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Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown Split (Again)

Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown break up

For the nth time, Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown have broken up. Read the rest of this entry »


Chris Brown Is Bad News For Ariana Grande

Chris Brown and Ariana Grande

This doesn’t look good. Practically anyone with Chris Brown sounds like a bad idea, but why oh why does he have to get his hands on the amazing Ariana Grande? Read the rest of this entry »



On Wednesday night in Buffalo New York, Amanda was seen jumping around on a trampoline at an exercise center.
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Another post-breakup makeover for Rihanna- not a bad idea considering her on-and-off relationship with Chris Brown. Maybe this time the split is for real?

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Barely a day after being snapped on the Hawaiian beach together, Rihanna shares her romantic moments with her on/off boyfriend Chris Brown during her 25th birthday party.

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Chris Brown can’t stop being his controversial self as can be seen in some instagram shots he uploaded, one of which shows him smoking joints in Amsterdam.

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Chris Brown has opened up about his now rekindled romance with Rihanna in a suprising new video. In a desperate cry for attention, the hiphop singer posted a video on twitter called ‘The Real Chris Brown’ after dumping his current girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Read the rest of this entry »


Nicole Scherzinger was caught kissing Rihanna’s ex, Chris Brown at an LA Night club. Photos of the pair getting real close were snapped by the paps.

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Chris Brown’s new neck tattoo is getting much flak for looking too much like a battered and bruise Rihanna.

Could this be possibly his eternal reminder of the day his knuckles went crazy on his ex-girlfriend? Read the rest of this entry »

Chris Brown and Drake’s Brutal Brawl at a New York Club

An innocent girl and one of Brown’s bodyguards were caught in the middle of a brawl between Chris and Drake. The incident that started as a taunt ended up brutal and bloody. While Chris Brown tweeted a photo of his wounded chin, Drake claims that he never threw a bottle or even a single punch.

It happened in a New York City nightclub when hip hop rivals Chris Brown and Drake started a brawl reportedly because of Rihanna. Witnesses say that the fight started when Chris Brown sent over a bottle of champagne to Drake’s table as a “peace offering.” Drake was said to have sent a bottle back with a note that says “I’m f****** the love of your life, deal with it.”

Chris Brown and Rihanna broke up in 2009 after the rapper attacked the Barbadian singer. Rihanna was beleived to have dated Drake after separation from Chris. Rumors are however spreading that Rihanna and Chris Brown are in the process of reconciliation.

According to police reports, there were a total of five party-goers that were injured. A source says that the bottle came from Drake’s entourage and probably from the singer himself. However, Drake denied any involvement in the incident.

Is Rihanna Wooing Chris Brown?

Rihanna and Chris Brown got into a huge controversy a couple of years ago. The pop stars became tabloid fodder when Brown was arrested for assaulting Rihanna after they had attended a pre-Grammy Awards soiree.

A lot has happened since then, Rihanna became even bigger and Brown managed to salvage his career despite beating up his girlfriend. The two logically separated after the incident, with Rihanna calling it quits. Read the rest of this entry »


Chris Brown Apologizes For Good Morning America Tantrum

Chris Brown - Good Morning America

That didn’t take long. R&B Singer Chris Brown has officially apologized for freaking out on the set of Good Morning America a tantrum that led the singer to smash a large window when asked about his past relationship with Rihanna.

Brown appeared on the show to promote his new album F.A.M.E. however he became angered when show host Robin Roberts almost refused to talk about anything other than his past abusive relationship with Rihanna.

Chris told her:

“This album is what I want them to talk about, not what happened two years ago.”

After leaving the interview, Brown, who just finished an anger management class “flew into a rage” according to an insider, throwing a chair through a window, which thankfully did not hurt anyone below. GMA staffers were so worried about his actions that they reportedly called security.

Brown talked about his tantrum on BET’s 106 & Park Wednesday:

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Career Done? Chris Brown Goes Crazy On Set Of Good Morning America

Chris Brown Freaks out on set of Good Morning America

On Tuesday morning Chris Brown was appearing on the set of Good Morning America when he reportedly went crazy and started screaming before breaking a studio window.

Apparently Brown became enraged when host Robin Roberts started bringing up his 2009 attack on then girlfriend Rihanna. When Brown tried to redirect the questions and Roberts refused to budge he said:

“I think I’m past that in my life,” at which point he started talking about his album F.A.M.E. which he says “Fans Are My Everything.” finally adding “I’m just focusing on this album. This album is what I want to talk about.”

Robyn then stuck to her guns and asked another Rihanna situation question.

“We’re told after the interview, Brown freaked out, storming into his dressing room and screaming so loud, the people in hair and makeup became alarmed and called security,” said while adding, “We’re told Brown was out of control, and one source present tells us he smashed a window in his dressing room, and the glass shattered and some shards fell onto 43rd and Broadway.”

After the incident Brown hid behind Twitter:

“I’m so over people bringing this past shit up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there bullshit.”

One difference Chris, those other celebrities don’t sing love songs then beat up the girl their dating. Also, what happened to that anger management course you completed in December? Even if you did complete your class, breaking a window shows how deep seeded your “crazy” issues really are.


Chris Brown Graduates…From Don’t Hit Women Class

Chris Brown Domestic Violence Course Completion Certificate

Chris Brown this week completed his court ordered 52-week domestic violence course and for his efforts he showed off a certificate of completion.

It has been almost two years since Brown was arrested and charged with domestic violence against then girlfriend Rhianna and he took to Twitter to say:

“I’m done with class.”

While the self congratulatory Tweet with certificate photo proof might be a little overboard, at least he’s been trying to get his life back in order, including a glowing probation report early this month.

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Chris Brown Redeeming Himself With “Glowing” Probation Reports?

Chris Brown Promotional Picture

If his probationary reports are any indication singer Chris Brown wants to be a model citizen. According to recent reports Brown has been receiving glowing probationary reports from his probation officer.

Brown was sentenced to five years probation as a result to the altercation he had with his ex-girlfriend, singer Rhianna. Brown also received six months worth of community labor.

According to PopEater:

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg announced during Thursday’s hearing that the R&B singer is close to completing his required domestic violence counseling and has completed almost 73 of 180 days of community service.

Read the rest of this entry »


Chris Brown Makes a Plea

Oh no he didn’t! Who would’ve thought that it would come to this? R&B singer Chris Brown makes a desperate plea to his fans to help him sell albums.

Chris Brown

(c) AP

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Chris Brown: Supah-model

He cleans up pretty well. R&B singer Chris Brown was among the celebrities who strutted their stuff down the runway for “Naomi Campbell’s Fashion For Relief Haiti” Fall 2010 Show during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2010 in New York City last Friday.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2010 - Chris Brown

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Rihanna’s Starting On A New Journey

And it’s looking pretty good for her. After that scandal with ex boyfriend Chris Brown, it looks like Rihanna’s luck is a-turnin’. She just released a new album titled “Rated R,” and fans have not hesitated to grab their own copy. As for Chris Brown…he’s still serving his (light) sentence.


ABC In Hot Seat Over Lambert Cancellation

chris brown
Gay rights activists are all up in arms and their target is ABC. Everyone has heard of Adam Lambert’s stunts on stage at the AMAs, and we all know that ABC cancelled his appearance/performance after. They did, however, go through with an interview of Chris Brown – with a performance to boot. Now what’s wrong with this picture? Cancelling on a gay performer is okay and featuring a girlfriend beater is okay, too? Ummm…is it just me or is ABC calling the wrong shots?


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