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Bret Michaels Undergoes Surgery To Fix Hole In Heart

Bret Michaels Posing In Red Shirt

Bret Michaels headed back under the knife today to fix a whole in his heart.

Michaels checked into a Phoenix Hospital for the procedure which comes nine months after doctors first discovered the hole in his heart.

As you may recall, Michaels didn’t have the best 2010 health wise, suffering from a brain hemorrhage that landed him in the hospital.

However, despite his declining health, Michaels managed to win Celebrity Apprentice and even performed and spoke at several public performances.

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Bret Michaels Will Have Heart Surgery In January 2011

Bret Michaels - Poison Rocker Bret Michaels, frontman for the glam rock band Poison will undergo heart surgery in January 2011 to repair a heart defect that popped up earlier this year.

The surgery will be done to repair a hole in the rockers heart, a hole that developed after Michaels suffered a brain hemorrhage in April 2010.

Michaels went on to make a recovery and even won Celebrity Apprentice despite his time spent in the hospital.

Bret has had heart issues since he was born according to his doctors, but the issue was not discovered until after his warning stroke in May.

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Bret Michaels To Perform On America’s Got Talent

Bret Michaels On American Idol

Poison frontman Bret Michaels will perform on America’s Got Talent on August 4th. The performance comes just months after Michael’s had a brain aneurysm in May, before going on to win Celebrity Apprentice.

Michael’s will perform his 80’s hit Every Rose Has Its Thorn during the Wednesday live results show, the same song he recently performed for millions of viewers on the hit singing competition American Idol. Read the rest of this entry »


Bret Michaels Keeps on Ticking

That Bret Michaels, he’s like the Energizer ™ bunny ™, he just keeps going. He gets out of hospital (for the second time this year) and what does? Not recuperate. That’s for pussies. So to prove how much of a man he is, despite suffering a brain hemorrhage and a mild stroke within less than two months, he goes off to the finale of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. The Donald is so excited at milking the whole situation that after he wets his pants, he gives Bret the title. You’re hired, Bret!

What’s next for Bret? He doesn’t tell his docs he’s going to sing Every Rose Has its Thorn on American Idol. And now there’s talk of Bret talking Simon Cowell’s judge slot for next season of American Idol. Sure, Bret knows music, and he’s expecting to tour again this summer, but I’m not sure he can be as mean as Simon. Then again, Bret did pit tons of desperate women against each other, vying for his heart on national TV, most making fools of themselves. Not once but for three seasons. Obviously he wasn’t pleased with the Rock of Love harem and had to keep searching for true love. But Bret? I know the Bunny keeps going and going, but doesn’t it eventually run out of juice without a recharge?


Celebrific Lowdown — May 25, 2010

Christina Aguilera has postponed her 2010 summer tour until 2011, citing a busy schedule promoting her new album Bionic and the film Burlesque. Huffington Post says it’s because her new single tanked. Well so what. She pulls the fewest antics of stars her age and boy can she wear clothes. Or as evidenced above and below. not wear them.

David Hasselhoff is said to have been hospitalized in LA this past weekend, possibly for another drinking binge — something that’s already happened to him several times in the past few years. It makes me wonder if the first thing PR people teach actors is how to deny everything.

Bret Michaels, who has been in hospital at least three times this year, won Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice reality show and says in a Facebook note that while he’s not 100% yet, he has “every intention of trying to continue the tour starting Friday in Biloxi.” On the other hand, he skipped the Celebrity Apprentice afterparty.

Brittany Murphy’s widower, writer/ director/ producer Simon Monjack, was due for heart bypass surgery, which he kept putting off. Unfortunately, he put it off for too long, passing away last Sunday night of a heart attack at 39. Brittany was another entertainer who went to soon, dying of cardiac arrest in Simon’s home in December. She was laid to rest on Christmas Eve. Her mother Sharon, who lived with the couple, was the unfortunate person who found discovered Brittany and Simon unconcious in both situations.

Slipknot bassist Paul Gray passed away on Monday at 38. No cause of death has been announced yet. The band were known for their ‘dark metal’ sound and for wearing masks.

Miley Cyrus says that she’s not going to go to college right now. I guess if you’re already a billionaire at 17, going to college doesn’t seem like a worthwhile prospect. On the other hand, she says that her grandma went back to college at 62. Ok, good luck with that plan then.

