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Simon Cowell’s Gonna Be A Daddy!

You’ve read it right, folks: lean and mean former American Idol judge Simon Cowell is (finally) going to be a daddy!

Congratulations, Giada!

Celebrity chef Giada de Laurentiis welcomes a baby girl. Watch the video of her first hours together of daughter Jade Marie. For more celebrity chef news, go to

Halle Berry gives birth

Halle Berry once told people she wanted to “stay pregnant forever” — but we doubt she’s complaining now, after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl. She and partner Gabriel Aubry welcomed their daughter last Sunday. Berry first announced her pregnancy in September last year, when she was three months along.

First pics of Christina and baby!

Get the first look of Christina Aguilera and her baby, Max. Such a happy, cute family. How ironic that years ago, Christina was considered the “wild one” (complete with pink hair and trashy clothes) while arch rival Britney Spears was the “All-American girl.”