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The Five Most Generous Celebrities

Our favorite kind of celebrity is one who uses their stardom for more than just personal ego-growing and advancement; we love the ones who use their celebrity for good causes. What is better, after all, than helping put a spotlight on important issues with one’s fame and fortune?

Today, we list the top five most generous celebrities we know and love. And to all of them, we say: good job!

Taylor Swift (6966829965)

1. Taylor Swift

Miss Swift was named number one on‘s list of charitable celebrities for both 2012 and 2013. Not only did she donate a cool $100k to the Nashville Symphony instead of throwing a birthday bash for herself, she also gave $4 million for musical education to the Country Music Hall of Fame.

J. K. Rowling 2010

2. JK Rowling

We love that JK Rowling is no longer on Forbes’ Billionaire List- because she’s off the list for being “too generous to charities”. We say there’s no such thing. It’s estimated that, as of 2012, the previously penniless author has donated about $160 million to various charities.

Richard Branson (pic 3)

3. Sir Richard Branson

Founder of Virgin, would-be spaceman, and all-around amazing person, Sir Richard Branson is a founding member (together with Nelson Mandela) of The Elders, a group dedicated to human rights. He has also worked with several African charities.

George Lucas

4. George Lucas

The Star Wars producer used over $4 million of his own money to start the George Lucas Educational Foundation, which helps students. When he sold his stake in Lucasfilm to Disney in 2012, he put all personal proceeds to the same foundation.

Mark Zuckerberg TechCrunch 2012

5. Mark Zuckerberg

Whether you love or hate (or love to hate) Facebook, you can’t deny that founder Mark Zuckerberg has done much good with his own earnings from the enormously successful social network. His donation in 2013 of $970 million to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation was the largest charitable gift recorded that year.

You, too?

You don’t, of course, have to be a celebrity to be charitable. Nor do your contributions have to be in the billions, millions, or even thousands. As all charities will tell you, every little bit helps. Some charities we believe are worth a look:

  • The Aangan Trust, India. Helps girls in India gain access to better healthcare and education.

  • The Asian Women’s Fund, Japan. Provides help to comfort women from the war.
  • The Isabel Allende Foundation, USA. Supports charities around the world that empower and protect women.
  • Doctors without Borders help provide emergency medical assistance all over the world. This charity is also quite popular among many celebrities.
  • The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants “wishes” to children with life-threatening conditions all over the world. Actors Will and Jada Smith recently donated $52,000 to Make-A-Wish.

10 Firmest Celeb Butts!

As an ode to the great butt goddess Jen Selter, it’s only appropriate that we look back as well to the gorgeous ladies whose tushes have graced the Internet. Ready, set, a*swipe!


(c) RC Groups

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With more and more people becoming open with others’ sexualities (or their own, in any case), it’s only fitting that we pay tribute to those moments that truly awed us. Here are Hollywood’s 10 proudly gay celebs!


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Who wouldn’t want to smell like their favourite celebrity? With celebrity perfumes, you can. If you want to know more about the hottest fragrances available, here are the celebrity perfumes of 2012. But why just read about it? Visit your favourite department store today.

Fame by Lady Gaga

Initially, Lady Gaga’s perfume was said to be inspired by the smell of blood and semen. The controversial singer later said Fame would smell like an “expensive hooker”. But the truth is that Fame, Lady Gaga’s first fragrance, combines notes of Tiger Orchid, apricot, incense, Atropa belladonna and saffron. Read the rest of this entry »


Stars of the Internet

The Internet is a powerful tool and can make or break careers. Here are some celebrities who have found stardom through the World Wide Web.

Rebecca Black

Image Credit

Dubbed the worst song ever, Rebecca Black’s “Friday” has received over 167 million views on YouTube. Made and released through ARK Music Factory, the song and accompanying music video was paid for by Black’s mother at a cost of $4,000. It has entered into the top 100 music charts in the UK, USA and New Zealand and has featured in an episode of Glee. In March 2011, Black signed up to DB Entertainments and is due to release her album during late 2011. Following her success, Black has also appeared in Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) video however fame comes at a price and the Anaheim Police Department are currently investigating death threats received by Rebecca in February 2011. Read the rest of this entry »


8 Of The Best Celebrity Hotels

Sick of spending sleepless nights in a boring, bog-standard hotel? Fans of famous faces can ditch the chain hotels and book a holiday in one of these star quality suites.These famous faces have had a bit of a career change and have taken on the tricky task of being a hotel owner. Whether you want to chill out at Robert De Niro’s effortlessly cool Manhattan hotel or enjoy Romanesque decadence at Donatella Versace’s Australian palace, there’s a celebrity hotel to suit everyone. Read the rest of this entry »


Celebrities Speak Out on Ohio Exotic Animal Massacre

In the days following the tragic events in Ohio, a number of Hollywood celebrities have stepped into the spotlight to share their feelings on the killing of several dozen exotic wild animals after they were released by an owner who then killed himself.


