture umbrellas to match the stars’ ensembles!

View the highlights and complete list of winners here.


It’s the Year of the Tiger, according to Chinese astrology. “Rawr,” I say! We spied on Hollywood’s party animals to see how they unleashed their inner tigers (and tigresses) on New Year’s Eve.

Lady GaGa Performs In Miami For New Years Eve!
Lady GaGa performed at the Fontainbleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. It wasn’t just her new ‘do and getup that spelled extravagant; she reportedly checked in a $15,000-a-night penthouse.

Photo by: LVP/ ©2009 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 12/30/09 Kim Kardashian at a Pre-Ne
Kim Kardashian at a Pre-New Year’s Eve Party at Eve Nightclub, Las Vegas.

Gridlock 2010 New Year's Eve Bash!
Pam Anderson was escorted by some interesting creatures at the Gridlock 2010 New Year’s Eve bash at Paramount Studios, Hollywood.

Photo by: AJM/AAD/ ©2009 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 12/31/09 Christina Aguilera and
Hot mommies Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie left the little ones at home to party in Vegas. Nicole hosted the LAVO party with beau Joel Madden, while Christina hosted and performed at TAO.

Black Eyed Peas In Concert At Mandalay Bay
Fergie (right) performed with the Black Eyed Peas at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. It was one of the many gigs they had for the New Year weekend.

Mariah Carey In Concert At Madison Square Garden
Mariah Carey got her Mimi on at Madison Square Garden in New York, while hubby Nick Cannon played deejay offstage.

2010 Times Square New Year's Eve
She may have gotten the crowd going at Times Square, but I’d stay away from the skintight suit if I were J.Lo.


Christina Aguilera’s New Look

Christina Aguilera has just come back into the scene, and sporting a new look at that! US Magazine shows us a pic of the singer wearing a bob with bangs. I think it’s “okay,” but I expected something with more of an oomph from her. Whatchathink?


First pics of Christina and baby!


Get the first look of Christina Aguilera and her baby, Max. Such a happy, cute family.

How ironic that years ago, Christina was considered the “wild one” (complete with pink hair and trashy clothes) while arch rival Britney Spears was the “All-American girl.”


Christina makes video tribute for new family


While former rival Britney Spears shops for a pregnancy test (hey, if you lose 2 kids, why not make a new onem right?) former rival Christina Aguilera plays the “perfect mom” with a video tribute to her new family.

Aaaaaawwwww. Who’d have thought 10 years ago that the pink-hard punk-rocker Christina would go all Martha-Stewart while the clean-cut Britney would be… well… whatever she is now?


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