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Create Hot Hollywood Avatars with PROFICON

How much of your icon is really YOU? Does your profile icon resemble ‘You’ in the real world or at least represent your spunk and spirit, your likes and dislikes? A small GIF or JPEG icon can say pretty much about you- what you’re into or who you’re into at the moment which includes the […]

Zoe Saldana Is Looking Hot In New Calvin Klein Campaign

Zoe Saldana looks pretty damn good when she’s portraying a blue other world inhabiting a Na’vi, but that Avatar role is nothing compared to her real world Calvin Klein ad spots which debuted this week. Saldana appears in three online videos promoting the Calvin Klein Underwear Fall 2010 line in which she says “I’ve got […]

Seriously 20th Century Fox? You’re Re-Releasing Avatar Already?

So here’s an announcement worth a good laugh, 20th Century Fox has announced that James Cameron‘s Avatar will be re-released in August. Apparently the number of 3D capable screens has “exploded” leaving the studio to re-release the film so more movie-goers can see in in 3D. Here’s the companies official statement: “Since – and largely […]

Oscar Highlights

Last Sunday’s Oscar Awards left lasting memories for Hollywood’s present generation. Which one’s your favorite? 1. Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker) made history when she became the first female to win Best Director, beating her ex-husband James Cameron in the process. Double wham!

Avatar is Still #1

For the fourth weekend in a row, James Cameron’s Avatar is still number one and has now earned $429 million in the US alone. Photo from 20th Century Fox Don’t expect this epic 3D flick to slow down. Chances are, it will surpass the Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace record ($431 million in […]

Avatar = FernGully = Pocahontas

Don’t get me wrong. I loved Avatar. I watched it on 3D and enjoyed every minute of it. I even think that instead of spending millions of dollars on the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit, they should’ve just taken the whole crew to an IMAX theater to watch Avatar. The thing is, while James Cameron’s masterpiece […]