Earlier this week, Terry Thompson released his stock of 50 wild animals that included full-grown Lions, Bengal Tigers, Grizzly Bears, Wolves and Monkeys among others. Thompson then shot himself to death a few hours before dark. That evening law enforcement officials who responded to complaints by neighbors found Thompson dead and animals roaming the property. Most of the animals were killed that night while officers were under shoot-to-kill orders.

It wasn’t long after the ordeal was over that PETA issued its obligatory press release condemning the events as an example of why people should be prevented from owning exotic pets. And then, one after another, celebrities turned to the Twitterverse to express their dismay.

Leonardo DiCaprio, long a supporter of wildlife causes, including the plight of the rare Bengal Tiger, used Twitter as his medium. “Sad situation & proof we need better regulation to protect both animals & people NOW,” he tweeted. A follow-up message urged his fans to join the World Wildlife Fund’s Conservation Action Network.

Rocker Slash questioned the decision to kill many of the animals. “I get the situation, but there’s no way it was totally necessary to exterminate 49 loose exotic animals in Ohio, he tweeted.

Lindsey Lohan’s ex, Samantha Ronson, asked: “Did they really have to kill them?”

But world-renowned animal handler Jack Hanna, who was the only actual celebrity on the ground in Ohio assisting in the effort, had this to say about the county sheriff’s decision to kill. He told Diane Sawyer: “I’m sorry to say, but what the sheriff did had to be done. Otherwise, we would have had carnage out here in Zanesville, Ohio.”

George Takei tried a light comedic touch in tweeting, “Lions and tigers and bears escape from an Ohio preserve. Oh Myyyy!”

Acerbic comedian Joel McHale – of Talk Soup fame – kept up his shtick. “Monkey w/herpes still loose in Ohio. Q: How do they know? Did dead owner leave a note? Monkey has herpes. Good luck!”

Q.E. Mansfield is thankful for the Internet because it allows him to make his living chronicling contributions to society made by celebrities. He’s a fan of technology, specially in area of Marcellus shale drilling, space, cosmology, and other advance tech.


Glamour and style is big in the celeb world, but even the rich and famous get it wrong sometimes. Even with stylists around them, many A-list stars don’t know how to dress for a specific location or occasion and end up embarrassing themselves terribly.

Check out these horrendous fashion faux pas. Cringe!

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell Image Credit

Supermodel Naomi Campbell shocked animal lovers everywhere when she was snapped wearing fur after posing for a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) ad. The star modelled a selection of coats made from Russian saple, as part of a campaign for designer Dennis Basso, whose creations sell for up to $200,000 each. The catwalk beauty is not the only celeb to have been caught out donning animals skins with Madonna, Rihanna and Kanye West all named on PETA’s Worst-Dressed lists.

If you want a glamorous outfit without wearing a dead animal round your neck, faux fur is all the range these days. Now you can look a million dollars without running the risk of illegally buying the glossy coat of an endangered species. Read the rest of this entry »


5 Ridiculous Celebrity Diets

There are a lot of celebrity fad diets out there – but these diets are for people whose jobs depend on their figure, or them being able to gain and lose weight in a very short period of time. And when celebrities aren’t filming, they aren’t working. They have the entire day to devote to losing (or gaining) weight.

Because of that, there are quite a few fad diets that us average Americans want (or even attempt) to emulate and fail miserably because we don’t have the resources or the personal trainers or the ability to spend the entire day at the gym for a month straight.

Master Cleanse Diet

Perhaps the most ridiculous diet out there is the Master Cleanse Diet. I don’t even know if it can be called a diet – basically, you starve yourself for 14 days and only drink lemonade with cayenne pepper and maple syrup. Sounds yummy – not. Plus a lovely chaser of laxatives in the morning and evening. This is definitely not something for your average Joe.

