Celebrities Who Collect Vintage Muscle Cars

To most people, cars are the second biggest purchase they’re going to make in their life. Second to a house, a car is a necessity and often a luxury as well. While most of the population is stuck buying used cars off of strangers just get to where it is they need to go, others … [Read more...]

White Collar Celebrities

Being an actor or a celebrity requires a lot more of an individual than the general public would think. In addition to performing their job, whether that’s acting, being a very high profile business owner, or being someone who is only famous by association, the work of being a … [Read more...]

Car Crazy Celebs and their Smokin’ Hot Wheels

What's the deal with stars and their cars? Most often than not, they're not riding what we usual folks are driving around town. With their astronomical incomes, these stars do ditch the chaffeur just to be snap driving their very own exotic ride. … [Read more...]

Colin Farrell To Remake Total Recall

Irish actor Colin Farrell is the first choice to remake the Arnold Schwarzenegger 1990 action hit Total Recall reports The Hollywood Reporter. While no offers have been made yet he's said to be ahead of Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender. The movie will be based off the same … [Read more...]

The Govenator’s Bikers Club

The Governor of California and ex-actor Arnold Schwarzenegger geared up for a lovely day of riding with his buddies in Santa Monica, California last weekend. Check out his Harley Davidson bike. It’s like a scene from Terminator, only Arnie’s officially a senior citizen. … [Read more...]