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Celebrific Lowdown – May 17, 2010

In the “fake plastic women you probably don’t want to see naked” dept, Rachel Itchypuss Uchitel will be au naturel for Playboy. Well in her case, au naturel means her plastic fantastic suit, thanks to a few surgeries. Itchypuss is the skank starf*cker mini-celebrity who reportedly conned Tiger Woods out of $10M for sleeping with him. (Tiger, buddy, a hooker would have cost you less and possibly have been more attractive.) That was actually Itchypuss’ sequel appearance in “How to Ruin a Celebrity Marriage.” Despite denials from Itchypuss, text message records show that she had a thing going with Bones’ David Boreanaz, who admitted cheating on wife Jamie Bergman, but who was smart enough to not pay her anything — yet. [Via TMZ]

After the recent floods that destroyed parts of Tennessee and two neighboring states, a number of musicians put on a flood relief telethon with performances and donations of their own. Brad Paisley and his wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley put in $100K, and the total take was $1.7M. But 20 year-old country music singer Taylor Swift had previously donated $500K of her own money. Well, that makes for about $2.2M, which is barely a dent in the $1B or more that cleanup and repair might cost. Maybe Itchypuss will contribute some of Tiger’s her $10M and whatever Playboy pays her.

Olsen Twin Ashley and boyfriend Justin Bartha (Hangover) are reported safe after a JFK flight to LaLaLand made an emergency landing due to an electrical fire and cracked windshield.

Sorry ladies, but if you haven’t and were hoping to hookup with Supernatural hunk Jensen Ackles, who plays the big brother Dean Winchester in one of the best “supernatural” TV shows ever, it’s too late. He and One Tree Hill actress Danneel Harris got hitched in Dallas over the weekend. The two costarred in the comedy Ten Inch Hero back in 20907.


Things are going good for this young country singer. I know she’s releasing an album this month (or is it next month?), and now there’s news that she will be starring in a variety TV show. Co-stars include Brad Paisley, Dolly Parton, and David Cook.


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