7 Celebs Who Have Had Extensive Dental Work To Create Their Perfect Smiles

Not all of our most desired Hollywood hunks and hotties were born with the sparkling smiles we’ve come to know and love. Perfect needs a little help sometimes, and plenty of Hollywood’s stars are no stranger to augmentation for the sake of beauty. Let the proverbial cat out … [Read more...]

The Latest List of the Top Women in Music

Forbes magazine has recently released its list of the ‘Top earning women in music’. While your profession may have nothing to do with the music industry, you can see where your favorite diva falls in this list. Beyoncé and Taylor Swift At the top of the list is Beyoncé … [Read more...]

Celine Dion Welcomes Twin Baby Boys Into The World

Celine Dion welcomed twin baby boys into the world at 11:11 and 11:12AM this morning, the boys were born at St. Mary's Medical Center in Palm Beach, Florida. Dion, 43 and her husband Rene welcomed the boys who weighed in at 5lbs., 4 oz. and 5lbs., 10 oz. just several days … [Read more...]

Pregnant Woman Kicked Out Of Hospital Room For Celine Dion

A woman in Florida was about to give birth to her child when she was moved out of her room so Celine Dion would have a place to stay while awaiting the birth of her premature twin sons, who are due next month! A doctor ordered Celine to bed rest St Mary’s Medical Center in … [Read more...]

Celine Dion’s Tough Pregnancy

Celine Dion is the latest celebrity having a baby later in life. While for some it's because of career demands, in Celine's case, it's been because of health issues. She, now 42, and husband Rene Angelil just announced that they're having twins, but it hasn't been without great … [Read more...]