Sandra Bullock Celebrates Her 50th Birthday!

Sandra Bullock turns 5-0, and some of her bestest friends joined her to party the night away! … [Read more...]

Chelsea Handler Broke It Off With 50 Cent, Sent Back His Gifts

50 Cent might talk about the thug life and rap about it on his albums, but rumor has it he was left "heartbroken" when Chelsea Handler called it quits on their relationship just before the holidays. According to insiders, Handler called off the couples relationship of several … [Read more...]

Chelsea Handler Book To Be Turned Into A Sitcom

Chelsea Handler's book Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea is being turned into a weekly sitcom to be aired on NBC. The semi-autobiographical book will deal with the struggles of a twentysomething female. According to “The compilations of humorous … [Read more...]

Chelsea Handler Sex Tape, Coming Soon….Possibly

Chelsea Handler is hot and has a dirty mouth, if you think about it she's the perfect candidate for a sex tape. Sure the rumors came and went earlier this year, but a resurfacing could mean there's some truth to the original rumors. Handler has said the "sex tape" is nothing … [Read more...]

Lindsay Lohan Slaps Chelsea Handlers Butt At VMA’s [Video]

Who better is there to make fun of her mess of a life than Lindsay Lohan herself? That's what happened during the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards when Lilo appeared in the opening sequence with the shows host Chelsea Handler. During the skit Lohan made fun of the mess that has … [Read more...]