The Baby Food Diet

Don’t feel like chewing much anymore when you eat? Then maybe the baby food diet is for you. It was created by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, the baby food diet aims to curb cravings and start weight loss by replacing baby food with a meal at least once a day – plus, you are restricted to the portion that is in the jar. Portion control at it’s best…or worst? It may seem immature, (and who would want to go into a grocery store and buy baby food for themselves) but stars like Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston allegedly follow it.

The Cookie Diet

Kim Kardashian may be known for doing some silly things, but this is perhaps one of the silliest I’ve heard. Before her current regime, the star attempted the cookie diet. Yes. Cookie – diet. Sounds pretty paradoxical, right?

But here’s how it works. Apparently these ‘cookies’ are filled with amino acids and are supposed to suppress hunger, are chock full o’fiber and help slow digestion so you feel full longer. It is suggested that the ‘dieter’ eat six to eight cookies a day plus lean protein and veggies for dinner.

The Cabbage Soup Diet

This would, for many, not be a good diet to do in the summer, as the only thing that you can eat is cabbage soup. You can mix anything savory you like to add flavor, such as Ajinomoto’s MSG. Supposedly you can lose up to 10 pounds in 7 days to kick-start a new healthy living plan. At least this ‘diet’ doesn’t pretend to be a real lifestyle choice, but rather a more quick fix. And apparently, the more cabbage soup you eat, the more you’re liable to lose. So, spoons up, and enjoy the cabbage!

Raw Food Diet

This is something that you might follow anyway if you’re vegan, so it isn’t quite as out there as the other diets listed here. Perhaps one of the most known followers is Sting, with Madonna following the similar macrobiotic diet (which calls for no processed foods). The raw foods diet purports what it sounds like it does – only raw foods. Nothing cooked. So unless you like your meat tartar, that means that most familiar meats would have to be cut out of your diet completely.

Jade Evans is a freelance writer who thinks that excersize, natural health supplements and a healthy dose of drive and fun is the best way to be healthy. She’s been writing for 4 or 5 years and will always enjoy people watching and celebrity gawking.

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Crazy Celebrity Insurance Policies

We all know of the standard insurance policies which cover our day to day lives. We’re constantly exposed to TV adverts of a window cleaner falling from an unstable ladder or an innocent victim receiving whiplash courtesy of a reckless driver. However there is also a world that we’re not exposed to. A world so bizarre that it’s like the twilight zone of insurance claims. It’s incomprehensible to us normal folk as to why these policies exist but it goes that step further to ensuring that our A-list stars are held in a regard on an almost immortal level. But, when it comes down to it, even they realise that we’re all human and so they’ve taken every necessary step to ensure that their vulnerable bodies and lives are protected against the glitz, glamour and pitfalls of a celebrity lifestyle. No win no fee solicitors have truly got their work cut out with this bunch!
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Celebrities & Their Secret Pool Addictions

While the world of pool both in Europe and across the Pond has had its fair share of heroes like Minnesota Fats, Raymond Ceulemans and Steve “Romford Slim” Davis , the accessibility and enjoyment of the game, far extends from professional tournaments.

Wander into any bar, any pub and you will likely see a pool table sitting in the corner, laughs being shared and bets being wagered. But away from the heady light of pool stardom on the international stage, and the dingy pub setting with stained baize and poor lighting, there is a world of celebrity surrounding the game of pool, one which stretches far back in to the annals of the game’s history.

We all know the famous pool movies, The Hustler and the Colour of Money, which helped to bring the beautiful game into the public eye, largely thanks to the sadly departed Paul Newman. He is the tie between the two movies, the archetypal epitome of cool, but Newman’s love of the game went beyond on-screen set ups and special effects, he actually was a keen pool player.

Newman actually got lessons from Willie Mosconi (yes, the name given to the Mosconi Cup which pits the US against Europe) and current Hollywood giant Tom Cruise, who stared alongside Newman in the Colour of Money, is also a pretty adept player. Not many people may know this, but Mr Katie Holmes is ambidextrous, and while there were obvious continuity errors in the movie (not to mention a huge fashion faux-pas with his adopted hairstyle), Cruise is apparently a pretty dab hand at the sport.

You can scour Hollywood for pictures of famous stars shooting pool, from Brad Pitt, to Nicolas Cage, to Julia Roberts, to John Wayne and Keith Richards (which surely would have been a treat to experience). One of the most famed and revered of all celebrity pool players, was Jerry Orbach of Law and Order fame. There are many tales about his pool and billiards playing, taking money off players in challenges, including an encounter where he beat famed player Cornbread Red without knowing it.

