New Promo Photo For Sexy Scarlett Johannson As Black Widow In Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Are we still pretending we're seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier for anything other than Scarlett Johannson being drop dead gorgeous and devilishly sexy? … [Read more...]

Edward Norton Won’t Play Hulk In Avengers Movie

Marvel Studios has now officially said that they will not ask Edward Norton to reprise his role as The Incredible Hulk in the upcoming movie "The Avengers." According to HitFix, the rumor comes right from the set of Captain America which is currently filming in London and the … [Read more...]

Dominic Cooper To Play Young Howard Stark In Captain America Movie

Dominic Cooper is set to take part in Captain America: The First Avenger. In the movie Cooper will play the younger version of Howard Stark. If you're unfamiliar with Howard Stark, he's the father of another superhero, Tony Stark, better known as Iron Man. The movie … [Read more...]

Who’s The New Captain America?

The casting hat is already filled with names and the producers have yet to reveal which celebs have made the cut. The remake of the 1990 classic is slated for 2011, so fans cannot wait to see the new cast of Captain America. Channing Tatum … [Read more...]