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FIRST PEEK at Mila Kunis’ Baby Bump!

Finally, we get to see Mila Kunis’ baby bump!

Mila Kunis pregnant


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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Enjoy a Roman Holiday

Mila Kunis is in Rome shooting her next movie Third Person with award-winning director Paul Haggis at the helm.

Ever the Romeo, Ashton Kutcher flew over to join Mila Kunis on Sunday for a romantic evening at the Antica Pesa restaurant in Rome, Italy.
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Rumer Willis is taking some much needed time off away from her emotional wreck of a mom Demi Moore.

And Rumer has it, the best way to party at the beach is with Ashton Kutcher’s bestbud, Wilmer Valderrama.
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Preachy Ashton Kutcher Video Takes on Media “Truth”

What’s really going on with Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s marriage?


Cheating allegations, Twitter drama, alleged moving vans and any number of other rumors and rumors of rumors have swirled for weeks now giving the distinct impression that the Hollywood power couple’s nuptials are on the skids.

And now there is an intimate video of Ashton Kutcher, at what appears to be his home, which is posted on TMZ. In it, a scrubby-looking Ashton casts his own distinct brand of confusion into the mix.

For exactly 3:59 minutes, Aston goes on a soapbox-tinged ramble railing – in a thinly veiled fashion – about the unjust treatment he and wife Demi have received at the hands of popular media. In fact, Ashton never mentions his marriage at all and, instead, frames the narrative around an abstract discussion regarding the responsibilities of media.

“People Can Bastardize the Truth”

In reference to the current state of Internet-based media, Ashton notes: “There is no gatekeeper of the truth. We are our own editors and we are our own publishers and we are our own printers. Thereby, people can bastardize the truth any way shape and form they want and spread that around the world.”

Ashton notes the need to” instill a level of honesty with work in the media that we create and share with one another and be certain we are doing our own diligence to ensure what we are saying is for the benefit of another and for the benefit of another utilizing the far, full capacity to tell the truth.”

Clearly, Ashton’s scorn is directed toward media outlets that have repeatedly speculated about an impending breakup.

But here’s the thing; from the opening moments of the video, Ashton’s left hand is clearly, and repeatedly, shown without a wedding ring.
Talk about your mixed messages.

Here is the video:

About Author:

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Ashton and Demi on verge of breaking up?

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore claim their marriage is rock-solid, but infidelity rumors are hard to ignore. Star magazine recently ran a story that he cheated with a 21-year-old, Brittney Jones, and now another 23-year-old’s come forward to say that she and Ashton did the nasty at a San Diego nightclub— on the day of his sixth wedding anniversary!

Ashton’s threatening to slap the magazine with a lawsuit, but the tabloid says they’ve got pretty suggestive text messages to prove their story (things like “What are u wearing now?” — and apparently it’s not like Demi’s granny panties). But other sources say that Jones is just an obsessed fan who wants attention and her 30-seconds-of fame—even if it is for being a slut and a half.

Could be the age gap is finally catching up on the couple. And celebs have plenty of opportunity for “extra-curricular” activities—it’s not like Hollywood’s known for being a city of virtue and purity. But Demi Moore is still Demi Moore, and still looks way better than most women half her age.

So will Demi be calling her own lawyers—this time to file for divorce?

Photo credit:,,, star magazine


Justin Bieber Hosting Punk'd

Justin Bieber as the new Ashton Kutcher? I just don’t get it, but that’s what MTV has announced with Bieber taking over a revamped version of the once upon a time popular Punk’d TV show.

Punk’d played through the earlier 2000’s for five seasons and centered around playing pranks on various celebrities, the show helped launch Ashton Kutcher’s career into the stratosphere and the show’s main prankster Dax Shepard has went onto a successful career, mostly recently with his turn as a father on the uber-popular show Parenthood. has revealed that the tween favorite will host the revival of the show, while Kutcher’s Katalyst Production Company will develop the show.

The show will begin in 2011, however filming will begin soon. So much for the element of surprise!

If the power house of Bieber and Kutcher has one thing going for them it’s their combined 11.3+ million followers on Twitter.

What do you think about the role of Bieber as the new host of Punk’d?


Ashton Kutcher Gets Cozy With A Koala

Ashton Kutcher Posing with Koala During a visit to Sydney Australia this week, Ashton Kutcher took time to pose with a koala while visiting the Sydney Wildlife World in Australia.

According to Monsters And Critics, the Hollywood hunk uploaded the pic shown above to his Twitter account just several hours after landing in the country.

Kutcher also visited with some crocodiles, kangaroos and other tourist friendly exhibits. He also spent 20 minutes taking pictures of sharks at the Sydney Aquarium. Read the rest of this entry »


Celebrific Screen Scene — May 31, 2010

Shrek Forever After (aka Shrek 4) is still at the top of the box office charts with a wekeend darw of $55.6M. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time opened in second place, just barely inching out Sex and the City 2 by less than a million in receipts. That leaves Iron Man 2 and Robin Hood to take 4th and 5th spots in the box office, respectively.