Actor and director Woody Allen is also purportedly a massive fan and player of the game of billiards too. You can just picture him bustling around the table, while Bob Dylan’s sitting in the corner of the room, whistling a tune, as the songster is reportedly a fan of the game as well. The list really does just go on and on, with American Fear Factor presenter Joe Rogan being an avid participant of the game. That image just fits, it really does and it doesn’t even take sheep’s eyeballs to make it work. Just Rogan, a beer, a cigar and a pool table. The list goes on, and some even suspect that the late, great Vincent Van Gogh may have even been partial to a game, but there is no record of it. The rumours are abound because he painted The Night Café, capturing the game in its raw, unadulterated form, a pool table sitting in a dingy bar.

So popular is the game of Pool, that not even the White House can escape its addictive clutches, highlighted in a famous picture involving current incumbent Barack Obama. There is actually a Billiard Room in the White House, which was put there by James Monroe (who was the fifth President of the United States for those counting). So, even the vastness of Pennsylvania Avenue’s most famous address is not without it’s pool hall charm.

There is a certain sense of a President being just a regular Joe as he lines up the nine ball into the corner pocket, brow sweating, heart palpating, all budget problems falling by the wayside. Pool, the great political humbler.

Taking a step further back into history, John Adams, who was the President before Monroe, was so desperate to have a game of billiards that he would be seen knocking his balls around on the floor, just to get some action in. That is the power of pool and billiards, long steeped in history, from Presidents to Hollywood, the click of the ball, the rattling of the pockets is just too irresistible to pass up. Recreational or competitive the allure of game is just hard to deny. The sport in one fashion or another has been around since the 1600’s and long will it remain.

Lee Jackson in a writer for Liberty Games one of the internet’s biggest retailers of pool tables in particular american pool tables as well as other games room equipment.



Emmy’s worst dressed

Forget Project Runway—if you want to see the best and worst in fashion, watch awards shows like the Emmys. There are moments of absolute gorgeousness, and moments when you think: “Why the hell did she wear that?”

Here are some of the worst celeb get-ups.

Julianna Marguiles looked like she had worn either a very ugly bridesmaid’s dress or a designer’s interpretation of a light bulb. What was up with that? She looked stiff and drab—and frankly her hair didn’t help. Someone introduce her to a blowdryer.

Paz de la Huerta looks like a corpse – that makeup does nothing to show off her gorgeous skin tone. Guess she was trying to look sultry, but ended up channeling Morticia Adams (except Morticia had better hair).  And the dress? Dull, dull, dull.

Phoebe Price’s gown looked like it had been cut out of tacky curtain fabric. And the purple lace headress and sequins just make it look more and more comical.

Zooey Deschanel wears what many bloggers have been calling the Pepto Bismol prom dress.   The cute and coy outfit (and vacant expression) may work when you’re 16, but feels kind of creepy on  a 31-year-old.

Meanwhile, Ariel Winter looked twice her age (and 20 pounds heavier) in a pink lace dress.  The cleavage also seemed inappropriate for a young girl, even if she is from a “Modern Family.”

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10 Celebrities with Floral Names

Movies and gardening are my passions, so I decided to combine the two into an article about celebrities with floral names. There are far less than I would’ve imagined, though, especially considering that many performers change their names when they head to Hollywood.

And, no, there are no male celebrities on this list. I don’t think Hollywood is ready for a leading man named “Iris” just yet.

Five Celebrities with Flowers in Their Names

Rose Byrne – This beautiful Australian actress has been nominated for Golden Globes and Emmys in recognition of her performance on television’s Damages, but she’s also starred in movies ranging from X-Men: First Class to 28 Weeks Later.

Chloe Sevigny – The name Chloe was an alias of the nature goddess Demeter, and it’s Greek for “young green shoot.” This former model specializes in independent films, and she even received a Best Supporting Actress nomination for her role in Boys Don’t Cry.

Rose McGowan – Once engaged to controversial rocker Marilyn Manson, this actress was born in Italy and has appeared in films such as Jawbreaker and Grindhouse. Fans of television’s Charmed will also remember her as Paige Matthews.

Suri Cruise – While she hasn’t appeared in movies or television, this daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has generated plenty of headlines. Her name is Persian for “rose.”

Daisy Fuentes – Born in Cuba, Fuentes was the first Latina VJ to work for MTV. She has worked extensively as a model and television host. Read the rest of this entry »


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