Charles Manson Attorney Asks Obama To Set Him Free

Giovanni Di Stefano, the long time lawyer for serial killer Charles Manson has reached out to President Obama, asking the President to set his client free. Di Stefano, the same guy who tried to help Saddam Hussein says that Manson was simply a cult leader and not a murderer as … [Read more...]

President Obama On Mythbusters [Preview Video]

President Obama recently joined the cast of Mythbusters on the set of their show to promote science education and now we have a quick sneak peek video for you to enjoy. On the Presidential episode Obama will help Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman as they re-test the myth of the … [Read more...]

President Obama Releasing A Children’s Book In November

President Barack Obama had been spending his spare time writing a children's book before he become President of the United States, a book which will be released by Random House Children's Book with full illustrations this coming November. The book, called Of Thee I Sing: A … [Read more...]

President Obama ‘The View’ Telecast Is Most Watched Ever!

President Barack Obama appeared on female gab fest The View this past Thursday and we've come to learn that it was the most watched telecast of all time. According to TV reporting firm Nielsen Research, the telecast brought in more than 6.6 million American viewers and … [Read more...]

The Official First Family Photo

The first official photo of the First Family has been released, and does it look good! Taken by no less than Annie Leibovitz, the family photo was taken in the Green Room of the White House. If you want your own copy, visit The Official White House Photostream. … [Read more...]