Jessica Simpson’s Dad is Gay: Divorces Her Mom Due to Feelings for Men

Reports are coming in that Jessica Simpson's Dad,¬†Joe Simpson has finally come out of the closet. How will this affect Jessica Simpson's weightloss plans? Insiders say Jessica is devastated by the news and the rumored reasons behind the divorce are scandalous enough to have Jess … [Read more...]

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz Were In Two “Different Marriages”

On Wednesday singer Ashlee Simpson filed for divorce from husband and Fall Out Boy founding member Pete Wentz, telling one source that she had been "extremely unhappy for a long time" and wanted out of the marriage for just as long. On the flip side, Pete Wentz says he has … [Read more...]

Ashlee Simpson gives birth… finally

Ashlee Simpson has finally given birth to a healthy baby boy with the unlikely name of Bronx Mowgli. Poor baby has to endure the unending ridicule because of that stupid name. … [Read more...]

Ashlee Simpson may induce delivery

Ashlee Simpson, who is like due to deliver yesterday, may need to have to induce labor because the baby seems like it doesn't want to come out. And who would, if you know you'll be teased in kindergarten for having THE mom who botched a lipsync attempt at SNL? … [Read more...]