4 Crimes Celebrities Always Seem To Get Away With

We’re all familiar with the fact that celebrities seem to be treated differently than the average joe. Magazines seem to always be publishing the latest stories about their lavish lives and special privileges. Being a celebrity, however, doesn’t just stop at having more … [Read more...]

Chris Brown On Larry King Live: I Don’t Remember The Assault

In his first live interview since the controversial beating up of his girlfriend (ex?) Rihanna, Chris Brown told Larry King that he still loves her and that he does not remember the events of that fateful night. Maybe it's really a strange case of amnesia, or maybe it's a … [Read more...]

Naomi spits at police

Naomi Campbell, supermodel, lost her poise at the airport -- assaulting a police officer, and then spitting at other cops who came to the scene. (This is her second assault charge.) So not glamorous, though her reps say that she was practically provoked. She was flying to L.A. … [Read more...]