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Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald To Divorce!

Before you ask “Who?!”, consider this a warning against shotgun weddings. Nikki Reed (Twilight) and Paul McDonald (American Idol) are getting a divorce after two years of marriage.

Simon Cowell’s Gonna Be A Daddy!

You’ve read it right, folks: lean and mean former American Idol judge Simon Cowell is (finally) going to be a daddy!

Ryan Seacrest on His Way to Building an Empire?

Everyone knows who Ryan Seacrest is, and that is saying a lot if you look back to the old days when he was a mere radio show host as a teenager. Today, there is no doubt that Mr. Seacrest is one of the biggest personalities in Hollywood, and by extension, the world. The personable celebrity […]

American Idol’s Jermaine Jones Kicked Out Because of Undisclosed Arrest Warrants

Reality TV show American Idol has not failed to capture the attention and the hearts of viewers all over the world. Sure, there are probably just as many critics, but haters will hate, and there is nothing you can do to stop them! The recent move of the American Idol team regarding finalist Jermaine Jones […]

The “ex” factor

They’ve fought, flirted, kissed, and shouted abuses at each other—and they are at it again.  Ex-American idol judges Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul have reunited for the X factor. “I like people who disagree with me,” he says. “Paula fascinates me because she’s a complex person.” Uhm, yeah. In another interview, we believe he used […]

Casey Abrams Eliminated From American Idol, Then Told He’s Safe

Casey Abrams was shaking and had to sit down after he was eliminates on Thursday night from reality TV show American Idol and then told half way through his “last chance” song that he was safe. For the first time on American Idol the panel of three judges stopped a contestant mid-song to tell them […]

Steven Tyler Doesn’t Want American Idol Contestants To Sing Aerosmith Songs

Steven Tyler may love himself a little too much, according to a recent statement made to TMZ, Tyler doesn’t want American Idol contestants to sing his bands songs. When asked if contestants get bonus points for singer an Aerosmith song Tyler respondsed with “Never, I look at them twice and say don’t even try it, […]

J. Lo Breaks Down During American Idol Elimination Round

It looks like Jennifer Lopez is getting ready to pull an Ellen DeGeneres. American Idols newest judge broke down on Wednesday night while announcing that Chris Medina was be cut from the show. Medina wow the judges and viewers with his first audition appearance, however the judges (Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler) disagreed with Lopez […]

James Durbin Isn’t The Nice Guy American Idol Portrays Him To Be

When James Durbin was auditioning for a spot on Fox TV’s American Idol, producers for the show decided to portray the rocker as a kid who lost his father at an early age and was just trying to make ends meet for himself, his wife and their kid. It turns out Durbin is a foul […]

Jive Records Tears Up David Archuleta Contract

David Archuleta started out his post-American Idol career with a disc, an appearance on i-Carly and a loyal fan base, but that fame has quickly come to an end for the 19-year-old singer. Archuleta’s first album, released nearly 3 years ago went platinum, however his follow-up record, last September’s The Other Side of Down has […]

‘American Idol’ 10th Anniversary Album Drops On March 15

After 10 years on the air, the team at American Idol are preparing to launch a “greatest hits” CD. The Album, titled American Idol 10th Anniversary – The Hits will reach stores on March 15. The tracks chosen for the CD include the “best of” from various past winners including Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Ruben […]

American Idol Reject Sues Show For Third Time

Ian Benardo is that kid on the playground who can’t accept losing to the cooler kids, the American Idol reject is suing the show for the third time, claiming discriminatory practices against Idol producers. According to Benardo, the show’s producers “exploited” him by asking that he “gay it up” for the show. Benardo has tried […]

Former ‘American Idol’ Contestant Chikezie Issued A Bench Warrant

Chikezie, a former top 12 contestant on the hit series American Idol has had a bench warrant issued for his arrest. The 25-year-old singer was arrested last year for attempting to buy cologne with a phony credit card and then failed to show up for a court hearing in Los Angeles on January 14 of […]

American Idol Debuts To Lowest Ratings In Years

Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Seacrest debuted the newest season of American Idol with ratings down by 13 percent compared to 2010’s show. According to industry numbers, 26.1 million viewers tuned in to check out the newest season of singers and no doubt the new judging panel. While those numbers are considerably […]

Former American Idol Contestant Is Homeless, But Not Really

If you’re a fan of the show American Idol you may recall a Texas native by the name of Alex Lambert who was voted off just before the top 12 elimination round. Lambert was talented enough that a petition eventually surfaced with 19,000 signatures to have him reinstated as the show’s wildcard and now we […]

Lee DeWyze Debuts ‘Sweet Serendipity” Music Video

Lee DeWyze, last seasons American Idol winner debuted the music video for his ‘Sweet Serendipity’ single today and we have it for you! DeWyze came into American Idol as a painter from Chicago and beat out Crystal Bowersox to claim the coveted 1st place award during Simon Cowell’s last season on the show. Here’s the […]