The movie Killers, with Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher (poster above), opens this Friday but critics will not see it ahead of the theatrical release. This is because it’s a genre film and it’s expected that fans will watch base on their interest, not because of reviews.

Hayden Panettiere is the latest actress to sign on to Scream 4. The original cast will be present, as well as Rory Culkin, Emma Roberts and others.

You know you want to see it again: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will have a live-action remake. Involvement includes Michael Bay, who is overseeing Transformers 3 at the moment. That is, when he’s not busy firing Mega Fox.


Britney Spears Now Queen of Twitter

Oprah may have popularized the “microblogging” site to the masses, but it’s not her who has the most followers. That questionable title was originally held by Ashton Kutcher for some unexplainable reason, and now he’s been usurped by Britney Spears, though he says he doesn’t care. As you can see above, she’s dancing for joy.

Are these two idiots the voices of this generation? Neither of them is even a particularly good actor. Sure, Britney is a talented performer, but the only thing Ashton has going for him aside from his good lucks is that he couldn’t keep his pecker in his pants and that he somehow finagled Demi Moore away from Bruce Willis. I guess that takes talent, to steal Mr. Die Hard’s woman away.

And we’re talking about the same Britney Spears that had reportedly had a meltdown on Mother’s Day, after an argument about something with her boyfriend, and hacked off her hair with scissors, blocking her toilet. Then spent $5,000 on a red-ink tattoo of a crown. On her butt.

So why do these two numskulls have so many followers? And if she has so many followers, why doesn’t she tweet her fans to help save the Britney Spears Camp for the Performing Arts? At least Ashton donated 10,000 mosquito nets for World Malaria Day.


Celebrity Moms Having Babies Late in Life

Only days after Ashton Kutcher said that his wife Demi Moore is a genetic freak and that they might still have kids together — even though she’s nearly 48 — John Travolta and 47 year-old wife Kelly Preston revealed on their personal websites that they are expecting a baby. Preston is said to be 3 months pregnant. The couple lost their 16-year old son Jett early last year to a seizure, during a vacation in the Bahamas, but have 10 year-old daughter, Ella Blue. The couple also lost their dogs this week to an airport service vehicle in Bangor, Maine, where they own a nearby home. The family has been laying low after Jett’s passing, but did appear in 2009’s Old Dogs, will be in 2010’s From Paris with Love (Preston is uncredited), and both have other projects in the works.

Meanwhile, in other celebrity baby news, Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have been turning up the notch on the custody battle for their baby daughter Nahla. Apparently they’ve parted ways for a few months and have been consulting lawyers. Aubry, who is not married to Berry, is a Canadian model and the couple lived in Montreal, Canada, for a while during their 5-year relationship. Berry is heading off to South Africa for several months for a film shoot starting in July. Aubry does not want to be separated from Nahla during that time and is trying to get permanent custody. It seems that for now, Aubry will be Nahla’s paid nanny and go to South Africa as well. I wonder if he realizes that women are usually favored in custody battles. What’s more, Berry was 40-plus when she had Nahla, and that while being Type 1 Diabetic. Man, I say that given the risks she took for Nahla’s birth, there’s no way Aubry should get permanent custody. Work out your differences.

Berry has been married twice before, to musician/ actor Eric Benet (whose daughter, India, Berry adopted), and before that baseball player David Justice.


In my recent post, I talked about Mischa Barton’s short-lived TV series, A Beautiful Life, which was cancelled after two episodes last September because it failed to reach the targeted ratings.

Producer Ashton Kutcher is refusing to give up on his show, because he believes that “Nobody knew [The Beautiful Life] was on for two episodes, so the rating on TV wasn’t happening.” He decided to put the series on youtube, believing that more than half a million people will watch it. Watch his message about the show here:

He was right. The first youtube episode got more than half a million viewers soon after it was posted in mid-December. Five episodes have already been released, and have earned almost three million views altogether.

TBL is a New York City drama is about the underbelly world of modeling—cutthroat competitions, go-sees, the glamorous and not-so-glamorous sides of running in heels. It’s like America’s Next Top Model turned into a Gossip Girl-type of series. The best part is: there are no screaming, overexcited Tyra fans.

The show stars Mischa Barton as supermodel Sonja Stone, Ben Hollingsworth as newbie model Chris Andrews, and Sara Paxton as the new “it” girl Raina Marrinelli. Other noteworthy cast members include Corbin Bleu (a great jump out of the Disney mold), Nico Tortorella, and Elle Macpherson.

Ashton, a former model himself, is not a newbie to web success. Remember how he turned Twitter into a household name when he was the first to hit a million followers? Now that TBL has proven its point that it is a must-see show, Ashton isn’t keen on getting it back to TV-land. The youtube-based TV show is so successful that it will run for the next six months, and Ashton believes he can lure in more sponsors.

Electronics company Hewlett-Packard is the show’s first sponsor, which helped scrap the 10-15 minute time limit per webisode. Each TBL episode lasts for a full 40 minutes in high resolution with no commercial breaks. Hey, that’s even better than looking for blurry online streamings of Gossip Girl and Glee!

Get hooked on The Beautiful Life here.


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