50 Cent Files For Bankruptcy!

It's definitely not 50 Cent's birthday. … [Read more...]

Top 5 Richest Rappers

If you had said in the 1980’s that the hip hop genre would produce some of the richest recording artists and producers in the world then you would have been laughed at. Back then, the genre was seen as an outlet for the lower income groups and minorities to express themselves. … [Read more...]

Chelsea Handler Broke It Off With 50 Cent, Sent Back His Gifts

50 Cent might talk about the thug life and rap about it on his albums, but rumor has it he was left "heartbroken" when Chelsea Handler called it quits on their relationship just before the holidays. According to insiders, Handler called off the couples relationship of several … [Read more...]

50 Cent’s Home Vandalized, One Man Caught Drinking Wine

Two men were arrested on Tuesday morning after breaking into the 52-room Connecticut mansion owned by rap superstar 50 Cent. According to the official police report, one of the men was found in a closet at the home where he was drinking a bottle of 50 cents wine. Police … [Read more...]

50 Cent Rumored To Be Dating Cheryl Cole

British singer and X Factor reality TV judge Cheryl Cole is rumored to be dating rap star 50 cent. According to PopCrunch, Even though she is trying very hard to show to the world that she’s in a relationship with Dancing With The Stars ace Derek Hough, there’s a strong buzz … [Read more...]