Iran has freed award-winning Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi on about $200K in bail. Panahi, who was jailed two months ago on poorly specified charges, went on a hunger strike. At least one social media campaign, on Facebook, was launched in hopes of having him released.


Celebrific Lowdown – May 21, 2010

Bono is the latest star to enter surgery. According to, he went in today for emergency back surgery because of an injury related to U2 360° tour training. He’ll spend a few days in a Munich hospital, then recuperate at home. As a result, the Salt Lake City show originally scheduled for Jun 3 has been postponed. Ticket holders can choose to wait for info about a replacement tour date. The show is the final U2 360° show in N. America.

Stars on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Well Cele|bitchy quotes a print edition of In Touch, which says that Britney Spears had some sort of meltdown on Mother’s Day, which possibly had something to do with some argument with boyfriend Jason Trawick. The end result was that she and her kids missed a private viewing of Mickey Mouse and Disneyland, and she cut off so much of her hair that her toilet was blocked. She apparently also paid $5K for some strange butt tattoo. So Britney had a meltdown but maybe not quite a nervous breakdown. On the other, popstar Adam Ant, now 55, lost it and went on some tirade about Christians and has since been admitted to hospital under some British Mental Health Act.

Bret Michaels has had a rough year, returning to hospital this week after suffering a stroke not longer after being released from his previous brain hemorrhage. But he’s determined to move on and even be on the finale of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday, May 23rd. You ask me, he’s crazy for not resting, but the man is a survivor, considering that he’s been Type 1 Diabetic since at least 6 years of age, was hospitalized in early April for acute appendicitis, and survived the brain hemorrhage.

I’ve been pretending that Kendra Wilkinson doesn’t exist, but when an aspiring starlet whores herself out as much as she has been, a motormouth like myself eventually has to say something. Well Kendra, a former Playboy playmate who’s been in the news lately for her sex tape “scandal” (oooh, like no one has ever done a sex tape before), apparently has a second sex tape, this time with a woman. The whore starlet entrepreneur Kendra is said to be getting $100K plus 50% of sales of her first sex video, which comes out for your self-pleasuring pleasure at the end of May. This second video’s release date has yet to be determined.

I’ve heard of certain foods being aphrodisiacs, but Nicholas Cage seems to take diet choices to bit of an extreme. Apparently he only eats the meat of animals that have sex in a fashion he approves of. Ok, sure.


Brett Michaels Back in the Hospital from Stroke

Bret Michaels sure has gone through a lot lately. After being in surgery in early April for acute appendicitis, later the same month, he suffered a type of brain hemorrhage that tends to kill most people that get it. After being released recently from hospital, he had plans to go on tour and get back to his life. But word is from his Facebook notes that he’s back in the hospital because of a warning stroke. that made his left side numb. The stroke is known as a Transient Ischematic Attack, or TIA, and scans that were conducted on Michaels as a result show that he also has a hole in his heart, called a Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO).

Michael’s neurosurgeon, Dr. Zabramski:

Dr. Zabramski states “There is no doubt that the positive Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) is devastating news to Bret and his family. The good news is that it is operable and treatable and we think we may have diagnosed the problem that caused the Transient Ischemic Attach (TIA) or warning stroke; however we feel it is highly unlikely this is connected to the brain hemorrhage he suffered just a few weeks earlier. Once again it is great that he quickly reacted to the severe numbness and got to the hospital immediately.” [Bret Michael's Facebook Notes]

While the current situation might not be related to his previous brain hemorrhage, I’m hoping he cancels his tour plans and just relaxes and recovers. (Though he might want to stay away from Busty Cops 3, which, according to Rolling Stone, is what he was supposedly watching when he had his hemorrhage in April.) Don’t forget, rock’n’roll is a vicious game, touring is grueling, and all of Bret’s wildness might finally be catching up with him. He probably still thinks he’s still like he was in healthier days, as per the picture above.


Bret Michaels: “I could have died”

Bret Michaels "I could have died"

Bret Michaels has released a statement on his blog while he recovers from surgery after being rushed to hospital April 11 with acute appendicitis.

Bret Michaels says “I could have died”

“After a CAT scan, they determined it was acute appendicitis and they performed emergency surgery right there in the middle of the night. After the fact, they told me that if I had gone onstage like I wanted to, it likely would have ruptured and I could have died.”

Michaels is currently recovering in hospital but doctors say that the usual recovery time of four to six weeks may be complicated by the fact that he is also a diabetic.


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